I am Wolverine in AOT
4 A Quest and a quirk
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I am Wolverine in AOT
Author :Electez
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4 A Quest and a quirk

It's 6 am the sun just came out but before the sun's rays could even grace the ground a boy seemingly 11 years of age could be seen doing push-ups in a semi manor semi house that looks surprisingly clean and not decayed considering that the only inhabitant is an alleged ghost

As the rays of sunlight peer thru the windows and cracks in the house, the appearance of the boy is revealed

The boy is currently topless with his body on full display as his muscles flex during every push-up while sweat drips down his hair, face and naked upper body making him glisten in the sun's rays

He has snow white hair, sky blue eyes, and a nice jawline while his height is almost 150 cm (58.7") making him appear to be in his late eleventh to early twelveth year but the truth is sometimes stranger than fiction

That is, of course, Ryuu and although he looks like an 11-year-old he is actually 9 years old this year

The manor was deathly silent except for the mutterings escaping Ryuu's mouth, his calm breath and the sweat that falls on the floor

"4996, 4997, 4998, 4999, 5000." He was repeating numbers each time he pushed up that is he was counting how many push-ups he did and the number would definitely frighten any normal man or even an athlete or really anybody

His muscles seemed on the verge of exploding with power even thou he was now sweat filled and his arms quivered ever so slightly

'Huuu I'm done with the morning warm-up and exercise now to start combat practice.' Once he was done counting he hoped onto his legs and then 3 shiny blades came out of each gap between his knuckles making him look like a terrifying beast ready to pounce

Soon he started wawing, slashing and piercing these blades in all kinds of maneuvers which seemed wild jet co-ordinated but he didn't forget his legs and used them as well to maneuver himself or kick

If people saw this training regiment and heard his thoughts they would puke blood from how hardcore Ryuu is

Before he noticed it it was 11 am and that means it is time for breakfast so Ryuu stopped training and went to the dining room which also doubles as a kitchen for some breakfast which is a simple one just some fruit and dried meat with water to wash it all down

After that Ryuu went over to a cabinet and pulled out a plain brown shirt with no excess patterns or decorations just plain brown with some smudges and holes here and there

Since he already has black pants from his training he only needs to put on a shirt to appear civilized

Putting it on Ryuu went outside the semi-mansion thru the front door and went down the street towards the end where the gate is

As he walked people opened a path for him with everybody having fear or admiration in their eyes towards him

Now someone may ask why that is so? Well besides the fact that he beat up anybody who came looking for trouble with him be it, parents or children, the fact that he would often catch criminals who were too fast on their feet when they stole something and the fact that he beats up ruffians at a regular basis he is known as a local thug with a good heart and he takes care of most of the crime in the area so the people like him and the police go easy on him as long as he doesn't go overboard

So most people steer clear of him unless they are a masochist who is looking for a beating or if they want to suck up to him which always fails

Soon Ryuu arrived at his destination where he saw 2 boys one with medium short blond hair who stands at 130 cm tall (around 50.4") and is wearing a plain white shirt and brown pants while next to him there is another one with short dark brown to black hair standing at 135 cm (around 52.5") and he is wearing a brown long-sleeved shirt and brown pants

They are, of course, Ryuu's best friends Eren and Armin who have grown up in the last 2 years especially Armin who because of his training beat his bullies and no one dares to bully him anymore also Ryuu is his friend so even if Armin was still weak no one would dare bully him as he is under the protection of Ryuu

"Hey, Ryuu let's go play with the police." Eren was the first to speak and over the 2 year time period Eren found something fun to do well it could be considered fun and dangerous

It is a game Eren came up and training which Ryuu came up as they would agitate the guards aka police to chase them honing their awareness and cunningness since if they were caught they would be stuck with their parents nagging which was worse than Ryuu's training well except Ryuu he doesn't have parents but of course no one knows that yet, actually neither Eren nor Armin nor anyone knows where Ryuu lives or who his parents are he is a complete enigma

"No, we can't that's a game that takes a lot of time which we don't have Eren" Ryuu spoke next and it is indeed true that they don't have time since today Ryuu, Eren and Eren's dad are going to visit a friend of Eren's dad while if they want to play the game they are going to be chased for a few hours at the very least

Besides the chase, they are also going to have to agitate the police who ignored them after they chased them a couple of times so they always have to come up with new ideas of how to piss them off

"Why don't we just play tag?" That was Armin's suggestion and it seemed like a reasonable one

"Yea why not." Eren agreed with Armin although in the past he didn't dare play tag with Armin since if Armin strayed too far away from Eren he could be bullied now that is no longer a problem since Armin got stronger

"Sure I don't mind." Ryuu also didn't mind since he needed something to do to take his mind of the excitement he was feeling

So with the game decided the three children started to play more like Eren and Armin chasing after Ryuu since this is their own modified tag in which either Ryuu chases Eren and Armin or Eren and Armin chase after Ryuu since Ryuu is so fast, strong, agile and simply better than them

They played for 2 hours but then clouds started to gather in the sky and it started to rain so they had to go back home

Eren went to his mother and father, Armin went to his grandfather and Ryuu went back to his lonely home which soon won't be lonely

Once he arrived home Ryuu took off his shirt and pants to go outside in his underwear and train combat techniques since the rain makes the ground slippery and perfect for balance practice

Training for half an hour Ryuu got himself wet from the rain and from the built-up sweat from his training

[Ding! It is time to go.] Suddenly a sound goes off inside Ryuu's head it is neither male nor female neither warm, not cold it is organic but not at the same time it is the beloved system

