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Author :mihaita98
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"Hmmm... Alexa?"

[What is it?]

"Didn't you say that you can only activate this function when my soul will be strong enough to create a master-artefact relationship?"

[Yes, I did. ]

"Then when have we made the contract? And when has my soul become strong enough? "

[I did it after you woke up, as for when your soul become so strong, it was during this time when you were in that coma. Dreams like that are actually very beneficial for people, as the soul will be strengthened and nourished by the bloodline, while the dream like state will impart the knowledge stored inside the bloodline. In short, this kind of memory awakening from inside a bloodline are very beneficial for the soul, but taxing for the body. The Saiyan body poses a perk called "Zenkai", so this kind of situation will help also give you a boost in strength. ]

"Then what do you recomand for me to do, as I am kind of lost. "

[I can only recomand to sleep until the end of the 3 years. There is nothing that I could recomand for you to do, only for you to stop the auto-cultivation from time to time to let your body relax and adapt to its new strength. ]

"Then can you program the auto-cultivation system to work by a schedule? "

[I could do it if you wish, but you will hate it]

"Why would I hate it? "

[Because the auto-cultivation under a strict schedule is set to cultivate only in hell mode. You are barely used to your current body. If I were to go in hellish mode, you will suffer too much. There is no way around this setup. Even if the result would be extraordinary, the pain that your body and soul will go through are very high]

"Can you use pain killers then? "

[Only pain killers that would actually kill an elephant are strong enough to work in this case ]

"Then what would be the side effects?"

[You will be in a coma for the rest of the incubation and unable to do anything. You don't have to worry for your aura, as I'm am already controling it to only show a normal growing rate for an elite Saiyan. ]

"Then go ahead and start the hellish mode under painkiller, and if something happens, please stop the process and wake me up"

[Sure host! ]


And so, after more then 2 years, it was finally the time he was programmed to exit his incubator.

"Morning... Where am I? "

[Still in your incubator ]

"Incubator?... Oh, yea! I remember now. So I got the system that can fulfil any wish, then I completely changed my entire race to that of a primordial Saiyan, trained a little to gain my mobility, and after making a few wishes back on earth, I was transported to the Dragon Ball world in the Super timeline that contains the original and Z as history, but does not contain anything non-canon. Speaking of non-cannon, is Broly actually canon in Super, or not?"

[It is cannon. Because of that, you can enterfere with his sad story, but it is up to you. ]

"I'm very conflicted now, as I would like to give him a better life, but only that kind of hellish life would shape him up to the character he has become. I think that I would assist him in controlling his transformation the moment after his fight on Earth if it would happen. Or should I make it happen? Should I change the story in its entirety or should I let it flow and become a side character like 17 in Super? So manny questions... I did not actually take over any of the character's role, so I don't actually have an actual plan of what to do in this world. By the way System, do I get anything for achievements? "

[If you are thinking of saving people and solving some conflicts and so on, in theory no. On the other hand, you will get only good or bad karma, but the effect of karma may or may not stack up on you after you exit this world, so it is up to you if you want to change the history of this world or not. One thing that you should know is that no matter what you do, the Tournament of Power at the end of Super must happen no matter what, or else you can not receive that ticket, and you may be forced to wait until some event created for plot convince for you would happen so you can get that card. ]

"Well, right now I look like a 6 years old kid even though I am 3, so let us for plot convenience wish for a clone technique to replace me while my true self shall go to Earth to Kami and learn the Martial arts of this world, human edition. What do you think? "

[I don't mind, especially since it sounds like a plan. As for your journey after going there, let it be up to fate]

"So, transfer me a clone technique that would create a clone out of pure ki and a drop of blood that would have about 10% of my strength, and unable to dispel itself even if it's killed, but I would need to absorb it inside my body instead of simply dispelling it to get it's memories. "

[Certenly. Let me first simulate a technique that would work with your new ki. By the way, it already got the properties of both inner ki and outer qi, so pay attention to your energy. As a small bonus, your energy can be used now to empower techniques from Naruto that do not have Yin release, as your energy doesn't yet contains the properties of the soul or demonic.]

"So, will you create a cultivation style clone technique for me then? "

[Yes and no, as such techniques requires Divine Sense, a sense that you would acquire only after you complete the first stage of your chosen scripture. What I would create is a clone that would posses your ki and ki signature while it will be as strong as the showed battle power on that sensor over there. I would pilot your clone to move and react like a normal 3 years old child, while making sure it does not disintegrate by any kind of attack. Do you agree with this arrangement? ]

"Well, go ahead and do your thing. I'm quite happy that I do not need to pay attention to the clone, but make sure not to kill the innocent to accumulate sins. Even if the sins of my clone shouldn't technically transfer to me, I am against killing in general if it involves the innocent, but I think I would dirty my hands to kill the villains. "

[Sure think host. Creating...


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