I am Wolverine in AOT
3 Everything is solvable with violence
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I am Wolverine in AOT
Author :Electez
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3 Everything is solvable with violence

"Oh it's you guys" Seeing Armin and Eren closing in on him Ryuu talked to them first and began to put his plan into motion

"Um um ah yes I am here to thank you for saving me yesterday and for him to apologize" Armin spoke up first he was stuttering a bit at the beginning but regained his calm very soon so after finishing his speech he poked his elbow into Eren's ribs

"I am very sorry for trying to attack you!" Eren flinched a bit from his friend's poke but as the honest boy he is he apologized with a straight face

"Oh it's no problem but I don't accept your apology" Playing it smart Ryuu decides to brighten up the mood, tease them and get his hands on some delicious food

Eren and Armin had mouths wide agape as they couldn't imagine him refusing so while Armin was feeling sad because he thinks that they were too late or he is somebody that holds grudges while Eren was ae pissed he thought the boy was too arrogant for his own good and had the thought to try beating him up

"Now before you ask me why I refused it is simple you didn't apologise properly" Now Armin and Eren were confused they would understand if he said that they don't deserve forgiveness or something similar but how can they screw up something as simple as apologizing or rather what is a true apology to the boy in front of them

"Everyone knows that if you want to apologize to somebody you have to buy him food!" Ryuu's face and voice was stern meaning that he was completely serious and seeing that Eren and Armin couldn't hold it so they fell down laughing

"What's so funny?" Ryuu probably knew why they were laughing but he had to ask for the sake of appearance if not he wouldn't get any food

"We thought that you were arrogant not to accept my apology but who would have thought that you had such a reason" Eren answered truthfully to which Armin just frowned a bit making him appear cute

"What arrogant it is us who are in the wrong how can he be arrogant besides how can you be so rude" Armin surprisingly spoke his mind and reprimanded Eren but Ryuu didn't really care as in his opinion Armin should get a bit more ballsy

"Well let's just go and eat" Ryuu didn't care for their outburst or arguing they would all be great friends soon enough

As Eren was about to argue with Armin and Armin was about to argue with Eren they heard Ryuu's voice so they turned around a little embarrassed at their outbursts

"Sure but my mother hasn't prepared food yet so you have to wait a while" Obviously Eren said that and so it was agreed that Eren, Ryuu, and Armin are going to eat at Eren's place

They played around for a couple of hours where Ryuu, Eren and Armin got to know each other better well Ryuu mostly grew close to them and learned a couple of things about the world from them as for Armin and Eren they didn't find out much about Ryuu as he didn't talk about his parents, world, past or anything that had to do with him besides his name

Once they finished playing they came to Eren's house where Ryuu met the doctor father and housewife mother of Eren and they are very nice people whom warmly accepted Ryuu

They all got along pretty well and Ryuu was a good child at least in their eyes so they also treated him nicely also he was getting along with their son and their son's friend which pleased them very much making them even nicer to him

As evening came Armin and Ryuu left from Eren's house but Ryuu didn't arrive on to his rooftop until it was night because he got lost and could only find his way back thanks to M who proved his usefulness as a GPS

Arriving at his rooftop Ryuu put the fruits on one side while he lied down on another but he didn't go to sleep just yet as he was thinking about the future events while gazing at the starry sky

As he began thinking he realized that the ones holding true power will not be the titan form bearers such as Eren but the government

For the government Ryuu didn't have to think much first they can't harm him because all they have are swords and pistols which Ryuu can regenerate from the real problem are the titan form bearers

The titan form bearers all have powerful ability's which could be a problem for Ryuu as the government can't harm him but if he got into a brawl with let's say the Colossal Titan it could keep him at bay with its high powered steam it wouldn't do permanent damage to Ryuu but it could still do something and that is just 1 titan imagine all 9 of them attack him at once

It is actually quite the twist the government can't threaten Ryuu but they will control the titan form beares which can threaten Ryuu

At that point, Ryuu finally realized in how big of a shitty and messy world he was actually thrown into by the god's

