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I am Wolverine in AOT
Author :Electez
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5 Mikasa

As soon as he opened the door Ryuu was greeted by the sight of 2 men one was sitting on a chair in the left while the other one was standing on the right near the body of a small person or rather the body of a child

Hearing the noise of the door opening they both sprung up looked towards the door only to see a little kid holding a knife in his right hand staring at them

As they were about to ask him what he wants or if he was lost he suddenly pulled the hand with the knife up and threw the knife towards the man standing on the right while his left hand has moved towards his back seemingly griping something

The knife rotated in the air and landed in the throat of the man on the right man spraying blood everywhere and killing him

"YOU LITTLE P-" The man on the left was shell shocked for a moment before he recollected his wits and got angry at the brat who killed his partner but before he could curse the sentence to end he felt a pain in his lower abdomen only to look down and see a knife stabbed inside of his stomach

The reason it went into his stomach and not his head is that Ryuu had planned it all out, this is a necessary step for Mikasa to become the killing machine that she could become in the future

After throwing the next knife Ryuu proceeded to jump towards the man and lock his legs on his abdomen while he unsheathed his claws for the first time with the intent to kill

But before he could even start killing him he heard a sickening crunch from the man's back as even with all his might and all his bones the man couldn't support Ryuu's metal body

As his claws came out he stabbed the man everywhere from his ribs to his abdomen, abs and throat as Ryuu frantically stabbed and stabbed without pausing

Once the man was killed and was lying down on the ground in a puddle of his own blood Ryuu stood up and his looks cupeled with the blood spattered on him made him look like a death God

Mikasa who saw him doesn't react life already left her and she only feels death at the moment

Ryuu walked over to Mikasa with his claws retracted and a knife in hand appearing like he killed his opponent with the knife and not his claws

"Are you alright?" Going behind Mikasa Ryuu cuts the rope that was binding her hands with the knife

"There should be a third-" Mikasa looked like she felt something was wrong and she said her worries but just as she was about to inform Ryuu of the third man the door next to them slammed open

The third man came after hearing his partner screaming but just moments later falling silent but once he opened the door he was terrified

One of his partners lay dead with a knife stuck in his throat while the other one is full of slashing and stabbing wounds which disfigured his body turning it into mincemeat

Looking down he saw 2 brats one is the girl they kidnapped while the other one is an unidentified brat which he hasn't seen before but looking at the blood on his face and clothes he probably killed his partners

"I'll kill you!" The man kicked Ryuu in the chest and while both the man and Mikasa couldn't hear it Ryuu heard the sickening crunch his leg gave out once it hit him

The man didn't feel any pain because of the situation but his foot is definitely broken well what would you expect after all he kicked solid metal with his measly bone so it will naturally break

Ryuu fakely threw himself back making it appear like he was kicked and that he was hurt while he was actually fine

The man then proceeded to try and strangle Ryuu with his bare hands while lifting him in the air by his neck but how can a normal human lift Ryuu's body whose bones are made out of metal so the man couldn't hold Ryuu up and they fell together in the floor

"Kill Mikasa... you have to fight and kill that's how the world works... so fight!" Truly the man choking Ryuu was weak so he couldn't kill Ryuu since 1. Ryuu has a metal skeleton 2. Ryuu is stronger, faster, and overall better than the man in all regards 3. Ryuu has regeneration so he couldn't kill Ryuu even if he wanted to but Ryuu had to pretend after all if he doesn't do this Mikasa won't wake up

"I-I can't..." And indeed after he said those words Mikasa stood up and grabbed the knife but she was shaking, hesitating, saying she couldn't do it but then it clicked in her brain

She recognized this scene this memory this happened before and this was always happening around her but she chose to ignore it but today, now she sees it all and remembers it all she recognizes that this world is cruel so incredibly cruel

Her tears stopped dropping down her cheeks while the gaze in her eyes intensified she resolved herself and under her resolve, the old wooden floor broke while she sprinted forward knife in hands ready to kill

Coming closer she saw the man who put her thru all that suffering, the man who killed her mother and father and the boy who saved her at her last moments giving her hope instead of death so she extended the knife and it pierced the man's back going straight to his heart ending his life

Seeing the deed was done Ryuu fakely coughed and got up only to see a Mikasa with a blank look on her face unlike what you would expect of a newborn killer

At that moment Ryuu knew the 'old' Mikasa died while the 'new' Mikasa was born a Mikasa who is ready to face the world and is ready to kill to live

Ryuu took Mikasa's hand and they went outside where they started a campfire waiting until Eren and Eren's father come with the police

During the wait, they were silent and if there were no birds, insects or the cracking of the fire the place would be silent as a graveyard

Soon night came and with it came Eren, Eren's father, and 2 Military police officers it seems they as well saw the mud trails leading to this place Ryuu is still stupefied by the lack of intelligence these kidnappers had

Seeing the children the officers first took their testimony which was then followed by investigations all the while Eren and his father were berating or scolding Ryuu while Eren then proceeds to fight with his father as Eren scolded Ryuu for not bringing him with him while Eren's father was scolding Ryuu for doing something dangerous so there came a clash of interests and ideas

