1 Chapter 1: End and Beginning
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Author :ZeroNemeziz
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1 Chapter 1: End and Beginning

"Why! Why did you leave me to get with this bastard?!" I yelled at my now ex-girlfriend who just broken up with me to get together with a rich guy who was actually my bully who somehow enters to every school that I'm in.

For no god damn reason, he always bully me for no good reason, only for some stupid reasons, like trying to be than me or something, which is really dumb. I never really want to have a competition with him, he wanted one with me and he always tries to win.

I went along with him my entire life to get rid of him. We went through sports, education, games, etc. I win most of the time, but somehow he gets really good and beats me. He even tries to look better than me, and even steals the people I'm friends with, even bribes or threatens them when they don't leave me.

I went from just worse to even more worse, he's now trying hurt my daily life. I just couldn't handle it anymore.

"Sorry Evan, But have to." She had this depressed face with tears almost coming out like she was about to cry.

"Fuckin hell, why are you so obsessed with me Alexander! What hell is wrong with you?! I'm trying to live a normal life but you're being a b*tch on trying to interfere with me?!" I yelled at with anger boiling inside of me, and wrath is just almost getting out.

"Ha! I just showing you how l'm better than you in ever way?!" He say arrogantly with his arms around Mira, he kissed her in the cheeks though was going to kiss her ,outhitting to mouth but she moved away, and he only kissed her cheek. He just shrugs, and just looks at me arrogantly.

Rain started to fall but we didn't mind the rain at all, as we had our attention on something else.

Unable to hold myself back, drew something I had hid my pants and then fired.




I fired continuously, but those shots I fired weren't aimed any vital spots, such as heart, or brain. I fried at his legs and arms. Mira got scared by the first shot and ran away, making me able to shot at his other limbs.

"AAAAAAaaaaaAaaaAaahhhh! It hUrtS!" Alexander screams in pain but I didn't bother at his screams, but just looked dully and grinning at him being in agony. It suddenly felt good watching him in pain.

When he soon fell unconscious, I walked away from the crime scene, and decided what I should've done long time ago.


Years now have passed since that day, Alexander was saved and healed a few years later. Cops now run around searching for me, but they couldn't find me, as I had prepared for this for a long time. I had no family as they were long gone, my little sister was killed by Alexander due to an "accident", but was never sent to jail due to his family's influence. My parents died from grief, they tried to bring justice but soon later disappeared and soon later found as corpses in some trash bags. I didn't have grandparents as they were already long gone due to age. My uncles and aunts no longer wants to have interactions with me. Due them not wanting to die, and I don't them for it.

I was given the money my parents had saved all their lives and the money they gave me to insure my life and as apology for the death my parents and siblings, as they couldn't do a thing to Alexander or his family, as they were powerful...

And soon changed that after making Alexander who is now a cripple. I slowly planned and kill people from Alexander family or the Dakrim Family. I murdered successfully every important person of the dakrim family who makes them powerful.

I killed people in the underground groups supporting the family, it was really hard, but it got easier as I eliminated from the Lowest to the Highest important people. I encountered many Life and Death Situation, even near death and I survived it. I soon destroyed those group/organizations, It was worth all the Sacrifices I made.

As In the progress, I met a few people who helped me along the way, they taught me many things such as wielding gun, techniques like martial arts, and many other things. They were the reasons I was able to destroy those underground organizations supporting the Dakrim Family. I even made my own Underground Organization called Zekrosis. This organization is mostly a group of powerful people like myself. We soon took down every underground organization and might as integrate with the remaining forces into our hands.

These Organization held tons of money which is now used to fund our group. We gained better equipments because of the our large amount of money we now hold.

Also, I won't stop here, I went into the Business World selling something I made myself. Nutrient Bags, going from D Grade to S Grade. Higher the grade, the better it will benefit the body, such as longevity, stronger body, reduce or lose fat, strengthening brain to which strengthen memory, or IQ, and more.

In The Same time that I was selling this, I was secretly stealing money, revealing secrets of the Dakrim Family of their Dirty Deeds, and such. I almost broke the entire Dakrim Family apart, but I'm going to destroy the people who're trying to keep the family together.

I assassinated Alexander's Grandfather who is keeping the family together, along with various other people. Then After that, the Family Broke apart, the money went no where as they were stolen by me and my group. And the only things that were given out were, the Shares, Cars, everything, just everything the family still owns.

And looking into what happened to Alexander, he is being taken care of by father, mother, and brother. They now down graded into the struggling society were people are struggling to find jobs and fund themselves or the family...


