I am Wolverine in AOT
1 The Gods
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I am Wolverine in AOT
Author :Electez
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1 The Gods

A strange scene was occuring in the higher planes where God's existed, right now 5 of the stronges and oldest Gods were siting on their thrones and in front of them was a lone soul

The one in the black kimono attire, with black hair and eyes siting on the black throne semingly surrounded by black mist at the far left side was Death, the one next to him was dressed in a light yellow dress showing off her fabulous body, letting her blond, long hair flow behind her she was sitting on a golden throne with the inscriptions of the Sun and light seemingly radiated feom her she was Light, in the center was a red haired man with a black buisness suit and red tie, his throne was bright red without any inscriptions he was Chaos, on the far right we have a brunete woman with a bit of meat on dem bones unlike Light but still having an amazing body she was wearing white priest robes and was siting on a white throne which is surrounded and entangeled in green vines she was Life and lastly the man next to her was wearing black ninja like apparel it looked quite funny seeing a ninja siting on top of a throne but he had a very scary throne it was pitch black with tentecales coming out of it he was Darkness and all of these figures were staring at a single pitifull soul very nerveracking don'tyou agree

"Welcome young one we are the 5 Gods of the universe now you may be wondering why you are here well we have been very bored for the past few millenias so we have decided to send you to a kill or be killed world with minor wishes granted" Chaos was the one whom spoke first and his voice seemed majestic but the tone or pitch can't be determined at any point after him Life followed

"I will be granting you the life in that world so you won't get a wish from me but from brother Death you will be granted a wish that will bring death to your opponents, from Darkness something that will shroud your opponents in darkness and despair, from Light something that will make you a light in the eyes of your allies while blinding your opponents and finally from Chaos you will gain something that will create chaos in the mortal world now state your wishes" Life had a cind voice full of love and conpasion but that didn't help the soul at all after all she was doing this for her own amusement

The soul was pissing it's nonexistant panties right now after all he was only a 32 year old good for nothing NEET with the name of Ryuu whom died when he was comiting suecide he jumped off a building and landed on the street but he was still alive barely and painfully but alive untill the mercifull Truck-dono ran him over ending his misery but as an experianced NEET he knew he had to milk this for sll it has got but before he could speak Death interupted him

"Becouse we don't want you to be too strong right of the bat after all this is our entertainmet we will set limitations first I will grant you only something that will bring death in a phisicall form, Chaos will only give you something for your metal form and Darkness will only give you something that will bind to the wish you got from me and before you say it no you can't wish to be a saiyan nor kriptonian nor Escsnors power nor anything similar and Light won't grant you a wish" Death's voice was rough sounding like a man on his death bed and it would give anybody the creeps

Ryuu even thou he heard the voice had no time to think about it after all he had wishes to choose and after a considerable amount of time he chose which powers he will chose

"Death I wish for Logan's abilities, Darkness I wish for the adamatium skeleton Logan had but make it non ferromagnetic I don't want to be like him in the world I am going to go into, Chaos I wish for a system and lastly Light why won't you grant me a wish?" Ryuu stated his wishes and the God's were satisfied with them but Ryuu was a little pissed that Light won't grant him a wish for no reason at all

"Don't worry my child I already gave you a Light so you can't chose another one and before sister Life forgets tell us how you want to look like as it is an aded bonus for you" Light's voice was high piched and had a very holy feeling to it but that still didn't stop Ryuu from ragigng about his lost wish before he calms down and picks whom to look like which is an important decision after all looks are needed for wooing girls which he intends to do

"I wish to look like Dante from the video game Devil may cry" It's Dante that is all that is neded to say for why he chose to look like him becouse it is simply Dante a badass, handsome character

"Your wishes have been granted farewell and I do hope you entertain us" So Ryuu dissapeared from the watchfull eyes of the Gods but he will be cursing them once he realyzes the world they sent him into but even with those setbacks in the future this day shall be known as the day a legend began


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