I am Wolverine in AOT
2 Meeting Eren and Armin
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I am Wolverine in AOT
Author :Electez
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2 Meeting Eren and Armin

On a bright sunny day in a secluded street of Wall Maria in the Shiganshina district out of nowhere a boy seemingly 7 years of age appears which would usually stun people but for some odd reason there was no one in that street at that exact moment

The boy has snow white short hair and a cute face that is starting to show it's future handsomnes but with him being dirty and wearing a stained greenish brown cloak he looked like an exiled prince turned beggar but the boy himself didn't seem to mind

[Hello host I am your personal Chaos Sugestive System given to you by Chaos himself I am here becouse you wished for it and you can call me CSS for short] A voice rang out in the boy's head it was nether a cold nor warm voice neither was it male nor female it seemed organic yet not at the same time yes inded that boy is Ryuu our MC and right now he figured out that this must be the system he wished for

(Hello system I am Ryuu call me W and from now on you are called M so system what can you do and where am I?) Ryuu got right down to buisness first he established the system's name becouse calling it CSS is too long in his opinion the same goes with his name so he called the system M and himself W next he has to establish it's functions and the world he is in right now

[Affirmative from now on my name is M while yours is W and from your memory, the last of God's interaction with me and your current circumstances you are in the world you call Attack on titan in the year 842 puting you in Eren's age group as the Gods made you 7 years old as for what I can do I have 3 functuons 1. Status it shows your perameters, abilitys, enhancments and so on do note that skills and your personal health are not shown 2. Quest is a function which gives out missions for you to fulfill and the steps neded to fulfill the quest, the quest has a lot of variables there are timed ones, ones with punishment, ones without punishmet, ones with great rewards, ones with worse rewards... there are a lot of possebilities and finally 3. I give you sugestions, a second mind so to say to ponder over the same things or information you have missed/deem not important is colected by me and then you get the finished result like right now when I told you the world, year and placement] The system continued with it's nonorganic yet organic voice but the informational shock Ryuu got was too much and he almost passed out luckely only his knees buckeled a bit and he got lightheaded

Ryuu had to arrange his thoughts and what he learned first he knows he was put in a world worse than just kill or be killed like the God's told him no it isn't simply kill or be killed he is in the motherload of shit right now

Even thou he loves Attack on titan he definitely wouldn't want to be in the world of Attack on titan if it's a kill or be killed world he would rather go to Gantz than Attack on titan or The hunger games or The last of us or anything besides Attack on titan

Second the system doesn't have a cheaty shop function which he can only lamet and remind himself of his stupidity but as nothing can be changed he has to live with it

But even with all these downsides the third information is arguabely no it is definitely the best

Thirdly Eren hasn't yet saved Mikasa and the wall break won't happen for another 3 years giving him enought time to do 2 things first get the best girl Mikasa and secondly get strong like super strong

After sorting out his thoughts the headache dissapears and Ryuu exits the street walking around the district drawing everyones atention as having white hair and cute face is rarely seen in this part of the wall yet what atracted the most atantion was that Ryuu was cute and unique but he was dressed in rags prompting a lot of questions to be raised by a lot of strangers

As he was walking around Ryuu laid his eyes on a familiar scene from the anime and it was something that brought a smile to his face becouse he just found his ticket to Mikasa

What was happening was pretty standard 4 boy's were surrounding another boy and beating him up but what got Ryuu's atention was not the scene but the boy bullied

The boy was laying in a shirmp position with his hands covering his head while the other boy's were kicking him everywhere in the gut, in the head, his arms or legs but all of this wasn't relevant or important what was relevant and even more so important is the fact that the bullied boy has blond hair reaching to about his shoulders and a body more petite and cute looking that a girl's that was of course Armin

Seeing Armin in this situation Ryuu knew what he had to do the right thing of course is what he is gonna say the real reason is so that he can get close to Eren and later Misaka

"Hey what are you doing?!" While the boy's were having fun beating up Armin Ryuu screamed and charged at them before jumping menwhile the fattest of kids was turning around to face him but once he did so he ate a flying knee to the nose and jaw promting his face to produce some eeri cracking noises

Seeing their friend drop the other kids didn't react untill Ryuu punched another on in the gut and kicking the one opposite of Ryuu in the chest leaving only one remaining

The last boy was trembeling almost pissing his pants from Ryuu so he did what anybody would in his situation he ran away I mean tried at least but Ryuu wouldn't let him

Grabing him by the collar of his shirt Ryuu delivered 2 swift punches into the boy's head making cracking noises with every hit before it turned all quiet

Armin was trembeling the whole time but noticing that he wasn't being beat up any more and the silence he opened his eyes and got up only to be shocked by what he saw

