3 Chapter 3: Completing Mission
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Author :ZeroNemeziz
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3 Chapter 3: Completing Mission

"I'm Here!" I looked at the Skeleton Fortress on top of the Nest, I jumped down while sliding from the ladder.

"Atlantis Sapphire! Circle the Skeleton Fortress!" Atlantis Sapphire, the name that I named my ship as. As this this ship incredibly beautiful and very blue, and this ship is called a [ Ancient Ship of The Great Seas ], so that's why I named her, [ Atlantis Sapphire ].

*Boom* *Boom* *Boom*

I had quickly maned the cannons and quickly fired all the cannons, as I had loaded them in preparation.

After firing all the cannons facing the Fortress, I quickly dived into the water to swim over to the fortress, in a very fast speed.

It took about 1 minute or so to reach the fortress. I quickly used the Tentacles to climb up onto the Fortress Walls, I took out two Skeleton Rifles, prepared to shoot any nearby skeleton.

Reaching on top of the fortress wall, I was immediately spotted by Skeletons, I don't know how as I was carefully and quietly got onto the walls. But I guess they had some kind of sensory for lifeforms or something.

So, I took aim and started skeleton massacre, with the help of my Skeleton Rifles and Tentacles, as before, in the Skeleton Ship, I had forgotten about my Tentacle Limbs. And unsurprisingly these tentacles are very strong, as they come krakens. These Tentacles can easily shatter rocks, so it's really simple to shatter skull with these limbs.


"Fuck How many are there?!"

For about an hour, I continue to fight against and defend myself from Skeletons. They Keep on coming out of nowhere to fight me.

[ A White Skeleton Captain has Spawned! ]

A White Skeleton wearing usual Pirate Captain clothings appeared with reinforcements. But Looking at these Reinforcements, these ones had more clothings than these almost Naked Skeletons. Also to look what this White Skeleton Captain was wielding, it was both Skeleton Pistol and A Cutlass, which almost every skeleton holds a Cutlass as a Sword.

"Shit, I'm having hard time fighting army of skeletons that keep coming, and now there are, I guess, Elites, and A Skeleton Captain mixed with them?!" I ran towards a wooden tower to try get height advantage. But there are Skeleton Riflemen, so height advantage won't really work.

"Holy Shit, this is tiring. Facing off tons skeletons... Damn! This almost feels like this is fun!" I started to Smile and giggle due to the feeling of this being too fun! "F*ck, I think I'm a Battle Manic if I think about it...."

*Bang* *Bang*

"You little Sh*ts, you can't hit me! Dumba**es!" I kept firing and popping out empty bullets.

[ You Received a Friend Request from Shadow Rose ]

[ You Received a Friend Request from Darkest Darkness ]

[ You Received a Friend Request from Evil Pirate Empress ]

[ You Received a Friend Request from Pirate Queen Goddess ]

[ You Received a Friend Request from Lord Abyss ]

"... The Fuck are with these naming, and I'm in combat! Why these Friend Requests Here?!" I cursed and Complained about these Friend Requests. Quickly accepting them, as I knew that these could be my comrades in IRL.

[ You Received Message From Shadow Rose: Darling, Where are you? What are you doing right now? ]

[ You Received A Message from Darkest Darkness: Yo Boss! Where are you? ]

[ You Recieved A Message from Evil Pirate Empress: I'm with Pirate Queen Goddess, and Lord Abyss, weird names right? I'm joining up with Darkest Darkness and Shadow Rose. Where are you? So I can pick you up. ]

"..." I quickly replied to them while firing back to the Skeletons. [ To Shadow Rose: I'm at a Skeleton Fortress. I'm fighting against a large army of Skeletons. ]

[ To Darkest Darkness: I'm at a Skeleton Fortress fighting, so don't bother me. ]

[ To Evil Pirate Empress: I'm At Skeleton Fortress, I'll pick you guys up when I'm finished with this. You guys are at the town called Beginning Pirate Town right? I'll be at the docks so wait for me. ]

[ You Received Message From Shadow Rose: Be careful to not die. ]

[ You Received Message From Darkest Darkness: Alright Boss ]

[ You Received Message From Evil Pirate Empress: We'll Wait For You ]

Reading the messages, I discarded them to put most of my attention back to the Skeleton Army.

