HIATUS Travel with my phone
1 The begining
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HIATUS Travel with my phone
Author :mihaita98
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1 The begining

All of us have different problems in our lifes, and so does the our protagonist, Adrian.

You see, he has just arrived home from his last exam that coincidently he did not pass, and as he was about to play YouTube, his phone started going crazy.

As he only has one phone, he simply went to settings and gave him a factory reset, while he went to take a shower to cool of his head.

20 minutes later, after he left the shower, he was ready to reconfigure his phone from zero, but he was welcomed by his usual home screen.

There was only one single thing different: instead of the music widget, there was a start button.

Bored as he was, he did press the said start, and as if out of nothing, his entire room turned into a white room without anything inside of it.

There was only himself and the smartphone in his hand. Not even his cloths or something to cover himself remained in that vast room.

As you could have imagined, in theory, he should freak out of his pants and look around him for answers, but our protagonist was completely different. He was after all an Otaku obsessed with novels, anime, manga and everything in between.

He has turned actually very calmly to his phone, and asked an important question:

"What is your actual purpose for sealing me away in this white space? " he asked nobody, yet his phone at the same time.

[So the gods did indeed predict a cool headed person to posses this device. My name actually is by coincidence or not, Alexa. I know very well that there is a personal assistent by that name on Earth, but it's purely a coincidence. Returning to the main question, I am one of the ten billion godly assistents that would attach themselves to a person's personal device. That device must be either a phone with wide screen, a wearable or something personal. The purpose of my actions and my sisters' is to give the said person the possibility to accomplish his or her or it's dreams. In theory every said creature would have a set amount of points that could be used in that scope, but you are different. Your soul is producing an unlimited amount of points, so you received in a countermeasure three restrictions. The restrictions are as follows: you can't ask for strength, but can ask for skills, bloodlines and knolage, can't ask for a radical change of a world, or to change a person if that said person is stronger then you or is against the said change. You can say that they are practically wishes that can be fulfilled. An another thing: your phone was already modified while you were showering so it become indestructible, have unlimited battery and data at 9G speed. There is also a change in specifications, but that's not important for now. Any questions? ] asked the personal assistent on his phone while the 'start' button changed into a hollow like Cortana's from windows 10.

Adrian was listening quietly, as he did dream all day for something like that.

"So in theory, you could be regarded as my jade finger that can in theory accomplish all of my wishes? "

[If you look at it that way, then yes. But I'm not a jade finger, only a gold one, as I can only accompany you as long as you are alive. If you are killed, or lose your phone, the dial is off in the first situation, and suspended until you find your phone again]

'I did expect some kind of limitation, but I'm fine with this one. '

"Then there is an another question. What is the purpose for this in-mass Easter Egg? "

[Well spotted. The Above of All Bing is searching for a successor, and he created us to see what our soon to be hosts would do after obtaining us. Of course, he did gave all of you a small head start to do as you please in the first year, and he would only judge your behaviour after that time. In this one year, you can finnish your ordinary bussinessess, try your imagination out, and do as you may please. ]

"So I have one year of fooling around, after with everything I do will be known by the one above all? "


"By the way, why did you say 'soon to be hosts' before?"

[Because we must like any kind of artefact recognize the owner by something. Us systems will recognize our hosts based on the soul. As your soul is too weak, I can not receive a small part of your soul to seal the deal, so I can only be counted as your part-time assistent so to say, and not your full assistent. ]

"Then what should I do to make my soul stronger so you can recognize me as your host? "

[In short, become stronger!]

"How? "

[Is your head OK? I did say that basically I can make any wish come true by paying a certain amount of points, while you have almost unlimited points because your karma and soul purity is producing them too fast, no? That's also why you have the 3 restrictions mentioned above. ]

"It's not that I have problem with my head, but since you can't recognize me as your host because of my weak soul, I believed that you can't do your job until you could acknowledge me as your master, or host or whatever? "

[Good point. My only limitation is that you have to treat me as a normal phone until you are strong enough. When you are indeed strong enough, I could be stored inside your soul and also help you in auto-cultivation if you were to choose the cultivation path, or in energy control on the anime path. By the way, what path would you like to take to get stronger? ]

"What's your suggestion? "

[Universal path. In this path you can use a specific scripture to refine the body and soul and to increase your energy reserves at a steady peace, and you can also use the world's method to become stronger. Let me give an example: when you are going in Dragon Ball, I you can exercize your body and also increase your energy and refine the soul using the Martial arts path, in naruto the shinoby way, in Fairy tail, a mage's way, and so on. And it goes without saying that in a cultivation or Martial world, you can use that said path to become stronger, while not affecting your foundation. ]

"Then let us do it your way"

[Sure host. Would host like to change your constitution? Your current constitution is utterly trash after all. ]

"Good point. Give me the purest Saiyan bloodline while also keeping the human one as a bloodline, and give me the Otsutsuki bloodline for their eyes, but don't change my original apearance yet, as I still have bussinessess on Earth, and I'll feel uneasy to depart before finishing them. "

[That would be 45900 points. Are you sure? Y/N]

"If I have unlimited points, I then why are you asking me for confirmation? "

[That's the standard procedure. On the other hand, it's also a reminder that host did not request how fast the change to be or if you would like to not feel pain at all]

*While sweatdroping*

"You are right. Make sure to finish the changes in an hour and make sure I don't feel pain at all"

[Sure host! ] and with that, the phone's screen brightened up to unimaginable heights, after with Adrian was fully enveloped in that energy and he passed out still enveloped.


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