Demon and Fairy
1 The return of E.N.D
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Demon and Fairy
Author :GenoGame
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1 The return of E.N.D

Tenrou island was usually a peaceful place, only animals lived there and nothing troubled this peace. However things changed a little all of a sudden.

The attack of Grimoire Heart, the dark guild lead by Hades, was truly something that hurt the island a lot. They didn't even waited for Fairy Tail to react, in a few minutes all the members of Grimoire Heart were destroying everything on their paths.

The members of Fairy Tail weren't exactly faring well, most had taken quite a beatdown. Yet, the most powerful ones like Erza or Gildarts were still fighting with everything they had.

Erza was still figthing against Azuma, while Gildarts was fighting against Blue Note. The other members were just trying to survive, Grimoire Heart wasn't the type of ennemy they were used to fight. In a matter of minutes they had unleashed everything they had on Fairy Tail, leaving them with no chance to defend themselves.

But at a certain part of the island, something else was happening. Natsu Dragneel, the hot-headed fire dragon slayer of Fairy Tail was currently screaming in pain. He was feeling as if a hundred of blades were stabbing his entire body, the pain was inexorable.

It all started when he encountered a weird mage who called himself Zeref. The guy had started to cry when he saw him and then before he could even talk, Natsu fell to the ground, blood flowing from his mouth and eyes as he screamed more than he ever had.

Zeref could only watch in shock before he understood what was happening.

"N-Natsu, you a-are.....You are remembering !!!"Exclaimed Zeref. Natsu was too focused on the pain to even register what the black-haired man was telling him.

Zeref put his hand on Natsu's forehead and a black light hit him. It eased the pain but a sudden stream of memories flowed in his mind.

He could see it, his childhood, his old life in a place that he never saw, he saw a younger version of himself running in the streets of a city happily while his parents ran behind him......But most importantly, he saw his big brother. His eyes rolled to the back of his head as he suddenly dropped to the ground.


He could only hear Zeref shouting before he fell uncounscious.


(An hour later)

Natsu opened his eyes and checked his surroundings. He was incredibly calm contrarily to what he should've been. His eyes carried an indifference to everything that never once appeared in Natsu's eyes, a fact that made a smile appear on Zeref's face as he watched Natsu getting up.

"Seriously, why did you only came now ?" Natsu looked at Zeref with amusement as his brother smiled.

"Well, i thought that the great demon E.N.D, could atleast stay away from any troubles for a little while...........Seems like you didn't resist the urge to kill Igneel." Natsu rolled his eyes at Zeref and sighed.

"You know, it's not entirely my fault........If Ankhseram didn't curse me, Igneel would've never been suspiscious of me. He finally discovered what i was and tried to kill me, i simply defended myself. By the way, you can't even begin to imagine how fucking frustrating it is to have a 400 years old mind in the body of a child. Next time, i should've asked August if he could make me older. Surely the Magic King can do that, right ?"

"Well, it's too late to regret things now. You're already an adult now Natsu, even thought you're still my little brother."

"Yeah, yeah. The little brother can still kick your ass, Mister I Want to Kill Acnologia But Never Train."Zeref merely chuckled before pointing at Natsu's scarf.

"What will you do with that ?"

"I will wear it like always. You first sent me to Ishgar so that i could spy on Fairy Tail, since i'm already a member of the guild i should act like i'm still the same and spy on them. They trust me too much to be suspiscious of me. I'm also a master at deception and trickery, i should be fine. " Zeref nodded and put his hand on Natsu's shoulder.

" I hope you will be able to trick them Natsu, i don't want you to fight against your entire guild. The you that forgot everything about his past is still attached to them. "

"Hmph! As if i care! My other self was stupid, he couldn't even see that they were all spitting on his back and insulting him when he wouldn't listen. They despise him because he's too 'reckless' and too 'dangerous'. Honestly i should just slaughter those fuckers, but i got some more interesting ideas. They're gonna regret everything they said on my other self, be it those disgusting whores that i considered like my sisters or those bastards that i considered as my brothers.......Oh! I got so much ideas!!!"

"........Okay, do whatever you want. Also, i think you already know that Fairy Heart is just a last resort, the normal plan is to kill Acnologia by using your dragon slayer magic and our Dark Magic. We should be able to do that if you can master the dragon slayer magic a bit more. With how powerful you've become, Acnologia cannot beat us, unless he uses some special Lacrima." Natsu just snickered and pushed Zeref away.

"I know that already. Not to be arrogant or anything, but Acnologia cannot beat me. I've reached the level of the original dragon king, Acnologia is just an imposter."

Natsu walked out of the cave where Zeref had put his body while he was sleeping. He saw that some fight was going on and turned to Zeref.

"What happened while i was sleeping ?"

"Your guild is fighting against Hades, the master of Grimoire Heart. Most members are heavily injured and they didn't even beat Ultear and Thuncrow, though the latter is most certainly figthing against the Steel Dragon Slayer."

Natsu smirked and brought his hand in front of him, he pointed it in the direction of a nearby tree and a black bolt shot out. As soon as it hit the tree, the tree died and slowly turned black.



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