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4 Arriving in Dragon Ball verse
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HIATUS Travel with my phone
Author :mihaita98
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4 Arriving in Dragon Ball verse

In the Omniverse, the big huge space with unlimited planes and dimensions, there is a small dimension that contains a 12 universes and a core. This dimension is of course the Dragon Ball verse. The twelve universes are actually 6 pairs of 2 universes. They are considered a pair because they are like two sides of the same coin, the only thing that stands out instead, is the little core in the center.

In that little core that's right in the center of the dimension, there exist a supreme entity that governs over creation, destruction and peace. That entity is called Zeno, 'The God of Everything'. Zeno, is an entity that can be considered the most cute creature of the entire dimension if you do not take into account his title and power.

He does have two bodyguards and a prime minister, that helps him in his duties over time. Thing is that he can erase an entire universe with a flick of his finger if he so wishes, but he would usually laze around or play.

Today should be an another boring day for him, but he sensed a huge change in the fate of his entire world, with the seventh universe at the very middle of it. After looking with intensity toward the said universe for a moment, he returned to his daily life as if nothing happen, but his attendants could feel his change in mood for the better, but they did not pray upon it for fear of pissing him off.


As you may have guessed, the said change of fate is related to the arrival of our protagonist in the seventh universe, on planet Vegeta, in the elite-class incubators area.

Inside the room were our protagonist arrived, there stood only 25 incubators, from with only 12 were occupied. In the inner most part of the room, on the panel of one incubator, there is inscribed the following line: {Shallot, 274 days old, 485 battle power}.

That's our protagonist as you may have guessed. Since arriving here, he entered a coma because of the memories imprinted inside his bloodline, something that even Alexa, his system, did not predict.

In this memories, there were saved all his 'ancestors' memories prior to the great battle between the two parties: cultivation, body tempering, inscriptions, formations, alchemy, forging and different offensive and defensive techniques besides the history of the clan and a few other information and secret arts.

He mastered all of this information thanks to a little something that his system has done to his perception and comprehension, because if not, he would need at least a billion years to be able to at least gain a superficial understanding regarding all that information, with a very high risk of frying up his brain.

Because he was able to master everything, this is the day of his awakening.

"What actually happened? Why did I receive that immense flux of information all of a sudden?"

[Sir, it is because you are around so many Sayians all of a sudden. Your bloodline entered in a state of resonance, and it now partially awakened. All this memories where locked up inside of it, and you can consider them as legacy memories from your ancestors. Even if they are not really yours, they become yours the moment the bloodline become yours and your fused with it. ]

"Then what do I get as a mission to go to the next verse? Just to know what to plan at least. "

[You got it easy, way too easy]

"What? "

[Your mission is to help his team win the 'Tournament of Power' with at least 3 other people from your team on the stage. As a penalty, you need to cross-over to the GT timeline since Uub would participate in his first tournament and stay there until all the evil dragons are killed. As a side note, because of your interesting bloodline, you have gained eternal youth and once you are 25, you will stop aging. You can only wish to be younger, but not older then 25.]

"Well, I think in think I should thank you. I always was afraid of aging. On a side note, are there any other missions that I should do? "

[What's the point in doing so? You can technically wish for almost anything from me, so the only thing I can use as a reward is that card. Since the card was already set in stone as a reward for helping out in that tournament, I have nothing else to offer. Or do you actually wish to receive pointless missions just for fun? ]

"Since its pointless, then let's just ignore them, but I still need some time to comprehend all of this informations. I do not think that I would need the compiled list of martial arts and body tempering technique since I received techniques that are fit for my constitution, but can you store all of them for later use? On a side note, please help me adapt this body tempering and energy exercise called 'Primordial Dragon Body formation'. It has 9 stages that once completed, even the primordial laws of creation and destruction will not be able to affect me, and would also refine my entire energy in origin energy. Even if i am able to understand it about 90%, I still fear that I may do it wrong in the first tries, and I'm very much afraid of a qi deviation that may appear. "

[I'm not sure if it's from your own greed and confidence or is the Saiyan bloodline that is influencing you, but as a beginner in everything you sure have a big appetite. The technique that you mentioned is indeed the more feet for your necessities, so I will turn on the automatic cultivation in slow mode so your body get used to it. I need to tell you something: this module of auto-cultivation is available for you, but I only recomand to do it when you are not fighting or concentrating on something, or else, it may distract you a little. I'll replace your Wi-Fi icon in notification center with auto-cultivation. Do you like it? ]

Indeed, the next second, his Wi-Fi icon was replaced with an ying-yang module, and as for description, it says 'OFF'. Out of curiosity, he did press it, and instead of a list of Wi-Fi networks available, it showed only 'Primordial Dragon Body formation' with an on/off doodle on the right.

After pressing it, the doodle turned to on, and he began to feel his body hitting up with his internal energy circulating in a familiar pattern that was described in his memories.

"This is so cool! Thank you system! "

[You are welcome! ]


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