But while all that was happening Ryuu was distracted by something else which was fortunately not noticed by anybody

[Quest completed! W do you wish to integrate the quirk right now or later?] The system spoke to Ryuu telling him of his accomplished quest and of his rewards

'Yes integrate it now.' Ryuu was very excited so he immediately integrated the quirk with himself disregarding the possibility of pain or discomfort that he will experience as he read in so many other Fan-Fics

But the pain, nor discomfort never came instead on Ryuu's eyes 4 small lines formed in the shape of crosshairs appears with the pupil as the dot in the middle something no one noticed

"Anyway do you remember me, Mikasa? I am Mr. Jaeger a friend of your family I met you when you were smaller." Eren's father was thinking of adopting Mikasa so he wanted to check with her if it was alright and his words got Ryuu out of his stupor

"Mr. Jaeger which way should I go to return home? There is nowhere for me to return home to. It's cold." Mikasa's voice was cold as although her family has been avenged, she has been saved and she saw the worlds true face now she doesn't have anywhere to call home, anywhere to belong nor anyone to call family

*Step* *Step* *Step*

Steps could be heard as Ryuu approached Mikasa took off his black scarf and put it gently around Mikasa's neck surprising her a little

"Keep it. It's warm, right?" Ryuu responded and wolfishly grinned once he saw her reaction as if the earlier murders didn't even make a dent in his consciousness nor make his eyes bling for a second

"It's warm," Mikasa responded with as little words as possible as she didn't want to talk much to anybody even the stranger who saved her

"Now Mikasa the way I see it you have 2 chooses you either go with Eren and his father or you come to live with me. I would personally recommend you to go with Eren as I don't know what a family or a normal life is so you should really go with them." Seeing her respond Ryuu laid out her possibilities in front of her which are a warm home and loving family or a stranger who has no family experience whatsoever it really isn't a tough choice

Eren's father was surprised hearing him but he was nonetheless grateful to Ryuu for giving him the opportunity to adopt Mikasa while also being open if she wants to come with him

Surprisingly for Eren, Eren's father and even Ryuu Mikasa didn't even glance at Eren's father she seemed focused solely on Ryuu which could be interpreted as 'I want to come with you'

"Alright but don't regret it later so let's go to our home" Seeing her like that Ryuu was glad that he saved her and he felt a fuzzy feeling well up inside of him as even thou he is clearly lacking she picked to go with him instead of Eren's father so he grabbed her hand and dragged her but she stood rooted in place

The moment she heard that he accepted her and that it was their home, not hers nor his but our home her eyes became misty while tears welled up inside her eyes as she began to cry

In this cruel world where it is kill or be killed her parents died and her home was gone, she had nowhere to go nor return to she only had herself is what she thought

Yet here he is the boy who saved her offering her a home which even thou it is lacking as he said it is still home to return to and see him agree to her request she cried

She isn't alone, she has a family, she has a house she has somewhere to return to she isn't in this cruel world by herself he is with her

"Seeing as you won't move I will have to resort to more forceful measures huh? Eren and Mr.Jaeger I bid you farewell I have to take her to her new home." Seeing her like that Ryuu smirked before he picked her up in a princess carry and whispered the first part in her ear while yelling the latter out towards Eren before sprinting down the mountain

"Take care of her Ryuu." While Eren stood there with his mouth agape his father called out to Ryuu bidding him farewell with a smile plastered on his face

It took Ryuu 1 hour to descend the mountain with a blushing Mikasa in his arms before he arrived in town in the middle of the night and took her to his semi-mansion

"Home Sweet home I guess. Make yourself comfortable we will be staying here for a long time." Entering his house Ryuu muttered out before instructing Mikasa on the dos and don'ts of the house and what she will be doing and what he will be doing

"What about your parents?" Mikasa understood it all but even with her 'new' 'rebirth' she is still just a child so she can't contain her curiosity

"There are none I'm an orphan." Hearing her question Ryuu answered as he didn't really see it as something to conceal Eren and Armin have just never asked him about it

"I'm sorry" After hearing his answer Mikasa apologized she felt how it is when you lose your parents and yet here she is reminding her savior of such a tragic event she really wanted to hit herself at that moment

"Don't worry about it. Besides, I have you now don't I?" Seeing the guilt in her eyes Ryuu chuckled at her and went to pat her head

"Mmm" Hearing his answer and feeling his warm hand patting her head she felt warm and happy inside of her

'Maybe this isn't that bad.' Is what she thought at the moment

"Now let's go to sleep" Seeing her expression Ryuu felt satisfied in his heart and went to his bed while she went to her assigned and new bed

Sleeping till morning Ryuu woke up did his workout while after Mikasa woke up she went down looking at Ryuu working out before going towards the kitchen and making something to eat for the both of them

Finishing his workout Ryuu took along Mikasa and went out to play with Armin and Eren while Mikasa following him before it became night and Ryuu returned home with Mikasa and they went to sleep

So passed another year and all seamed peacefully but Ryuu knew that this year is the year of 'that' incident or rather the year the colossal titan brakes the wall, then the armored titan breaker another wall and Eren's parents are eaten in other words the year of nightmares is starting


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