A daughter's revenge
31 Chapter 30-An oppotunity??
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A daughter's revenge
Author :juliyaa
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31 Chapter 30-An oppotunity??

It was one fine morning. As usual, Yin Yue got up early in the morning, managed to complete her own schedule without trouble and started her appointed duty on the day.

As she was a lowest ranked servant, she was not appointed to one master or one courtyard. Her place of duty is always changed according to the need and her duties also varies according to the need.Therefore she was able to meet almost every type of working personnal. That was the reason she could complete the previous home work given by Wang Wei successfully.

Today she was working as a cleaning servant at first young master's quarters.

After cleaning, she carried the dirty water bucket away and now again she was walking towards the quarters,carrying a bucket full of clean water. She was passing the young master's reading room when she heard some sounds of two people talking.

It was not in her nature to eavesdrop another's personal talking but according the words she heard,that seemed to be someone was repriminding another.

Now that she was living as a servant in totally another's territory, there was no harm in paying attention to every little thing and keeping her guard up.Therefore, she kept the water bucket away carefully, went near the opened door of the reading room and listened to what was happening attentively without alerting the people inside.

"This useless lass...how many times have I told you to be extra careful when you clean first young master's reading room???"

That is obviously the voice of butler Fu.Yin Yue identified.

"Please butler Fu,forgive me. I sincerely apologise. I didn't do it on purpose. It was a mistake."

it was one of servant girl's voice. Yin Yue couldn't identify the voice exactly, so she peeked at her secretly from the opened door. She could see a side profile of a girl who was begging infront of butler Fu. According to the side profile of her, Yin Yue identified her as Qiao Qi,a servant girl works in first young master's quarters, a little older and senior than her.

"Would it make any difference? first young master will be furious when he see this destroyed document. What he cares most are these books,records and documents.

You foolish girl..get ready to accept whatever the punishment master is going to give you. And your salary will be deducted. As for the rest of punishment, I will decide after hearing what young master's orders are" butler Fu shouted at the servant girl.

He himself was worried about the destroyed document because he knew that he also would be blamed because of this servant's mistake. He kept staring at it while the servant girl was waiting beside,keeping her head lowered.

Yin Yue started thinking. Although she got to know what has happened here,she could not know what document was destroyed or how was it destroyed. She couldn't even ask from butler Fu directly because of her status and she couldn't let him know that she was eavesdropping their argument.

Therefore she decided to act as if she was looking for butler Fu and saw him here by chance.

She entered the reading room as if she came looking for butler Fu and informed that her cleaning duty was completed. Because butler Fu was in a bad mood, he dismissed her without saying anything.

She turned to leave, but again looking at butler Fu, she asked him innocently.

"Butler Fu,are you having any problems regarding something?you looks really gloomy and troubled"

When comparing with other high rank servants,butler Fu was friendly and kind when handling his underlings. So it was normal to be considerate about butler Fu by his underlings.

Butler Fu kept silent for a moment as if he didn't hear what Yin Yue asked. Then all of a sudden he burst out.

"This useless lass has destroyed our young master's valuble document. Master would be really angry if he get to know because he values these books,documents and scrolls very much.I can't imagine what should I do to appease our young master's anger" butler Fu complained as if Yin Yue could give him a solution.

'ooh...Yin Yue replied.

That much she already knew. What she wanted to know was what document is destroyed and how has it destroyed.

"may I know how is that document destroyed?,sometimes we might be able to repair it." Yin Yue suggested.

"no way, she has spilt water on it and it is soaked with water. Total document is ruined" butler Fu sighed while frowning at Qiao Qi.

"Then let's replace it with a newly written document" Yin Yue suggested again.

"Wang Li..,are you out of your mind? how can we copy these beautiful calligraphic letters?I can't even identify if this document is written by our young master or some other great scholar.Therefore if possible,only master could rewrite them. " butler Fu replied scornfuĺly.

Yin Yue understood that butler Fu was correct in one aspect.

Except for the owner of those hand writings,others wouldn't be able to make an exactly same document. But there was something butler Fu didn't know .He didn't know how good and beautiful Yin Yue's hand writings were.

So she silently sat down infront of the table,took a paper and brush and started to write.

Butler Fu was surprised. He didn't expect such a reaction from Yin Yue at all.

"WANG LI....WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING..." Butler Fu came near the table in long strides exclaiming yet his words stoped in the middle after seeing Yin Yue's hand writings.

They were really neat and beautiful exactly like a scholar's hand writings. Even in his dreams,butler Fu never thought that such a lower rank servant,a merely nine years old servant at that could have such a beautiful writing skills.

"Li er,how come you have such beautiful hand writings?"He asked Yin Yue ,lowering his voice.

"Before I come here, I used to work for a very kind master.I was a weak child since I was born. So that time, I couldn't do heavy works. Our master was very kind and reasonable. He made me his son's assistant. Young master was very kind too.I was his reading and writing assistant. That's how I got this skill." Yin Yue explained.

"Your hand writings are beautiful without doubt. But still I don't think it is a good idea to replace the document with your hand written one" Butler Fu hesitated.

"I know it is not a very good idea either,I just wanted to try helping our butler Fu and sister Qiao. This idea might reduce our master's anger and that would reduce our sister Qiao's punishment."Yin Yue said innocently.

Qiao Qi looked at Yin Yue with grateful eyes.

Thinking for another moment, butler Fu approved her idea by nodding his head. Yin Yue started coping the document with blurred letters ,carefully figuring out each letter which was soaked by water.

Butler Fu and Qiao Qi waited by side, looking at the way Yin Yue was coping the the document beautifully,both of them with full of admiration in their eyes,specially Qiao Qi because she thought Yin Yue as her saviour.

After some time ,Yin Yue finished coping the document.

"Butler Fu, it is finished now,but as you also said, master might identify the handwritings are different and punish us. But if it is successful, all of us will be escaped. This is an arrow shot in the dark" Yin Yue said finally. Both of others agreed.

Indeed that was an arrow shot in the dark because except for helping Qiao Qi ,Yin Yue had another reason to do this work and show off her writing skills.


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