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HIATUS Travel with my phone
Author :mihaita98
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"If reported to a world like Dragon Ball? "

[Then it can create a background for you of your choosing, but then again, everything that your "past self" have done would be counted as your actions, so if you want to be counted as a Saiyan, it is recommended to be 3 years old when you go there, so you would not have a chance to create sins for yourself by being sent to a small planet and forced with the bad sins of being a killer. On the other hand, it can create a credible background for you in case Whis or Grand Prist or any other dirty would try to pray upon your past. ]

"If this card is so incredible but limited, then it is a one-time use item, or a permanent item? "

[A one-time use item. In every world you will have to do a certain quest to receive a card to be able to travel to your next world with an identity. That means that you can still travel to other worlds, but you will not get another card until you fulfill the said quest. The quest is hidden or visible for you depending on the world and the complexity of the original work. ]

"In other words, I can go and use the card and get an identity in dragon ball, but unless I complete a certain quest that can be a hidden one or main one, I can not get an another identity, but can still travel back on earth or ther worlds? "

[That would be correct]

"Then can you please give me the identity of a 2 weeks old baby Elite class Saiyan about 20 years before the destruction of Planet Vegeta? And use a wish to make me look like a baby version of Shallot from that mobile game please! "

[Are you sure of that? ]

"Why do you ask? "

[Because there are chances to receive an absurd quest to take down King Vegeta and Freeza with that gape in timeline and rule the entire race as the king. After all, your bloodline as a primordial Saiyan is way too talented and it can help you do something as big as that. After all, your bloodline is more ancient then the entire Dragon Ball realm, so the laws of that plane can only stimulate your bloodline, but not suppress it.]

"Suppress it? "

[The Ancient Saiyans are direct descendents from one of the 13 sons of the Primordial Dragon God, so they were born in a cultivation world were they could train in both body refining and cultivation realm. Because of that, only a very high plane should be able to suppress their bloodline. The Saiyans in the Dragon Ball are from a very distant branch family that have a very dilated bloodline. They escaped during a war of gods, dieties and mortals against demons from another high plane. After their escape, their bloodline was then modified by the laws of the world to change their path from cultivation to only Martial arts. That's why, your bloodline would be having an intense surpassing effect on the other saiyans. On the bright side, all the baby saiyans that would live in the same room as you, would suffer from an unlimited number of Zenkays every time you would cover that room with your aura. The interesting part would be that they would become your dependents if you are covering them with your aura at least one time every day. ]

"I would take my chances, but please make sure that I would grow up to look like Shallot, but make me handsome too. Can you make a plan for me on how to proceed in training to become very strong both fast and efficient by only using the Martial path and the powers that a normal Saiyan should have before that?"

[That's easy to do... I used all the books of martial arts that were publish in Asia as a reference in creating 95 billion versions of martial arts training that would be very good for your necessities. I recomand studying all of them during the 3 years in that recipient for baby care that the saiyans posses. It can help you in realizing some special moves and a personalized training regime. If you want help, you can simply text or draw on the screen the Martial art move or question that you may have. As a service for not being able to form yet a contract, I can turn invisible and intangible to everyone besides you, and be in the proximity of your right hand all the time. ]

"That's good than. Do your thing as we agreed!"

[Right away!]


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