Demon and Fairy
2 Cruel Actions, Cold Hear
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Demon and Fairy
Author :GenoGame
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2 Cruel Actions, Cold Hear

Zeref could only shake his head and sigh when his young brother started to test his powers, destroying a part of the forest in the process.

"Natsu, i think you already know that most of your powers are still there. The old you may have made you weaker, but you were too strong to begin with."

"....Sorry about that. It's just that it feels as if i finally awakened after a long sleep. All this power.....It just feel too good to have it back!!" Exclaimed Natsu.

"*Chuckle* Even if you're excited, you should think about what to do next. Acnologia is coming and we can't have him recognize you. Plus i'll have to go back to Alvarez, i've some business to attend to, i'm an Emperor afterall."

Natsu merely smirked and pointed at the ground.

"This entire island is protected by Fairy Sphere, right ? And Acnologia is going to come, most likely to kill us all with some breath attack." Zeref gasped in understanding as he brought his hand on his chin.

"And as such, Fairy Sphere will be activated, which will protect the members of Fairy Tail until they wake up. Considering their strenghs, they should wake up in 5 years or maybe even more!"

"Thus giving me enough time to get all my powers back and even train some more! The only problem is Mavis....." Natsu gave a sad smile to Zeref, whose expression darkened at the mention of the only woman he ever loved.

"Yeah, Mavis...I stopped loving her a long time ago, i always felt that she had betrayed me. You can do whatever you want with her, i couldn't care less." With that Zeref started to walk away, leaving an amused Natsu.

"My, my....You may act like you don't care, but i know it's not truth." Said Natsu before his smile became a little...More dangerous.

"How bad it is.....You shouldn't have any feelings for someone Zeref, we both know how much it can hurt you. It's truly a blessing that i cannot feel any love, it's just sad that i will never have a loved one...Brother."

Natsu walked away too, heading towards the ship on which the members of Fairy Tail were battling against Hades and Ultear, even though Ultear looked like she saw better days. She was just getting beaten by Gray and Lucy.

'Let's see if those guys are any worth. Though my memories tells me that their arrogance is only matched by their uselessness...Atleast this Levy girl is quite interesting.'


Erza and her group dropped to the ground, too exhausted to even move. Only Laxus was still standing up, he was breathing heavily, wincing at the pain he was feeling in his legs. Hades had been the most powerful foe he ever fought against.

"W-We finally b-beat him ?" Said a physically depleted Lucy, her whole body was aching and she could taste her own blood in her mouth. She didn't know why, but she felt that it would've been better if Natsu was there. The dumbass was annoying as hell but pretty strong, he was also a perfect shield to protect her.

"Y-Yeah, he was o-one hell of a persistent bastard!" Said Gray, Lucy glanced at her not-so-secret boyfriend and smiled. He was still so cool even as he layed on the ground, looking like he was about to die.

They were about to celebrate before something crashed on the ship. A cloud of smoke appeared and a figure came out, draped in a black cloak with a hood that hid his face.

"W-Who the fuck are you ?! Another member of Grimoire Heart ?!" Shouted Laxus, lightning appearing in his palms as he prepared himself to attack the figure.

Behind him, Ultear lifted her tired eyes and looked at the figure with fear. She could clearly sense that something was wrong with this guy. She got a familiar feeling from him, as if he was like........Z-Zeref?!

"Kukuku......Even in this state, you're still so eager to fight Laxus........"The figure started as he lifted his hand, for some reasons he sounded like Natsu, but they all felt he was too strong to be Natsu.

"Spear of the End" Finished the figure, a black spear shot out of his palm and pierced Laxus stomach, the man fell to the ground with a loud stud. He was hit so fast he didn't even had the time to scream in pain.

"Don't worry, little Fairies. Your friend, if you even consider him a friend, will be fine. I just put him down so he could get to sleep faster than all of you." Said the figure while Erza managed to get up, using her sword to help her.

"W-Who-" She was cut off when the figure appeared in front of her and touched her forehead, sending a pulse of black energy.


"E-Erza ?!" Lucy felt truly helpless when she watched her friend falling without any strengh, eyes devoid of any life.

".......Weak, pathetic. Not that i thought you could put up a fight in this state. I think i'm just doing that to statiate my thirst for revenge. Or i'm just too much of a cruel bastard. "Said the figure, he continued to neutralize everyone while Lucy didn't utter a single word. How could she? She was just too shocked. Did they just win this battle for nothing.

'ARGHH!!If only this useless Salamander was there!!!' Thought the blonde woman, she looked at Gray who got up and rushed at the figure, using his last forces.


"Ice Maker: Sword!"

"Sword of the End" Said the figure lazily, his black sword literally disintegrating Gray's sword.

"*Yawn* I thought it would be funnier, maybe you'll become strong enough to entertain me........In a few centuries." The figure brought his sword down, slashing at Gray's shoulder as blood erupted.

"GRAY!!!" Lucy's scream was cut off by a strong hand that covered her mouth.

"Go to sleep quietly little fairy.........The demon require a little peace right now."

Her entire vision blackened until she losed conciousness. She could only lay on the ground, as the figure walked away.

"Now, i just need to talk to Mavis........With those dumbass away, i will replace them in helping the others against Acnologia. It's better if they're not here anyway, i don't really want Acnologia to see Irene's daughter."


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