He has a system but it can't power him up well it can but who knows when a quest will arrive so his only option is training at which point Ryuu remembered something he can only facepalm about

(M show me the status) Ryuu felt idiotic for not checking this out beforehand but now that he remembers he felt excited to see his status

[Heh took you long enough to remember it, oh and the numbers next to your ones are the parameters of a standard healthy adult male in his 20-es

Name: Ryuu

Str:1.4 {1.1}

Agi:1.5 {0.9}

End:1.8 {1.2}

Int:1.8 {1.0}

Wis:1.7 {1.0}


Metal skeleton- A skeletal structure made out of metal

Claws- Claws coming out of the space in between the knuckles

Regeneration- A passive ability which makes the user's body be able to regenerate from almost any injury (Depends on the speed of the regeneration and its proficiency)

Sharp senses- Your senses are greatly enhanced compared to the common human] M's voice rang out and at first it seemed annoyed but it was probably Ryuu's imagination

(That is vague? I guess this is all standard MMO stuff like Strenght is how hard I punch, Agility how fast I am, how much I can stretch, my reflexes and hand-eye coordination, Endurance is probably how much punishment I can take, Intelligence how smart I am and Wisdom how I apply my knowledge) Id everything is as Ryuu imagined then he is quite strong if not then he is still quite strong so it doesn't matter to Ryuu but he is after all curious

[Yes] The voice of the system rang out again the same as before just that this time there are no remarks or insults in it

(Well those are quite the powers however I still have to train but overall it is all right from the stats it is obvious that I am better than normal human's as for the ability to shorten them so that only the name stands without the explanation unless there is a new ability) If the explanations were permanent then Ryuu would have a problem as they take up too much space so if he had let's say 10 abilities it would be quite annoying

[Ay, ay boss] Something may not be known about M is that it is semi-sentient meaning that it can sometimes give remarks, have its own opinion and so on which Ryuu doesn't mind

(For now I will sleep M wake me up at 6 AM tomorrow I need to search for an abandoned place to live at and train) There wasn't much to think about after all Ryuu had to train for the future as well as have a temporary place to live if-if not he will die soon like very soon

Ryuu soon fell soundly asleep but unlike yesterday he didn't sleep till noon but was woken up by M constant yelling in 6 AM

[Wake up W! Wake up you idiot] Yet another example of M being semi-sentient is how it insults Ryuu it's owner and host sometimes

(I'm up! I'm up! Geeze you don't have to insult me to wake me up) Ryuu woke up with his eyelids still being heavy and body mellow like a marshmallow but he had to endure this torture for a better future

Why? Simple if Ryuu went out and searched for a place to live in the noon or evening he would be pretty eye-catching to the people, if he went at night he couldn't see anything so he chose morning a time people are doing 1 of 3 things they are either sleeping or preparing to go to work or already working so it is an ideal time for Ryuu to go scouting for a place to live at

Getting up Ryuu eats some of the leftover fruits and does a couple of stretches before he started running on rooftops in search of a house to live in

Ryuu searched for hours and still couldn't find anything or rather there either are no abandoned houses or if there are some homeless people made it their home which made it pretty inconvenient for Ryuu

As people started to wake up the district became more and more active much to the dismay of a certain white-haired boy sitting on a rooftop that no one noticed

(Haa this is hard M have you picked up any information) Ryuu asked M as he knew the usefulness of the system he may as well use it so he mingled with the crowd a few times to get as much information as he can

[There isn't much but there are 3 things I picked up 1. The granny from the stalls the one which sells wooden objects has lowered her prices 2. The Survey Corp's expedition was a failure but the last one will interest you 3. There has been a family that moved up the social latter so they abandoned their home somewhere in the west of Shiganshina district besides that I only have bits of information on other stuff]

(He he now that last one is interesting, the first one is well it is unneeded while the 2. one is nothing unexpected the Survey Corp are trash before the titan outbreak) Seeing the stuff M told him Ryuu gets up and goes to the west side of the Shiganshina district with an excited face but he still wasn't too hopeful

After a while Ryuu found the house not like it was hard to miss at it was on the verge of being a mansion while all the other houses in the near vicinity were normal

It is a big house more than enough for 50 to 80 people it depicts the perfect situation of a family on the verge of entering a higher social class but still not being quite there yet

Ryuu moved the board's that were blocking the entrance and moved inside the house which he found very nice with many decorations on the walls, 80 guest or worker's rooms, 3 master bedrooms, 5 bathrooms...