"*Sigh* My goals are done, and there is nothing I should go for... Serena, what should I do now?" I asked the cold looking woman, whose face emotionless but is very beautiful.

"You should try this game, out, it's the newest VRMMORPG, and it's about the Sea and Pirate. It might be fun, you're able to go back into the sea and travel. Finding Danger, Loot, Excitement, almost everything you can look for."

Serena brought her tablet up with a video playing the Trailer, with all the excitement and all, even showed few of the Gameplay.

Seeing the game in a world of the sea, my eyes shined, and a new goal appeared. As since there is nothing I can do in the Real world, why do things in a Virtual World I can accomplish and have fun in. Also I used to go out into the Sea, swim, paddle, fish, etc. with my own family... those were some good times... tears started to come out as I looked in the past of good times with my family.

"Oh, also this company, the maker of this game Atalanvitis, also is the one we're investing in, as this company has created many VR games which are very realistic, as somehow benefits the body when playing the game, due to the capsule. To why we're investing into this game is because we're investing with the Nutrient Bags we're selling, it really brings out more potential and improvement to the body when playing the game, and it helps player play longer in the game as their body is being fed with Nutrient Bags....." Serena started to talk about things between the Company, Game, and us.

"Order the game, and capsule, that gives more benefits and realism." Serena nods, "Alright, I'll ask or get them to save some Diamond Grade Capsules for us, as the rest of the group wants to play the game. As they want to become Pirates, or Treasure Hunters." Serena walks away as she contacts the Company who made Atalanvitis, ordered, negotiated, etc. to get the Diamond Grade Capsules.

To pass the time, I just watched videos on YouTube, like the ones Pewdiepie makes.


"Dear! The Game Capsules are here and already set up!" Serena wakes me up by sitting on top of me in inappropriate position.

"Yeah yeah." I brought myself up and kissed Serena in the lips. "Good Morning." I smiled at her, in returned blushes faintly. She slowly gets up me, and I washed my face and brushed my teeth. Had a shower, dried myself, and went over to the Game Capsules. Each one labeled with our names, to tell which one is whose.

Mine was in the far Right. I sat inside the Capsule and as I was about to activated it Serena came over to tell me something.

"What Faction you gonna play? Light or Evil?" Serena asks me. "I'll go with Evil, being good person doesn't feel like me." "Alright, I'll tell the rest about your decision." After she left, I went right into the game.

[ Scanning.... Scannning.... ]

[ No Current Account Registerred. Do You wish to make one? ]


[ Scanning DNA, Pupil... Account Creation finished. ]

[ You have no Character Created. Do You wish make one? ]


[ Choose A Faction: Light or Evil? ]


3 images appeared with almost same look as me they looked kinda or very different due to race.

[ Choose A Race: Human, The Cursed, Undead ]

The Human image me was almost looked exactly like me. The Cursed as a ever changing appearance to what appearance I wanted to look like as a Cursed One, as The Cursed people are human who are cursed by Beings like the Gods or Ocean, as The Cursed have parts of a Sea Creature. Like the ones in Pirates of the Caribbean.

The Undead Race, it looked as seem that I could either have Flesh or not have Flesh and just be full on Bones. But having flesh will look like Rotten Flesh, like Zombies.

"Tell Me Their Benefits."

[ Humans Having Nothing Special except for their improving Growth and Adaptability. ]

[ The Cursed have various benefits according to what body parts of a Sea Creature you want. ]

[ Undead have unlimited Stamina can never tire, no longer have the need to Drink or Eat, but are fragile ]

"Hmmm, Undead have Unlimited Stamina, no need of Eat or Drink, The Cursed will get special abilities due to unique body parts, and human have the usual.... Let's go with the The Cursed. Though I like to go Undead, due to uniqueness of being a Skeleton, but like to have the ability to have sex."

[ Please Customize your Appearance, add certain body parts for unique abilities. If you wish to get more unique body parts, please buy them. ]

I looked into the Body Parts have found many pretty cool abilities, and most of them I have to buy them. I went with Tentacles of a Kraken and, Skin and Strength of a Megalodon and Breathing ability of every Sea Creature has.

Due these things, my Skin turned Dark Blue, Tentacles appeared on my Shoulder blades, where I wanted, and gills, or whatever appeared my my neck. My Teeth seemed more sharper and Tentacles had the skin similar to sharks.

As to why they seemed like this, not like ugly or creepy, I had set how much it affects more looks in the same time affects my ability. I turned my hair more blacker or darker, and my eyes purple.

When I pressed confirm, I suddenly felt myself changing, I had felt more stronger and weirder as I felt like I seemed to more more limbs. Which I do, as I had noticed I had become what I made.

