Demon and Fairy
4 Dragon, Fairy, Demon and Immortal
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Demon and Fairy
Author :GenoGame
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4 Dragon, Fairy, Demon and Immortal

She was pretty certain that the situation couldn't get any worse. Oh, she wasn't stupid to think that Fairy Tail had won.

Two Immortals monsters were on this island. A dragon was coming to end all lives on the island, and she couldn't even help them.

The first master of Fairy Tail couldn't stop the tears that were falling from her eyes. Her eyes red and puffy while her lips quivered. She hadn't thought, even in her wildest dream, that she would ever see him again. The real salamander, the real demon.....The real monster that wasn't supposed to be awaken. She always felt bad for not helping him, but she knew how that would end, if she ever helped him he would sooner kill her than thank her.

But even with that. She was truly happy, yes he was a monster....Yes he was on the ennemy side, on Zeref's side, but he was still Natsu....Her best friend.

Even under all this maleficent energy, she knew his heart was aching for her. She couldn't even make excuses or lie, she simply loved him. More than she ever loved his older brother.....More than she loved anyone actually.


As if on cue Natsu appeared behind her, the lower half of his body enshrouded with a dark mist which killed everything that touched it. His eyes different from how they had been a few hours ago. Black changed into gold for the right one and purple for the left one. The upper half of his body was covered by a simple black tank top.

"Sorry for the dress, i created the first thing that came into my mind." Said the pink-haired man, an expression of pure boredom on his face. Mavis couldn't help but wince at that, she never wanted to see that expression on his face when he was looking at her.

"I-It's not a problem. Everything looks good on you!" Said the girl, well she wasn't exactly a girl but her body was damn misleading.

"Yeah, yeah. So.....Anything you want to say to me ? Something like 'Save them!' or ' Defend the island!'. I know you care for those fools, so you won't let me do whatever i want." Natsu looked at her with narrowed eyes, he just knew she was about to ask something ridiculous to him.

"P-Please.....I know they have been doing bad things, b-but...They're your-"

"Nope, don't even finish that sentence, you're wasting your time"

"........Atleast, make sure that they don't die against Acnologia. I can't guarantee that Fairy Sphere will totally work. With you, they won't be injured." Said Mavis, a few tears dropping on her cheeks as she said this. She just couldn't even convince him to do anything, she was so weak in front of him. He surprisingly never took advantage of that.

"You got yourself a deal. I was actually going to do that anyway. By the way....Your guild really became pitiful. You have a whore who cares only for her looks and men....A woman obsessed with a dude who literally tried to kill her........A dude who have some problems with manliness.....Another who want nothing more than to fuck all the women in the guild........And, let's just not talk about all the others, Fairy Tail dropped so low it's going to reach hell soon." With that, the demon came so close to her face she could've felt his hot breath if she had a body.

"I think you know what type of hell i'm talking about."

Natsu turned around and walked away, leaving the flustered and somewhat aroused first master of Fairy Tail behind. He walked back to where he left Zeref and saw that a member of Grimoire Heart was there too. It was the woman who was lying besides Hades on the ship, she looked to be in a bad state but Zeref was healing her.

"Bro, what are you doing ? I never took you for someone so gentle." Said Natsu as he sat besides Zeref and combined his Fire Dragon Slayer magic and his black magic, to create a black flame that danced in his palm.

"I'm not, but she's quite important. She has potential, plus she seems to be truly devoted to me and....You, for some reasons i can't explain, since she shouldn't be aware of your existence. By the way, why are you playing with your flames like that ? Contemplating what atrocities you can commit with it ?" Asked Zeref, he was actually wondering why Natsu was so mesmerized by the flames, which showed on his current expression.

"Huh? Oh, it's just that it feels weird to use them. The last time i used those flames, i was still a little boy, if you can say that."

"Well.....Honestly i can't say much. You have been everything in your life." Said Zeref, Natsu got up and the black mist that covered his lower half disappeared, revealing a white short, from which two golden chains were hanging.

"Yup, been everything...A dragon, a fairy, a demon.....And hopefully forever, an immortal."

"I will never understand you Natsu"

"You don't need to, maybe i'm just too weird. Maybe i'm just so indifferent that i don't care whether i outlive everyone around me, as long as i can see the future....The distant future looks unnaturally bright, if we can achieve victory" Said Natsu, he then left the cave, while Zeref watched him with a little smirk on his face.

"Victory ? From which side ?.......It doesn't matter, in the end you'll side with me, you can't reject family Natsu.....Atleast not your brother that gave you a second life. I just hope you won't have some weird ideas, like siding with a certain black dragon."


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