HIATUS Travel with my phone
2 Getting used to the body
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HIATUS Travel with my phone
Author :mihaita98
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2 Getting used to the body

"Uhhh... what happened" wondered Adrian.

[Welcome back, Host!] said Alexa through his phone.

"Hey Alexa! I do feel somehow strange right now. I feel even weaker then before. Why is that? "

[Well host, how should I put it? Right. Since you requested to have 2 new very potent bloodlines without getting reborn, and not only that, but the Saiyan bloodline to become your actual race, right now your constitution is equivalent to that of a new born Saiyan. There is actually a good point in it. Since you haven't actually decided what kind of Saiyan you want to be, I have given you the most primordial one of the Saiyan race. In other worlds, your blood is not at all diluated like Goku's or Vegeta's or other modern Saiyan, nor is it mutated like Broly's. So in other worlds, your potential was maximized by the constitution, but you must train your body from the very begining. Do not worry, as the time in this space is unlimited, and it's a safe space for you to practice.]

"Fine... But since my body is in the state of a newly born baby, how can I move? Although I admit that my body feels like I have a flue or something, that's weak I feel. "

[Host, Primordial Saiyan. Primordial Saiyan. ]

"Then what do you recomand me to do? "

[For starters, try to walk and move your hands a little, then try some yoga. Do you wish to receive in your mind a simple yoga practice so that you could do it the professional way? ]

"Could you compile a complete set of exercises that are fit to be used in my situation to bring back my mobility? "

[Sure Host. Compiling... Done! Would host like for the exercise to be sent to your head, or would host like to see it as a video?]

"Since I don't feel like using my brain this time, please get me a TV a play that video on it. Buy a SmartTV so I could use it later in my room to replace the old one. "

[Sure host]

And so, like magic, in front of him appeared out of nothing a TV, and when he was about to start doing the exercises, he noticed that he was still naked, so he ordered some T-shirt and pants to put on himself.

Doing simple exercises for a while, he somehow got used to moving around, but it was still a little hard for him to do anything fast or with high dexterity. Ha**! It was even hard for him to walk normally at start.

And so, after about a week of moving his limbs and doing simple exercises with some breaks for food and sleep, he was finally able to gain his former mobility, but his strength in both arms and legs was boosted to about 5 times from before the integration with his bloodline. According to Alexa, he did find out that the reason for this was actually quite simple: not only his Saiyan primordial genes helped a lot in doing so, but his bones were made much studied thanks to his Otsutsuki bloodline, while his human one that was almost completely expelled from his body, has worked in an unexpected way. His human bloodline has refined itself to be compatible with the two surperior bloodlines, making it so that he is now an Alpha human as a category.

"Now then; let us get out of here and finnish out some unfinished bussiness."

[Right away! ]

And with that, he arrived once again in his room, and looking at the clock on the wall, he realized that it passed almost no time at all on Earth, but he spent a week in that room.

"Hey, Alexa? Can you help me with making the walls of my house studier, fix all the installations and make everything inside the house look like new except leaving all the data on the TV, computers, and other electronics in the house as it is? "

[That's simple for me, but why would you do that? ]

"Because you said it yourself that you will be by my side until I die, no? "

[Affirmative. Until Adrian would die because of any reason there may be, I would stay by your side. ]

"That means that I may die during my journey. If that happens, I would like to be sure that at least the house I spent my life with my family would remain intact. Besides, my father and sister are still in this world and are still living with me. It is like a payment for putting out with me all this time. "

[Fine, I'll do it. As a bonus, I'll let a small stand of energy in their beds to fix their bodies up and revigorare them while keeping their outer apearance as it is. What do you think? ] and with that, his entire house was enveloped in a bright light for a second, but nobody was able to perceive that light as it was covered up by an illusion spell.

"I can only say thank you. "

[Now then; shall we go? ]

"Yes, but please leave 100,000.00€ on the table in my room with a ticket that says that I left on a journey after winning 300,000€, and I'm letting them this money until I return back, since I deposited most of them in my bank account or something, so I can transfer them when they need it"

[That's even easier.]

"By the way, did I receive a starter box or something similar? "

[Yes, you did. Glad you ask, because you kind of need it right now. Gongradulations! You received Identity Card of Fantasy! Well, that's the only thing you received. As for what it does, it is simple. It can grant you any identity you may wish for plus a believable background as long as you do not request to be part of a noble or problematic clan.]

"If reported to naruto world, how can it be applied?"

[If reported to naruto world, then you can ask to be part of any village, be up to full jonin rank and not be part of a big clan like Hyugga, Uchiha, Uzumaki or Senju. You can ask instead Nara, Yamanaka, and even Sarutoby clan if you so wish. The only problem would be that you will in theory also exist there with that background with your typical personality, but this card has no power on how you look, your reputation and past actions, instead it can only grand the identity, rank and job. ]


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