[ Now Choose A Profession: Marine | Shaman | Pirate | Treasure Hunter | Bounty Hunter | Mercenary ]

Without my having to ask what benefits they give.

[ Marine: Description - Police Officer of the Seas, Fighters against Evil, Protectors of those Innocent, and more, they are the Main Forces that fight against Evil, so they can prevent innocent people die horrible deaths.... | Stat(Per Level Up): +1 Strength, +1 Endurance, and +1 Charisma ] (Locked Due to in Evil Faction)

[ Shaman: Description - Magic users of witchcraft, seekers of the unknown, and ..... | Stat(Per Level Up): +2 Intelligence, +1 Perception ]

[ Pirate: Description - Thieves or Bandits on Ships, pillaging ships, villages, towns, any places to find loot that'll satisfy them. They go around free and doing whatever they want without following any rules that'll restrict their freedom of doing whatever they want.... | Stat(Per Level Up): +2 Strength, +1 Endurance ]

[ Treasure Hunter: Description - Seekers of treasure and probably Tomb Raiders. They for long ways to search for treasure and probably do anything to get them..... | Stat(Per Level Up): +2 Perception, +1 Endurance ]

[ Bounty Hunter: Description - Criminal Hunter who hunt wanted people to earn money, or just fight for justice while earning money.... | Stats(Per Level Up): +2 Agility, +1 Perception ] (Locked Due as Evil Faction)

[ Mercenary: Description - A person that can be hired or bought for many certain duties, if with the right money.... | Stat(Per Level Up): +1 Strength, +1 Agility, +1 Perception ]

""I'll Go with Pirate."

[ Do you wish to become a Pirate? ]


[ Now pick a name: ___________ ]

A key board appeared below a bar with a ticking line.


[ .... That Name is free, do you wish to pick that? ]


[ Welcome Zin ]

[ Due to using a Diamond Game Capsule, you have 4 Lottery Rolls for unique rewards ]

(Author: Low Tier > Medium Tier > High Tier > Peak Tier > Diamond Tier)

A lottery wheel appeared with question marks in every slot.

[ Please spin the wheel ]

I reached out and spinner the wheel the hardest that I could

[ You obtained [ Blade Of The Deep Seas(Upgradable) ], you're able to select or customize your bound weapon ]

A Interfaces appeared beside the Lottery Wheel. There were images of different styles of swords, and could be not a sword, unless there is a Blade in it, like Axe, or Rapier. But I'm not going to choose any of these templates, but went with my own design, it was a bit futuristic type of sword, but not a Laser Sword. It looked very smooth, sharp, and glows for special effects, and for it's name, it glows blue as the seas.

I tapped complete and went back onto spinning the wheel.

[ You obtained a free skill of almost any kind ]

Another interfaces appears, but with a list of skills, but with Tabs and Search Bar. I went into the search bar to see if there was kind of skill related to upgrading or enchanting enchantments. Just something similar.

"Found them... Hmmm, there is quite a bit." There was [ Enhance ] [ Fire Infusion ] and such.... But for fun, I went with, " [ Evolution of The Seas ] " I selected and confirm, then looked what it could do.

[ Evolution of The Seas ](LV1)

Description - With the power of the Sea! Bless and Evolve any object with a bit of the power of the Seas.

Effects - Unknown

Duration - Forever and Instant

Cool down - 48 Hours

".... Well, this probably OP, as it does say it could imbue objects with powers of the sea.... hmmm, going back to spinning the wheel."

[ You obtained +10 Luck! ]

".... Ok~, not sure of this bad or good."

[ You obtained +100% Swimming Speed ]

"I think my luck went down, when my luck just went up.... " I sighed in disappointment that I wasn't able to get any more OP rewards. But I guess it went down for the Balance for the Game.

[ Scanning Player's Body.... ]

[ Error ]

[ Error ]

[ User's body capabilities unbalances the game... fixing... limiting... finished ]

[ Now Please Distribute Free Points ]

Strength - 15

Endurance - 12

Agility - 20(Max)

Intelligence - 18

Perception - 20(Max)

Charm - 11

Luck - 10

Free Points - 5

"I'm really that strong?" I looked over the notifications and was pretty dumbfounded. "Since I'm really this strong, I'll put them all into this, if I can.... I can!" I put all my free points into Luck and entered.

[ Congratulation on creating you character! ]

[ You have a 10 seconds till the game opens ]

[ 10 ]

[ 9 ]

[ 8 ]

[ 7 ]

[ 6 ]

[ 5 ]

[ 4 ]

[ 3 ]

[ 2 ]

[ 1 ]

[ 0 ]

[ Have fun! ]


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