2 Chapter 2: Going Out Into Sea
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Author :ZeroNemeziz
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2 Chapter 2: Going Out Into Sea

[ Have Fun! ]

The Interfaces disappeared and my surroundings started to change, no longer is it just darkness, I could see the many players interacting, grouping up, doing whatever. Everyone were wearing swimsuits or bikinis for women. I went around the town that nearly covers the entire island.

I explored the entire town, it stinks with alcohol, which supposedly normal for a Pirate Town. I looked and entered a Pirate Guild. The Guild that'll provide information, unlock treasure chests, give special missions for pirates, and so much more.

Inside the place, it looked almost like a Bar, it had many Pirates drinking, playing around, flirting or playing women.

I went over to one of the bartender who was a women but had this fierce and cold look.

"Hello there beautiful, I'm here for some information or anything I could do for ya." I asked her with grin on my face.

The Cold Bartender looks at me, examining me up and down. "A Cursed One huh? Well, there aren't anything special going around. But if want to look for treasure. Well go over there to buy certain random treasure maps that find some random generated treasure chests. If want some action, then I could give some Mission Scrolls for a price, but if you're going against the Marines or plunder towns or villages, well you go for them if you want to, I have some places you could go to."

Listening to, I thought about it, and asks, "Can you recommend me any places for boats?" She looks at me for a bit and tells me, "Steven's Workshop, he'll get you the best boats, with a price of course."

"Thanks, how much for a Mission Scroll?"

"10 Gold"

I looked into my inventory to see that I have 100 Gold Coins inside, and without no hesitation, I took out 10 Gold Coins. She Receives it and takes out a rolled up and sealed school which seemed blank. But When I opened it, Letters and Images started to appearing, and started to tell where I should go to and what I should do.

I thanked her, and went over to some reception, I asked for a price for kinds of Treasure Maps, it was pretty stunning to see how many types of Treasure Maps, and their Prices.

Bronze Treasure Map = 1 Gold Coin

Silver Treasure Map = 100 Gold

Gold Treasure Map = 10,000 Gold

Platinum Treasure Map = 1,000,000 Gold

Rainbow Treasure Map = 1,000,000,000,000 Gold

As to why they are like this, well, Bronze Treasure Map can locate 1 or 2 Iron to Silver Treasure Chest. Silver Treasure Maps can located 2 to 4 Silver Treasure Chests. Gold Treasure Maps can locate 2 to 4 Gold to Platinum Treasure Chests. Platinum Treasure Maps can locate 4 to 6 Gold to Platinum Treasure Maps. Lastly, Rainbow Treasure Maps can locate 2 or 3 Legendary to Divine Treasure Chests.

I spent A Gold Coin for a Bronze Treasure Map, leaving my left with 89 GC. Left the Guild to go to the place, Steven's Workshop, and I know where it is, as I had explored the Town and found it before. So going back to where I found it isn't going to be that hard.

When finding it, I entered the place, I saw a old bearded man drinking, and had this look of a craftsman appearance.

"Hello Sir! I'm here to buy a boat, a small fast one please."

The Old Man looked a bit surprised, "For the longest time, I never heard any Pirate say please to me, you young man, seemed to be a nice man so I'll give you a discount, I'll sell them for cheap, I'm not poor, so I won't care for the profit, but it's going to be on small boat, not big ones like a galleon. So come to tell me what you want?"

"I'm looking for a small fast boat that can travel abnormally fast."

The Old Man thought about it for awhile, "Well, I think I got fast small boats. How much money you have left?

"About 80 Gold Coins left." Hearing this, the Old Man looked a bit surprised, "That's quite the money for a youngster like you... Well, come over to the Workshop. I got some prebuilt Boats."

I followed the Old Man into his workshop, I was kinda surprised that there was a large workshop behind the small shop. But that's just the place where people order things I guess.

It took a couple of minutes to reach where the Old Man had stored his prebuilt boats. When entered the place, I was dumbfounded, the place was pretty awesome, as there were various boats being showcased, from small to large, there were many variation and types of boats.

"Here's one that fits in your description and within affordable price for you."

The Old Man had Presented a Boat, that looked like a Voyaging Canoes, that could fit 3 or 4 people. But remove 3 or 2 people to add in more supplies.

"How much is it?"

"50 Gold, originally 100, but with the discount, I'll half it."