There wasn't much furniture but Ryuu didn't mind he immediately proclaimed it as his home and went back to his previous home the rooftop picking up the fruit and went back to his current home

Dropping the fruit off Ryuu went and started his exercises first he stretched then he began doing callanetic including but not limited to push-ups, crashes, burpees and so on while later he tried out something awesome

After exercising Ryuu stopped and pointed his hand's down at the ground and balled them up into fists while he himself had an excited expression

Soon 3 shiny metallic blades came from both of Ryuu's fists all the while they produced the awesome *shin* which blades do once they are drawn from their sheets

At first, some blood also came from the knuckles but that soon went away while Ryuu was marveling at the awesomeness he just experienced

Not letting it disturb him too much Ryuu once again went on and trained but this time he trained with his claw's he punched, stabbed, slashed, kicked and so much more

After executing Ryuu was sweating and panting but while he wanted to continue his exercises he had to go and play with Eren and Armin today well playing aren't really the exact words to use

Ryuu is planning to make Eren and Armin stronger for Eren he is going to 'play' with him coach or do some exercises under the guise of playing or somehow scam him into exercising

For Armin Ryuu made games such as chess, shogi, go and so on which will help him in his strategic thinking as he is after all the brain behind Mikasa and Eren but he will also help him put on some muscle not much but enough to make him be able to defend himself from any potential rapists that want a piece of that Armin pie

2 years later

It has been 2 years since Ryuu came into this world, Eren's and Armin's lives while soon will be the day Ryuu has been excitingly preparing for

In the past 2 years, nothing much happened Ryuu 'played' with Armin and Eren making them stronger and smarter while they told him their dreams so all in all they became good friends he would also sometimes protect Armin from bully's

Of course not everything was smooth sailing Ryuu would often eat at Eren's place so often, in fact, it would be weird if he didn't but he still had to steal food from time to time as they couldn't always feed him another problem was other parents

The parents of the children he beat up came and asked for compensation from Ryuu because he injured their children so Ryuu did what every civilized person would do he beat up their parents to the point they didn't dare report him but that still isn't the end of Ryuus suffering

Sometimes homeless people would come to his house whom he would then scare off by beating them almost to death keyword almost so the homeless people were scared shitless of this place ad Ryuu was so fast in beating them all up they didn't even see him or he would sneak attack making them all believe the place was haunted leading them all to not report him proving the theory that everything can be solved with violence

For training all is well Ryuu used it to such a degree that whenever he trained his muscles would snap or skin bleed making it regenerate and improve as for Eren and Armin they are also progressing Eren became quite strong but more importantly Armin's title of a genius in strategy is well deserved he can beat anybody in any board or card game excluding Ryuu

Armin also became quite strong in hand to hand combat there was also the topic of weapons as Armin is pretty weak Ryuu suggested to him to pick up a weapon so he learned knife throwing not that it will save him from a titan but hey it the game Call of duty 2 the main villain was killed by a knife throw so it works on humans

Also Ryuu gained a nickname The midnight thief which he earned by robbing people's houses of their clothes or money or something that caught his eyes as he himself didn't have money nor clothes he had to do with robbery and burglary to live to the next day as for why the midnight part well he mostly robbed at midnight so there is a connection

But even with that the best thing for Ryuu is that this year he is getting Mikasa even thou he hasn't had any quest in the last 2 years Ryuu is 90% sure he will get one while saving Mikasa giving him 2 things to look forward to

(Best wife here I come!)


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