Hacker System
26 Completely Exposed!
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Hacker System
Author :GamerJeffreyYT
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26 Completely Exposed!

Ting had lots of information stored in a file on his computer. Mainly of which was related to his ongoing assignment. He then exited his space and enter his old apartment's room.

But before he left, he checked his information one last time. After a while, when he felt like he knew the data like the back of his head, he entered his wardrobe and started fitting himself with dark clothing.

He checked the time and realized it was getting dark soon so he decided to wear normal attire on top of his black clothes to make himself stand out less in public.

He did not want to seem suspicious or anything from the pedestrians. Otherwise, if they do indeed suspect him of something then they might call the men in blue.

He didn't want to go through that unnecessary process.

Therefore, after wearing a white jacket over the top of his black clothes, he finally made his way out of his old and dusty apartment.
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Making his way to the stairwell and then down to the first floor. Then he stepped outside, it was his first time outside in a while and he felt really warm.

Having stepped outside he took a deep breath. He felt really calm considering what he was going to do.

After waving a taxi down, he told the driver an address close to the research center.

After he arrived at the specified place. Which appeared to actually a slum, part of the city where there is more crime and usually the extremely poor people live.

This was actually apart of why he had chosen this place to get off from. However, he noticed that there were a couple of eyes trained on him.

Since Ting had some training, he noticed those stares. Well, that was to be expected. Someone who could afford to take a taxi wouldn't be living in the slums after all and thus some people came to rob him. He ain't gonna let them since he's going to do a mission he'll just shake them off.

Therefore, he walked neither slow nor fast quickly to an empty dark alley. Once Ting entered the alley, he quickly took off his clothes...

He was now completely nake-... CENSORED


Sorry to disappoint, but, Ting was now wearing his jet black clothes, it was only a few moments that he took his normal clothes off and so after he took them off he threw them into a dumpster nearby by opening the lid and quickly dumping them in.

Afterwards, he quickly sped off to get away from the few people who had their eyes on him before he entered the alley.

Further going in the alley the alleys had a split and he quickly took the path that he had carefully crafted. He stealthily ran into the left path, the one which led towards the Research facility.


A few moments ago before Ting went on his way to the Kleins Research Facility...

"Zzzzz" ...

"ZZZZZzzZZ" *snore/sleeping noises*

Clang... the dumpster lid slowly opened. Some objects were thrown in, and the cover was quickly closed again.

The objects had fallen on a dirty old man's face blocking his airway he quickly felt suffocated and woken up.

What he found was quite some good quality clothing.

"What the, thank the heavens!" The old man with dishevelled dark black hair said. "The gods must have finally awoken from their slumber and blessed us once more."

He continued while getting out slowly from the dumpster which could fit quite a few refrigerators, "The gods will punish those damned corrupt officials who put me in this mess." He prophesized. He quickly switched out of his dirty old rags into his brand "new" clothing.

When he was still in his own world in which he was thinking about how God will punish the evil, he was approached by the people who had their eyes on Ting when he exited the Taxi.

Three men and one woman quickly appeared, they were dressed in dirty old clothes and they looked quite aggressive. It appeared that these people were not novices.

"Hey, he is mine I saw him first" The woman who appeared to be in her mid 40's quickly claimed.

"No, I saw him first and was the first here." One of the men said.

It was quite obvious now that they weren't working together. It was quite usual for people to get robbed in the slums since it was quite lawless.

The woman was first to run towards the man from the dumpster who was still in a daze. He quickly got stripped before he was able to scream.

When the man's brain regained functionality again, he quickly screamed in a high pitch scream one that one normally wouldn't find when even a boy who was in the choir who can also sing in a high pitch.

When he stopped screaming, he quickly tried to get his clothes back but was unable to as the woman ran away as soon as she took the clothes.

The men who came with her quickly chased after her. They wanted to get the man's clothes and his things. When they saw that the dumpster dude had nothing left of value on him they couldn't help let out a click with their tongues.

"It's your fault for coming to the slums, you were just handing yourselves to get robbed."

After saying that the 4 men who quickly made haste deeper into the alley that the woman ran in.

However, what they wouldn't know was that the man who the woman made nude like when a baby comes to this world wasn't the same person who they were following. It was just that it was quite dark and hard to see in the alleyway since there weren't many light poles in the slums and was nearly dark all the time during the night.

The dumpster man quickly looked at the men's chasing backs as they ran. He quickly opened up the dumpster and put on his old ragged clothes and went back to sleep mumbling how that God was forced back to sleep by some devil...


Ting was now outside the research facility, the building was split into a couple of zones. One zone was the loading zone for the materials that are shipping there. Another was the Offices where the higher-ranked were situated. And there was a zone for meetings and recreation.

Ting's plan was to infiltrate using the cover of when the goods that are shipped here to sneak in when no one was looking. Of course, there are many cameras recording all the time but, for Ting, since he is close to this place he will just hack into the security system where the recordings of the cameras are.

He went into a blind spot and entered his pocket world. He found out that even though he is not in his apartment. His computer still picked up signals from where he was standing in the real world.

Thus, he was able to hack into wifi, he opened up the hacking tool he had created in his spare time, which will detect wifi signals that were hidden. Thus when he ran his program, it detected a wifi signal that was hidden separate from those towers which give mobile phone data/wifi by sending low-frequency signals through the air.

He quickly tried to break the password using the brute-force method. Because his computer is quite good and above the current real-world computers in performance and calculation speed. He left an alarm to wake him up when the program cracks the wifi password and then taken a mental note of when the shipment will arrive and that will be his time to quietly infiltrate.

After creating the alarm, he quickly went into the hallway and found the entrance to his room and jumped straight into his soft bed and went to sleep. Only time will tell when he is able to finish this mission.


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