I immediately took out 50 GCs, "Deal!" "Put them onto that table. Help me put this into the waters."

I placed the Gold Coins onto the table and helped the old man carry the Boat into the waters. Looking at him carry the boat surprises me, even though he's old, he still or has great amount of strength.

"Hmmf! There we go, you can go immediately but don't forget the food supplies."

I nodded at his advice, and left after thanking him. I went around ordering some barrels of food, while looking players struggle on what they should do now.

As there was no tutorial, no direction, no leveling, everything is almost totally different from what they have experienced from all the VRMMORPG Games they played. Which makes them dumb and useless, as they can't even figure out what to do, or what's the purpose of the game. As I know the purpose of this game, because I researched or could tell what this game is about.

This game is about self adventure or self achieving, almost nothing in this game is instructing anyone what to do. Everything here is what you have to do without anyone telling what you or they should do. Such as Quests from usual VRMMORPG games, they tell you what you should do, for them, and get a reward out of it.

But in this game, You play the game and do whatever, search for treasure as rewards, go around destroying Skeleton Ships or Fortresses for rewards, attack NPC or Player Ships for the treasure they have for their reward. Almost everything they do gives an rewards. Mass Murder, sure, gives a reward, if you loot the bodies or something for reward.

Treasure Maps are there to help find and dig up treasure, their reward for spending their time to find buried treasure.

As for Mission Scrolls, these are also some of the things people need get rewards for doing something. As Mission Scrolls not only locate and give rewards, but help challenge player, improve their skills, in close combat or naval battle.

Mission Scrolls either to fight Skeleton Fortress or Skeleton Ship Fleet...

Well this is all for the pirates, but for Marines they have to work hard to rank up from just Soldiers or Sailors. And to rank up, they have to contribute a lot of things, like having an achievement for taking down a legendary pirate or something, accomplish something that contributes to the people.

Bounty Hunters have hard time to start off, as they got almost nothing to use hunt wanted criminals, they got no license for operating large boats for themselves. It's pretty hard for them to do anything right now.

Every Profession that players pick, they would have a hard time, but as time goes by, things might get easier, and things would get clearer on what they should be doing or their goals. but Right now, they are totally lost, and don't know anything what they should do.


After getting all my supplies, I quickly set sail to a Skeleton fortress, which I have to take on to advance any further into this game. Also I get to know what the place looks like due to the Mission Scroll not only telling me direction, but also my target's appearance, what I should look for to recognize my target.

So I quickly adjusted the sail for increase speed, as I want to finish this quickly and hardly slow. And happily that the time is really faster than in reality, as 10 Hours here equals 1 Hour outside in reality.

As for the [ Blade Of The Seas ], I had practiced using it to gain Sword Mastery Skill, and had looked into it's status info.

[ Blade Of The Seas ](Upgradable)

Grade - Rare

Effects - +10 All Stats

Skills - [ High Pressure Sea Strike ]: Gather water from the Sea into User's Weapon or Hand, and can be fired through Stab or Slash Motion. Stab Deals Penetration Damage, knock back, and 0.1 to 0.5 Seconds Stun. Slash Deals Area Damage, stronger knock back and 0.1 to 0.3 Second Stun. Cost: 20 SP. CD: 10 Seconds

Bounded To - Zin

"Wow, Still OP when it Rare Grade." I went around firing [ High Pressure Sea Strikes in both Stab and Slash, practicing on how I could use it, and if there are any advantages I could do with this.

Suddenly the waters started to shake and make the boat tremble a bit


[ Low Level Skeleton Ship Has Emerged! ]

A Notifications with music that almost sounds like this was an achievement. I held onto the ship from flipping around, as the Low Level Skeleton Ship had created a large wave when emerging.

Looking at the Low Level Skeleton Ship, it looked like a Broken Ship which has skeletons running it, and what they were going to do alarmed me, as they were slowly pointing the cannons at me. "Oh Shit!" I jumped into the sea and underwater, as cannonballs flew and destroyed my small boat!

I swam over to their boat very fast, due to my +100% Swimming boost and the way I'm swimming, or how I'm swimming.

*Splash* *Crack*

I launched myself out of the waters and landed onto the Skeleton Ship, due the ship being broken and rotten, the aged wood broke.

