I am Wolverine in AOT
6 The Titans come
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I am Wolverine in AOT
Author :Electez
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6 The Titans come

The birds were chirping in the middle of the day while the sound of the bustling city was apparent to everybody

The believers and stout followers of the wall religion were preaching while normal people were talking about their daily lives while unbeknownst to them they were being watched by a solitary figure

A boy with white hair and blue eyes is observing the whole Shiganshina district with his eyes which have a crosshair pattern in them with the iris serving as the dot in the middle

Currently, Ryuu is observing everybody and everything in this bustling district or at least as far as he can see which is 7 kilometers in any direction as he has trained his quirk making it see farther

His gaze landed on a sleeping Eren and a working Mikasa as she was collecting wood for the house even thou Ryuu told her countless times she doesn't have to collect it or really do anything besides cook and train she is a very stubborn and persistent girl so as he can't stop her he allows her to work

Looking at Eren with a concentrated gaze Ryuu notices Eren is actually crying as he sleeps on the grasslands beneath the shade of a tree which can mean only one thing today is the day

As Mikasa approached Eren and woke him up they chatted for a bit before heading towards town and on the way meeting the lazy and drunk police guard Hannes who after seeing that Eren cried teases Eren about Mikasa

So begins the squabble between Eren who claimed Hannes is a bad guard and Hannes who teases Eren about Mikasa only for them both to be punched by Mikasa making Hannes collapse to the floor cursing in pain as she punches his family jewels while Eren protests against Mikasa only to get another punch to the head making everybody including Ryuu lough or in Ryuu's case give out a little chuckle

On another note, Mikasa is the king of the street around here well more like the manager as Ryuu is considered the king but she got that title from the power and smarts the exhibited after asking Ryuu to train her as she also wanted to be strong after she saw Ryuu, Eren and Armin training

She turned out to be a true gem having the smarts of Armin and physical capabilities of Eren or in other words, she has the best of both worlds so Ryuu thought her Math, Art, War Strategy, Strategy, and other stuff alongside Armin while training her physical body alongside Eren and she caught up to them in a year truly a gem

As Eren and Mikasa departed away from Hannes Eren told Mikasa about his plan to join the Survey Corps which she objected to but not as strongly as in the anime probably because Ryuu is here

As they were talking suddenly the bell rang meaning onely one thing the Survey Corps are back

Eren quickly and excitedly runs towards the street looking for a place to see the Survey Corps but once he saw them reality hit him hard in the face

The soldiers from the Survey Corps don't like soldiers more like the walking dead as almost everybody was wounded to various degrees and those who aren't wounded are either dead or they mentally broke down leaving them in a sorry state

Eren's so-called heroes are not heroes at all they are just men and once Eren saw what happened to everybody his spirits went down

"Moses, Moses have you seen my son Moses?!" Suddenly an older woman came from the crowd calling the name of a probably deceased solider

She looks like an elderly woman in her 60 and right now she is having a frantic look on her face

"It's her. Moses mother. Bring it here." The solider at the front told a soldier to his left and soon afterward the soldier came back with a bloodied rag which wrapped something

"It's the only thing which we could salvage." Unwrapping the cloth the woman found only a bruised and bloodied hand or rather what is left of her beloved son Moses

"But he was useful right? My son was no hero but he was useful to mankind in repealing them right!?" The woman broke down but she saw the last hope she had that her sons wish for him to be useful to mankind

The man wanted to lie to her, he wanted to tell her he was but he couldn't he confessed they haven't made any progress against the Titans even thou they sacrificed so many people and most of all he feels ashamed to have to say this but just as he was about to apologize once again with tears in his eyes than go on a boy suddenly landed in front of him

"Stand up soldier you did nothing wrong, you have nothing to be ashamed of as every failure brings you a step closer to victory. And madam your son was useful because he like all the other fallen soldiers protected our flag. Our flag, the flag of humanity doesn't fly because the wind blows it. It flies with the last breath of each soldier who died protecting it." That boy was none other than Ryuu who once he saw this scene couldn't take it, when he wached the anime this was a heart wrenching scene so he will change it

In his last life, Ryuu always hated this scene because it symbolizes the uselessness of the Survey Corps and their soldiers which he thinks is a wrong thought so he came and helped them

As he was stepping in to help he thought of what to say until he remembered a saying from an unknown person which he once read online, of course, he changed it a little to suit the situation but it's meaning remained the same so here we are in this situation

Hearing him everybody was stunned, the woman felt slight relief hearing his speech while the Survey Corps members all did an honorary salute as even thou they are useless Ryuu a kid and known thug came out and protected their dignity which deserves their respect

Soon the soldiers moved on and Ryuu disappeared just as mysteriously as he came but if you looked closely you could see his figure standing at one of the walls

Now someone may ask how he got there or if he is even allowed to be there which the answers are he trained and the police are really easy to bribe in the peaceful times

So Ryuu went off to train and observe everything and he saw the people talking about the failure military Survey Corps, about how they are just free lunch and even about him although he can't hear them he can read their lips a little bit so he gets the general gist of it and they are mostly cursing him and talking behind his back or so they think

Observing the place he had grown up in these past years Ryuu can't help it but show some sadness in his eyes as he was thinking about how it was going to be destroyed today

He also can't help it but be saddened at Eren's and Armin's future as they are going to suffer a lot but it is all so they can become strong he said to himself

Soon sunset came and as Eren, Armin and Mikasa were talking about their future and their wishes Ryuu sees a man standing below the wall so knowing it was time Ryuu hopped off the wall while just moments later a huge yellow lightning bolt fell in front of the wall creating a booming noise like a meteor fell down

The people were scared but also intrigued as they didn't yet realize how dangerous the situation is but they soon found out the danger while they also cursed their curiosity

A head poked out from behind the wall, it is a huge red fleshy head that constantly released steam

A titan an enormous titans head poked out yet before people can even make heads or tales of what is going on the Titan hit the entrance to the Shiganshina district killing the closest people immediately while sending debris and rocks flying everywhere with one rock directly landing on Eren's house while another one hit Ryuu square in the chest making him fly away bruised and injured

Soon the first titan came in and started eating and while everybody ran away Armin, Eren, and Mikasa was going towards Eren's house only to see a boulder smashed on top of it killing his father and pining his mother down

Eren, Mikasa, and Armin tried their best to save her but it all proved futile the degrees wouldn't budge while the Titans were closing in

Suddenly Hannes appeared and wanted to save them all but once he came face to face with a Titan he froze, he froze from the incredible fear he was experiencing

Hannes was a coward who tries to act tough but now that everything is laid out before him he realizes just how lazy he has been, just how comfy humanity grew while the Titans prepared themselves for this

True to himself Hannes doesn't want to die and is afraid of death so he took Eren with him while Mikasa and Armin followed him, Hannes promised to Eren's mother that Eren will live

In the end, Eren's mother becomes a bloody flower that blooms once she is bitten by the titan

While on the other side Ryuu was dumbfounded by the sudden notification he got from the system that he even forgot about his injuries and the boulder crushing his right arm

[Quest: Survive-The Titans came you have to survive their onslaught while trying to escape to the other wall

Requirement: Escape Shiganshina district within 2 hours

Rewards: Hair manipulation

Punishment: You turn into a titan]

'Son of a bitch'


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