"It's Time to, G-G G-G-Get Serious!" I fired the last my bullets and stored away them to take out my [ Blade Of The Seas ]. I jumped down from the Tower and slammed my sword against the skeletons, upon landing, my legs cracked or shook the ground and sent a shock wave. Through the Skeletons away from where I landed, many skeletons tumbled or fell down like Dominos.

"You F*ckers are going back to the grave you guys came from! [ High Pressure Sea Strike ]! Slash Form!" I threw a highly pressured water blade. Any Skeletons hit from it, broke apart like piled up leaves blown away by the wind. Or maybe like Block of Ice being thrown onto the ground, shattered.

But this didn't stop them from attacking me, as they don't fear anything, due to them being Dead and not very Intelligent.

I slashed every skeleton that I could hit in a perfect and smooth form. Sweat started to drip out, as I fought endless armount of skeletons... But not anymore as Skeletons stopped spawning, lesser and lesser Skeletons were active. Soon only the Elites and The Captain is still here.

"Haaa, Haaa, Haaa, Now It's only you guys left." I started to breath a bit hard, but I slowly breathed from a Breathing Technique I had learned from my master, for fast recovery, which worked in this game. Pretty Realistic if this could happen with a Breathing Technique.

"Let's Fight." I took a stance and dashed towards them, making a fast attack at one of the Skeleton Elites. " [ High Pressure Sea Strike ]! Stab Form!" My Blade went through the Skeleton Elite, making it tremble, but not totally down. "Quite Strong I see. But This will finish you off." I Slashed my sword out of its body, using a bit of momentum, I Spinned around and finished the Elite Skeleton.

*Bang* *Swosh* *Swosh*

"whoa." Two of the Elites attacked me from left and right, while the captain shot at me from the front. Their attacks were quite coordinated, as they attacked me from the all sides, the fourth Elite, was attacking me from the back whenever there was a chance.

"How the hell are these Skeletons so well coordinated?! Seems I have to go all out." As the battle continues, I started to be in the losing side even though I was using 50% of my available capabilities.

So going all out, I Attacked the left side Elite, " [ High Pressure Sea Strike ]! Stab Form!" I stabbed forwards at the Skull, it tried to block, but it was too late, as it was too slow.

*Skull Shatter* *Bang*

- 21%

To make sure it was down, I destroyed the spine. But too do all this, I had to take a shot from the Skeleton Captain. The Bullet had hit my shoulder, the HP Bar that I could see all the time had decreased by about 20% from looking at how much it went down. But Looking at the exact decrease, it was supposedly 21%.

"I need to get armor soon" Why? It gives more protection and decreases the damage I take, and I'm almost naked.

Withstanding the pain, I attacked the Elite that had attacked on the other side, I grabbed a thick stick and stabbed into their ghostly fire eye. As I'm experimenting whether if they would take damage for stabbing their eyes, which seemed not as an physical object. I stabbed or just poked it's eyes multiple times if it would die.... which seemed it did, very surprising, that it died from my poking it eye socket, or the Ghostly Fire Eyes.

"Pfff. Ahahaha! I never knew that I could do this to kill them!" I laughed as I attacked, blocked and counter attacking the Skeleton Elite and Skeleton Captain. In this fight, only intelligent enough to dodge attacks, the Elite would just take the hits.

*Skull Shatter*

"Now it's only you and me. Let's do a stand off." I took out a Skeleton Pistol put in the generated Holster and Sheathed the [ Blade Of The Seas ]. The Skeleton followed my actions, knowing that I wouldn't attack him yet.

We put our hands close to our gun and stared deeply at each other. I took out a Gold Coin and flipped it around.

"When this Gold Coin hits the ground, we shoot." It nods, so I threw the coin into the air, we stared deeply into each other, ready to shoot each other.