*Shing* *Shing* *Shing* * Click* *Click* *Click*

The Skeletons unsheathed their swords and guns. Without letting them take the first move, I. Sent out a [ High Pressure Sea Strike ] in Slash form, towards skeletons who're more closely together. Upon hitting them, they started to crack and break apart, becoming piles of bones.

*Bang* *Bang* *Bang*

Skeleton Riflemen started to fire rains of bullets at me. I looked around and hid behind broken barrels defend against the rain of bullets.

After they stopped shooting, I ran over to the piles of bones, as in that pile of bones, has a gun. As I looked for the rifle or just a gun, I threw the swords or daggers the skeletons once held.

"Found it!" I immediately grabbed the rifle and took cover from the Skeleton Riflemen, and inspected the Rifle in my hands. The appearance of this rifle is pretty worn out, and had this feeling that it was Musket combined with a Karabiner.

[ Skeleton Rifle ]

Grade - Common

Ammo - 0/1

Effects - None

Skills - [ Ammo Bag ]: A Small Storage Space that can only Hold Bullets. Uses Spirit to access it. Cost: 1 SP. CD: None

I opened up the Skeleton Rifle like how people would open up a Double Barrel or Pump up Shotgun? Well, I opened it up, took out a bullet, and loaded it in. I took aim and then fired.

*Bang* *Crack*

In a shot, I destroyed a Skeleton's Head, and started to kill every Skeleton Riflemen. As for the Skeleton Swordsmen, I just fought back with my [ Blade of The Seas ]. A rifle in my Left and sword on my right hand.

Also to reload with one hand. I Did some cool reload tricks to just reload. Throwing the bullet into the air, opening the rifle up, throw out the shell and then catch the bullet into my bullet slot, or barrel.

"ha~, ha~, ha~. Almost done. 5 more skeletons to go." Looking at the 4 Skeleton Riflemen ready to shoot at me, I sheathed [ Blade of The Seas ] as I had already used the [ High Pressure Sea Strike ] Skill.

I leaned down to pick up another Skeleton Rifle. Throwing out the empty shells, I threw myself back to dodge the bullets, did a reloading trick, then fired, killing the 2 Skeletons on the side.

I pushed myself into the Air with the Rifles, reloaded then fired.

"Ha! How awesome am I!?" I picked up some cloth to tie the rifles in my hands onto my back.

"haaa." I leaned onto the Broken Ship's railings, while looking at my destroyed small boat. "What should I do now? My boat is gone and I can't drive this ship, as it's sail are broken, and pretty much hard to drive this boat by myself...."

When I stared at the sea, A light bulb lit up in my mind. "I forgot about that skill I picked! Let's do an experiment!" I had remembered that I had the Skill [ Evolution of The Seas ]. With it's ability to bless and evolve any object with power of the Seas, I should use it on this ship! And see what it would turn out to be.

" [ Evolution of The Seas ]! " I casted the skill onto the Ship and the ship started to shine a blue to sky blue color. I could sounds of builders building something, and could feel the ship started to shift, not in movement, but in change of the Ship itself.

"Holy Shit. This Skill is Amazing!" When the ship had stopped changing, and had shown itself. The Skeleton Ship turned into a Majestic, Cool looking ship that I never seen before.

[ User's [ Evolution of The Seas ] had Changed [ Low Level Skeleton Ship ] into [ Low Level Ancient Ship Of The Great Seas ], and It's Bound to user. If Zinner wish to know more about the Ship. Please check it's Status Info available only to you. ]

[ Low Level Ancient Ship of The Great Seas ](Bound: Zinner)

Durability - 500,500/500,500

Effects - +100% Stats for Allies on Ship | +200% Sailing Speed

Skills - [ Aqua Repair ](Passive): As long this Ship is on Water, it could repair itself, 100 Durability per second.

[ Self/Auto Sail ](Passive/Active): This ship can control itself without the need of a Crew or Driver. It follows whatever the captain or owner of this ship commands of directions, or to go slow or fast.

"Hell Yes! With [ Self/Auto Sail ] I can sail by myself!... Along with my friends also." I laughed as I stood on the deck.


After laughing in joy, I tour around the ship, to learn anything about or on the ship. There was a few Treasure Chests which are Iron Treasure Chest which probably came from the Skeleton Ship. There was also maps and a compass to tell me locations on various islands or places. It even marks or shows various things, like Ships of either players or NPCs.

I looked at where I was, and looked for the exact place where my mission was. In the same time look for the island where my treasure map is showing....


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