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Author :ZeroNemeziz
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-1 Grades | Tiers | Items | Etc.

Treasure Chest: What they Basically Contains

Iron Chest - Normal Ammunition | Gold Coins | Lesser Health Potions | Lesser Repair Plank | Iron Sword | Lesser Repair Kit | Iron Ingots | Low Vitality Herbs |

Bronze Chest - Same As Iron Chest But More Abundant | 10-100 Gold Coins | Low Chance Minor Health Potions | Low Chance of Minor Repair Kits/Planks | Low Grade Bombs |

Silver Chest - Same As Bronze Chest But More Abundant |

Gold Chest - Same As Silver Chest But More Abundant |

Platinum Chest - Same As Gold Chest But More Abundant |

Legendary Chest - Same As Platinum Chest But More Abundant |

Mythical Chest - Same As Legendary Chest But More Abundant |

Divine Chest - Same As Mythical Chest But More Abundant |


Equipment Grades: Common > Uncommon > Rare > Unique > Legendary > Mythical > Divine


Common - Iron Weaponry, normal Pistols and Rifles, Nothing Special

Uncommon - Steel Weaponry, Pistols and Rifles with some upgrades

Rare - Stats Boost 10-20, Have Small Special Ability, Ex: Fire Damage, DoT, Minor/Small Debuff Affliction

Unique - 2 - 3 Small - Medium Abilities, Stat Boosts 20-50

Legendary - 2 - 4 Medium - Big Special Abilities, Stat Boosts 50-100

Mythical - 3 - 5 Big Special Abilities, Stat Boosts 250+

Divine - 4 - 6 Big - Powerful Abilities, Stat Boost 500+



HP - Determines player's life force, how healthy they are.... probably, reaching 0 means death

SP - Spirit Pool/Point, helps cast spells and some other magical things, though warned, at zero causes loss of strength, fainting, or nausea. Also past Zero could cost, Definite Fainting, getting into Coma, knockout, and probably death if went way far into the negative zone, such as -1000+

Strength - Determines Damage Output, Carry Capacity, Muscle Power, and such

Endurance - helps Reduces Damage, increases Hp Regen, and helps with stamina

Agility - relates to Attackspeed, Movement Speed, Reaction Speed, Reloading Speed, etc.

Intelligence - Helps with Magic Damage, and Spirit Pool/Points Regen.

Perception - Helps Sense many things, ex: sense movement, see through tricks, or spot invisible objects

Charm - Helps with Charisma, like interact better with NPCs, motivate people, and such.

Luck - Increases Chances for the Good, such as Additional or Better Rewards.



Gold Coins(GC) - The Most Basic Currency There is.

Skull Coins(SC) - Only Obtainable when defeating/killing Captain Skeletons. Used for Unlocking Treasury Vaults. The Bigger or Richer the Treasury Vault, the more Skull Coins needed.

Magical Skull Coins(MSC) - Only obtainable when defeating/killing Admiral Skeletons. Used for Unlocking Magical Treasury Vaults. Which Contains Richer/Vast Amount of Treasure.


Status Info For Items/Objects:


Treasure Maps and Mission Scrolls Cost:


Skeleton Biography:

Skeleton Types - Normal -> Elite -> Captain -> Admiral -> ???

White/Normal Skeletons - normal skeletons, but less fragile and much numerous.

Dread Skeletons - Knight Like Skeletons, nothing special except them wearing armor which gives them armor/protection from attacks, and their bones are Grey, in the darker side of grey.

Wither Skeletons - Pitch Black Skeletons that Emit Black Smoke/Mist, and their attacks inflict deadly poison that last for little amount of time.

Ghost Skeletons - untouchable Skeletons that got some mystical powers, and could only be attacked if there are Bright Light Shinning upon them, get stunned for a few seconds after getting shinned on by bright light.

Silver Skeletons - Skeletons that seemed to have their Bones made out of Silver. They are very fast in both Attack Speed and Movement Speed. But they are not Abnormal Fast, just Faster than Normal.

Gold Skeletons - Golden Skeletons that have stronger attacks and harder bones. Their attacks can send a shockwave to shake ships or crack boulders. Their bones are very hard that a few guns or sharp blades can't make a dent until they try a few more hits later on.

Jewel Skeletons - Very Rare Skeletons that could be only spot or never be spot in someone's lifetime. Their power to create Energy Blasts that cannot be blocked and could kill a tough person in couple of shots, and they can fire these Energy Blasts more rapidly.

Lava Skeletons - Skeletons made out of Lava or Magma, they only appear on places with Volcanoes. they can fire from Lava from their Body but makes them smaller, they become of normal size when they take Lava/Magma, which also refills their ability to shoot Lava. They can emits heat which could easily make people sweat.


Sea Beast Biography:

Deep Sea Kraken - Only 10 In the World. They attack with only tentacles and hide their main body deep inside the sea. They can revive after being killed, which they can be killed either from Main Body or kill/destroy it's tentacles. Only Attacks Ships or Boats.

Abyssal Megalodon - Only have 100 in the world, they can revive after death, fast and they attack after a few seconds which are more than 5 seconds by below 15 Seconds. Also Only Attacks Ships

Sea Stone Shark - Numerous/Abundant. They attack Only Players or NPCs when they are in the water, they don't attack ships. They come together in groups of 5-10, and they are tougher than normal sharks, can block bullets, and their skin makes them look like rocks in the water.

Dark Aquatic Hydra - 9 Headed Hydra were there are only 5 of them in the world. They travel through sea, and attack any ship or person, even if they are not in water or in waters. They can shoot acid and emit fog when above waters that would rot or decomposes any material in slowly but fast process.

Water Cannon Dolphins - Non-Hostile Sea Beast, Friendly, but upon being attacked, it'll retaliate by shooting a Water Beam that would blast holes in ships, boats, or people. But with enough defence or armor, it'll push or fly them far.



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