*clink* *bang* *bang*

As the coin hit the rock, we quickly drew our guns and fired. As the bullet travel through a fast speed by I don't know how much, you guess... I tried to dodge the bullet by tilting my, as looking at The trajectory, it would hit me in the head. So tilting my head was the right thing to do.

As for the skeleton, it wasn't reactive and fast enough to dodge a bullet. So the bullet gashed into it's head making a hole in the forehead. But being hit in the forehead with a bullet wasn't enough to take it down.

I immediately took out a Skeleton Rifle and fired at its head again, while doing that, I discarded the skeleton pistol I To the inventory and took out another skeleton rifle. Fired, and repeated, but i was discarding the skeleton rifle.

I continuously do this until I ran out of Skeleton Rifles with loaded bullets. The funny is that the action the skeleton was doing like a man being shot by multiple but wasn't standing still and shaking like it was being tased. It was slowly being knocked back by a step for every shot.

*chick* *chick* (sound of triggers trigging nothing, or no bullets.)

[ Overkill! ]

[ Received Title: Overkiller ]

[ Received Title: Fast Shooter ]

[ Received Title: Sniper ]

[ Detected Similar Titles, Triggering Fusion.... Fusing Fast Shooter And Sniper.... ]

[ Fusion Complete ]

[ Received Title: Rapid Sniper ]

[ Rapid Sniper ]

Description - A title gained for those who can fire very rapidly and could accurately hit their target. Even if it's not in the same spot, as long those spot are vital spot that could kill the target.

Effects - +10% Accuracy | +10% Attackspeed | -10% Recoil | +10% Firing Distance

Skills - [ Instant Full Reload ](Active): Grabs available bullets and insert them, without user manually doing it. Cost: 1 SP per Bullet. CD: 2 Seconds per Bullet

[ Gun Switch ](Active): Instantly switches to weapons that User had set to switch weapons with. Switch Weapon To: Nothing. Cost: 5 SP. CD: 10 Seconds.

Glancing at the title, it was pretty powerful. But it's not something I should pay all my attention to.

Walking over to were the Skeleton Captain had died. On top of it's pile of bones, there was a Coin, twice the size of a Normal Coin though. It was black, very deep black, it had a Skull Motif that was glowing Dark Grey.

"So is this a Skull Coin?" I learned about this from the Official Website for Atalanvitis. It had told about many of the basic item that people would find normally in this world. And this Skull Coin would be some of the normal things that people would find in this world almost daily. If They do constantly attack Skeleton Fortress, or any Captain Skeleton.

[ Skull Coin ]: A Special Coin used to unlock Treasury Vaults.

I walked around the Fortress, looking for something that could be a vault.

"Here it is!" I ran towards the Vault Door and took out the Skull Coin. When the Skull Coin was close to the Treasury Vault Doors, it glowed more brightly, and a Slot appeared while Shining. I placed the Coin into the Vault Doors. Them shining brightly stopped and the Doors crumbled into dust or into sand probably.

But inside the vault to showed 4 Bronze Chests and a Silver Chest in display. I Tried to put it into my Inventory, but I was denied. I tried a couple of times to put it into my inventory , but still being denied to. So I have to carry them back to the Ship.

I carried the chests outside, and gathered Sticks, Vines, Twigs, or Rope. I tied the chests together carefully, making sure they were stable and could hold them together. When they were, I carried them to the docks while breathing heavily, as I never new that these chest were abnormally heavy.

I put down the stack of Treasure Chests, and looked for my Ship. I found it appearing around the Fortress, so I called out to it. "Atlantis Sapphire! Come over here!" When the Ship had heard of my Command, it slowly tilted towards the docks. I waited for a couple minutes for the ship reach and park in the Docks.

I climbed and jumped onto the Ship, then quickly stored the Chests in my Captain Quarters. Grabbed some empty barrels, as I'm going to gather up and store all the precious equipments.

Fast Forwarding, it took me couple of hours to gather very precious, Material, Equipments, and necessary items. Even collected some things going from Books to Cannons. As they would fill the empty spaces. As there are missing cannons, bookshelves with a lot of open space for more books, etc.


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