The boy's which bullied him just a few moments ago were now liying in puddels of their own blood with their faces disfigured in agony or becouse their facial bones are broken no one knows then Armin looked up only to see the most beutifull yet horofiying scene he will ever see

There he was a boy of pure white skin which would make even the nobelest of women envious maching his pure white hair dressed in nothing but a rag with 3 boy's at his feet and the fourth one in his left hand blood driping down his face and fist soaking his rag and some blood got on his hair staining it's pure whitenes with a crimson red colour

If it was anybody else that would look horofying just the image would make somebody shiver yet when this boy in front of Armin did it he looked like a Bloody angel came down to earth beutifull yet frightening prompting Armin to blush

(Sooo cute!) Seeing Armin blush sent Ryuu into cuteness overdrive making him lamet the fate of this world and cursing the God's for making Armin a boy and not a girl

"I-I-eem ehem t-t-thank you for saving me from the bullys" Mustering up the little curage he has Armin finally spoke breaking Ryuu out of his overdose of cuteness then looking around himself he noticed how badly he wounded the children and that was the moment he remembered his adamantium skeleton before he looked back at Armin

"Yea uh no pro-" Even with the little hick up of hiting the children too hard everything went according to keikaku for Ryuu untill a particular suicidal knuckelhead arrived and interupted Ryuu

"You bastard stop bulliying Armin!" Yelled out Eren with a voice full of fright and concern for his friend before charging at Ryuu

Let's rewind time a bit and change to what has been going on with Eren

Yesterday Eren and Armin had decided to meet up and play together but when Eren arrived Armin was nowhere to be seen

Being afraid that his friend will be bullied again Eren looked everywhere for Armin untill he spoted Armin but the scene he was in wasn't pleasant in the least

In front of Armin was a boy seemingly their age holding one of Armins bullies by the collar while the other ones are bleeding out on the floor that is when the boy looked around himself

Eren thought that he was looking for more people to beat up when the boy's gaze landed on Armin Eren was afraid he is going to beat him up Armin so like any good friend he wanted to protect Armin leading to this situation

Before Armin could react and clear up the misunderstanding Eren was already in front of Ryuu whom just lightly punched him in the forhead knocking him unconcious

"Don't worry he is just unconcious take him with you I will be going now it seems I am not really welcome" Ryuu wanted to be the cool guy like all other people so he threw Eren into Armins hands before dissapearing into the crowd while Armin was just left there looking into the direction his saviour dissapeared

A few moments later Armin snaped out of it and draged an unconcious Eren back to Grisha and Carla Yeager his father and mother whom laid them both in bed even with Armin protesting against it and claiming that he was fine they still wouldn't let him out of bed

Later they asked Armin what happened and when he explained about Ryuu saving him while later a misunderstanding occured that made Eren attack him which brought on the current situation

Grisha and Carla were displeased with their son's behaviour and when Eren woke up they sternly reprimanded him and tried to force him to go out and search for Ryuu tomorow so that he can apologise to him which he refused but after he heard what happend from Armin he imediately agreed and later that day Armin left for his house determined to find and apologise to his mysterious saviour tomorow

But what they didn't know that on the other end Ryuu was suffering and if they wanted to apologise they could buy him food or give him a place to live

Let's rewind time to the time when Ryuu left Eren and Armin

Leaving an unconcious Eren and stunned Armin Ryuu felt satisfied but that satisfaction was quickly overriden by the feeling of hunger

Walking around a little more Ryuu found stalls with people selling food at them but he also noticed something he may have overlooked becouse of all the excitement and headaches

He is penniless and homless meaning no food, no shelter, no warmth which made him think about how he is going to survive and after sesrching for an idea of how to survive he came to a conclusion so he started to stumble into the stalls with food

Yes the way Ryuu will survive is by stealing and once he was done it was already night so he climbed to the rooftop of a building and moments later thuds could be heard beneath him

At the floor were all cinds of fruit but no fish, vegetables nor meat as he can't cook or start a fire really so stealing fruits was the best option

Eating some banans, appels, oranges and other fruit Ryuu finally felt satisfied when he went thru a third of his stolen goods so with a full stomach Ryuu fell asleep under the starry sky

Ryuu slept for a very long time from sundown to noon actually which expreses how mentaly exausted he truly was but another day comes with another duty so he woke up

Hopping off the roof Ryuu looks around the streets watching what he can steal but before he could even begin to steal the loud rumbeling of his emty stomach would probably alert his targets or sap out all the concentration Ryuu had

Just when Ryuu was about to return to his rooftop he saw Armin and Eren waving their hands while shouting something

Ryuu saw them and he also saw their expresions meaning only one thing they wanted to apologise and for Ryuu that was perfect since everybody knows that when apologising you have to buy food to the one you are aplogising to right?


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