Distant Leaps to Circinus
3 2 Encounter with a distant star
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Distant Leaps to Circinus
Author :Khailz4
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3 2 Encounter with a distant star

Asterisks around a characters name, means that they are using a special form of communication in the story

An orange hue. Bright like an orange Cosmos flower and movement burdened by heavy wind, the eyes approach at a slow pace toward him. Zeais loosens his guard toward the slow approaching figure. He ponders over the possibility of it being an 'abnormal', but they would have attacked already if they were.

He raises his right hand into the air and motions them to stop. The eyes stop their movements and dim a bit, almost as if this person were squinting.

[Zeais: I guess they didn't even notice me out here? I know my eyes aren't all that bright, the wind and rain don't help either. If they're around my age they should know what this means though.]

Bringing his hand down to his right eye he makes a tube-like sign as if it were a telescope, and points his hand and thumb outward. There is a slow blink from their eyes and a quick flash of bright orange light emanates from the figure. Zeais looks directly at the lights and as if there was a person speaking inside his skull, he clearly hears the words of a girl,

[*Girl*: I didn't even notice you.....]

Wincing at the blunt response, he continues maintaining eye contact. The voice that wouldn't normally reach this far in the heavy rain continues.

[*Girl*: Are you abnormal?]

Zeais imposes the will of his words into form through his eyes and conveys his words.

[*Zeais*: No, they're gray, I don't have any cracks in them]

[*Girl*: Is that so... I suppose you just came from Don'te then if you're on this road."]

[*Zeais*: No, I only came from the forest near there.]

She blinks, from Zeais's perspective, her bright orange pupils tilt as if she thought about that statement.

[*Zeais*: I don't want to stay out here too long, I'm getting cold. Sorry for the sudden question though but do you have any herb wrap? I have a cut that could be infected.]

[*Girl*: Of course, I have enough to spare for someone with an injury. Anyone would carry some for a trip though, did you lose yours?]

[*Zeais*: I was out looking for herb and food but lost my roll in Don'te, I had to hurry and leave because the storm clouds were far away.]

[*Girl*: I see. I'll bring it to you then if you don't mind]

[*Zeais*: Of course not.]

She starts moving forward. Only around 100 meters away it wouldn't take any time at all for her to reach him.

The bright coloring and light in the eyes of the second and third generation, is clearly visible no matter the distance. As long as eye contact is met, the distinct shine is indistinguishable from any other glint or glare to them.

For Zeais to have seen her so clearly, she'd have to keep a direct line of sight on what's in front of her. Although the shine from children's eyes is a sign of eye contact, if one of the eyes is a closer shade of black, less light will be obvious to the person looking at them. The child Zeais is color blind and is nearsighted, even so, he can clearly see the eyes of others. Due to the nature of his special achromatic vision, with no other color to see, it's is easy for him to spot people or even animals with a false lights eye.

She begins to come into view for Zeais, not enough to make out a face but enough to see her figure. As she approaches, the silhouette of what looks like bulky clothing flaps in the wind, and her details fade in. Closer and closer, her eyes shine fiercely, focusing on moving through the intense winds. As if she walked through a bubble of fog, she comes into view.

Her vivid orange pupil looked deep and radiant to Zeais, he thinks they almost look like they're a reflection of the sun. Her dark hair cut short into a low wild bob, the ends of her hair a deep orange, appear to Zeais as a much lighter shade of black. Wearing an all-weather parka fleeced with fur on the hood and light wool pants with boots, she stops in front of him. Her hood wildly dancing in the wind, she speaks not with her mouth, but through will of word.

[*Girl*: Here.]

She holds the wrap out in front of her, its white cotton laced with healing herbs and bathed in light. Zeais accepts it from her gloved hand and looks into her eyes.

[*Zeais*: Thank you, this helps a lot.]

The girl furrows her brows as if he said something strange and slightly shakes her head.

[*Girl*: We take care of each other, only adults and the abnormal are not to be trusted.]

Starting a stride, she walks past Zeais and turns into a blurry silhouette from his near field of view, disappearing into the storm. Zeais stares into the direction of the gray abyss that she walked into.


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