'Sure M and are there any news you picked up?' Hearing the sound Ryuu treated it as an ordinary thing and went inside the mansion where he proceeded to take a rag and wipe off his sweat and raindrops

[Yes there is 2 miscellaneous news want to hear them W?] Over these 2 years Ryuu and M developed a system with which news is categorized in 3 sections

Miscellaneous: News which is deemed less important and does not often affect Ryuu or his surroundings example: A granny lost her dog yesterday

Important: News which can affect Ryuu and his surroundings example: A failed military expedition

Current: News which can help Ryuu in his current problem or situation example: When Ryuu was searching for housing news of the semi-mansion came by

So by this system, the news that M gathered is not really important and can be put on hold or even dismissed entirely but even thou this is just miscellaneous information it can lead to something bigger

'No' Seeing that it was miscellaneous news Ryuu would have read it if not for the fact that today is a very important day so Ryuu rejected it besides that he has seen this type of news day after day already so he has already lost hope in it leading to something bigger

After he wiped himself off with an old and relatively clean shirt Ryuu looked into a drawer to find himself some clothes which are not much different from his last ones

Brown pants, brown shirt but this time he also took leather gloves, a black cape, black scarf, and 2 knife holders in which he places pretty big knives which Ryuu stole from a butcher shop a while back

Felling that he is ready Ryuu puts on the hood of the cape and walks outside the mansion heading towards Eren's house

The absence of people and the pitter patter of raindrops as they hit the ground managed to distract him from most of his worries and thoughts

Before he noticed it he arrived in front of Eren's house where Eren and his father were waiting for him

"Hello, Ryuu. Are you ready to go?" Eren's father was the first one to speak up while Eren just stood there with a blank look on his face like he wasn't interested at all about what was going on

"Yeah let's go." Affirming his readiness Ryuu, Eren and Eren' dad went towards a house in which there is a friend of Eren's dad whom Eren's dad has to meet as for Eren and Ryuu they are going to accompany him towards there to meet the daughter of his friend

Along the way, Eren and Ryuu chatted while Eren's dad was mostly silent but he did jump into the conversation a couple of times

Soon they arrived in front of a simple looking wooden house surrounded by woods

Eren and his father were in front of the house quarreling for a few moments as Eren's father wanted Eren to make more friends while Eren protested against it saying that Armin and Ryuu were enough

Seeing the father and son due arguing Ryuu decided to go in front of them as he knew what was going to happen and he knew of the scene that they are going to bear witness to

Standing in front of the door Ryuu pushed it open only to see a massacre that happened inside of the house

On the left bent on a stool is the body of a blonde man as his body is bent over with blood leaking from his wounds he is the husband if Mikasa's mother and father of Mikasa

In front is the body of a woman whose hair is long and black while blood is leaking out of her body making a puddle on the floor she is the wife of the husband and mother of Mikasa

"Guys you don't want to come in." Seeing the scene Ryuu would feel disgusted in his previous life but in this one, he has lived in a much more primitive society so he saw scenes which are better left unsaid so this site isn't as disturbing as it could be

"Ryuu doesn't be disrespectful how ca-" Eren's father was the first one to talk to Ryuu but once he saw what happened his eyes widened in shock with sweat dripping down his face his brain short-circuited for a moment

He soon composed himself and went to check if they are alive while once Eren saw this his pupils dilated and even though people couldn't notice it Ryuu saw that Eren was fuming with rage

"Eren, Ryuu have you seen a girl around here?" After Eren's father confirmed they were both dead he questioned his son and Ryuu

"No." They both responded with an ice cold voice which at first glance seems calm and composed but is actually brimming with anger

"I am going to call the Military Police and ask for an investigation you 2 wait for me at the base of the mountain." Assessing the situation as good as he could Eren's father decided to call for an investigation but Eren seemed unresponsive

Just as Eren's father was about to call for Eren again Ryuu hit Eren in the head directly knocking him out, then he caught him and laid him on the ground

"I had to do it. You know him he was surely going to do something stupid." Seeing Eren's fathers mouth was agape Ryuu decided to explain himself and his actions

"Hmmn you are right he might do that so what are you gonna do now Ryuu?" Eren's father knew his son and he was sure Eren would do something stupid so he was grateful towards Ryuu

"I'm gonna stay here and protect Eren while making sure to look out if those guys come back." Ryuu gave a justified reason for his actions so Eren's father couldn't refuse him he just nodded and went towards the town

[Quest: Kidnapped girl-A girl was kidnapped while her mother and father were killed, find the kidnappers, kill them and save the girl

Reward: My hero academia quirk: Zoom]

'A quest finally. Hmm isn't that the quirk from Hatsume which allows one to see up to 5 km in the distance. Well it isn't perfect but it can be useful' Seeing that he got a quest Ryuu had a mental checklist of what he can remember about the quirk from the anime until Eren's father was far away enough

Once Eren's father was gone Ryuu came out of the house and looked around to see how he will find those kidnappers

'Now I always wondered how Eren found them in the anime.' Looking around Ryuu found footprints in the mud and facepalmed once he realized how stupid these kidnappers were

Following the footprints, he saw a wooden house with a tiled red roof in the woods

Going closer to the house Ryuu could hear people talking inside of it and once he heard them talking about how the mother would be worth more than the child he knew that he was at the right place

Such a conversation should have infuriated him but it didn't as Ryuu spent time with Eren, Armin, and M in the AOT world Ryuu became colder besides that he knew about what the future will bring so he had to steel his heart from the get go

Going in front of the door Ryuu pulled one of his knives out and held it in his right hand

'Haaa let's do this' Preparing himself Ryuu put his hand on the doorknob and gently opened the door


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