I am Wolverine in AOT
7 Frightening the whole boa
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I am Wolverine in AOT
Author :Electez
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7 Frightening the whole boa

Looking around himself Ryuu can only see death and destruction, he smells blood and smoke all around him while he hears the desperate cries for help, the whales, the screams of agony and the preaching of the believers who believe that this is their destiny for disrespecting the walls or that their faith will protect them from the Titans

But Ryuu had his own problems to deal with as currently, a rock is pressing on his forearm locking him in place yet he has to complete a quest

*Boom* *Boom* *Boom*

Suddenly he heard booms while the earth shook so he glared behind himself only to see a 7-meter tall titan approaching him ready to eat him

Thinking quick Ryuu got out the claws from his left hand and slashed at his right hand

With each step, the titan got closer so did Ryuu's cuts go deeper and deeper into his flesh until he hit his bones which he couldn't cut

At that point, the titan was looming over Ryuu and just as Ryuu was about to deliver his final slash the titan tried to pick him up but it wasn't so easy after all Ryuu's skeleton is made out of metal while one of his hands is trapped under a boulder

The Titan tried to lift Ryuu but it couldn't so it tried again and this time ripping sounds could he heard from Ryuu so seeing some success the titan tried again succeeding in lifting Ryuu this time

"Dream on fucker!" Ryuu's right forearm broke away from the rest of his arm and blood gushed out while Ryuu was lifted but Ryuu isn't a free lunch like normal people instead he is tough sinewy meat that is protected by an iron shell while the path leading to him is riddled by tricks, traps, and thorns

Bringing out the claws from his left hand Ryuu slashed at the fingers of the Titan cutting them in half and making the titan drop Ryuu

Landing on the ground Ryuu scrambles up to his feet before running towards the river where people are being transported towards the inner walls but the path isn't easy

Ryuu jumps up onto a roof where he uses Zoom to observe everything but a Titan appears to his right so before the titan could grab him Ryuu jumps down to the left side of the buildings separating himself from the Titan

Even thou he didn't see everything for long Ryuu at least knows the general direction of the boats so he starts sprinting towards them

Along the way, he sees death and destruction in every shape and forms from children to adults and the elderly none are spared the Titans seem like glutenous murderers

He also runs into Titans who sometimes chase after him and sometimes are already preoccupied with their meal so they don't notice him

So Ryuu runs and runs and runs away while people are screaming from far from the agony, some asked him for help but this is a cruel world and Ryuu doesn't have time for them he just continues on running turning a blind eye to their pleas and pain

Because of all the obstacles, Ryuu arrives at the river in 1 hour but he isn't at the boarding line instead he is at the end of the river behind the last boat that leads out of the Shiganshina district and if that isn't bad enough currently the last boat is being loaded

Eren, Armin, Mikasa and Armin's grandfather are on the last boat going out of Shingashina

Once Armin arrived his grandfather greeted him and asked a lot of questions as he was concerned about his safety but once he found out that he was safe he relaxed and looked towards Eren and Mikasa

Seeing their expressions he immediately knew what happened to them and looking at his grandson's expression he had seen it happen so he cannot help but release a breath of cold air as he leans back on the chair in the ship and observes the people but in the distance behind the boat he seems to see a ghastly sight but to him it is unimportant

All the while Eren was in shock, losing his family, seeing his mother eaten and home destroyed he is left sad, angry, hateful but most of all vengeful he wants to exterminate every last one of the Titans

'Ryuu I hope you are safe' Mikasa, on the other hand, was sad about the death of Eren's parents but she was more concerned about Ryuus health and well being

Soon the boat took off and while Mikasa and Armin wanted to complain about Ryuu not being here yet their voices were drowned in a sea of prayers or shouts from the other passengers all the while no one noticed that behind the boat beneath the water a shadow swam or rather dived

Let's turn back the clock for a few minutes and return to Ryuu

As Ryuu was thinking of what to do he suddenly heard booms all around him while the fastest one was on his right so he promptly jumped back only to see a 4-meter tall running titan trying to grab him

'Abnormal huh? What a bitch' Recognising the titan as an abnormal Ryuu was about to turn around when he was sent flying towards a house


Crashing into the house living room Ryuu felt pain but he regained his senses and hid behind the wall only exposing himself to take a peek at the outside where he saw 4 Titans looking at him

'Shit!' Seeing each other Ryuu began running towards the roof of the house while the 3 15 meters tall normal and 1 4 meters tall titan sprinted or walked towards him destroying houses and streets to reach him

Seeing that the house was crumbling Ryuu went on top of the roof and ran along the rooftops while the Titans spotted him and followed him

Even thou Ryuu was faster than a normal human but if compared to a pro athlete at his best Ryuu can compare maybe even be at the same level as him as he is only 10 years old but right now he is injured and distracted by the pain he was feeling so he was slow enough for the Titans to chase him while he avoided the abnormal one with his tricks

'Shit this can't last long! M do you have a suggestion?' Seeing the Titans chase him and seeing the people boarding the last ship Ryuu panicked a bit before asking his trusty companion for advice

[Well you could sprint towards the river, somehow avoid the Titans or at least get minimal damage from them and then jump into the river and dive towards the ship. Your chances of success are about 6.37% so much higher than the other ideas] And M didn't disappoint Ryuu although the idea M gave is suicidal and idiotic only something like that can currently save Ryuu

'Fine then let's go' Steeling himself Ryuu turned around and faced the 4 chasing Titans that are looking directly at him and ran at the build he is currently staying at

While running one tried to sweep him while the other tried to grab him but he evaded, at last, the last one grazed him and made him stumble but he was just at the edge of the rooftop so he was close to the river but not everything does according to plan

The abnormal one suddenly appears and swings his arm leaving a deep gash at Ryuu's back making Ryuu wince in pain

With no other choice but to grit his teeth, Ryuu jumps with all his strength into the water landing with a splash leaving the Titans behind to watch as his shadow disappears in the water

'M how much time do I have?' Seeing that he is safe Ryuu starts to walk on the bottom of the river towards the boat as he can't float because of his skeleton, nor can he swim because of the lack of a hand Ryuu can only walk across the bottom of the river luckily he can keep his breath for a very long amount of time

[47 more minutes] It isn't long but it isn't short either so Ryuu wasn't worried that he won't make it to the boat

So began Ryuu's fight against water, time and the currents which lasted a long time as in the middle of his trip the boat started moving towards Trost making Ryuu's job even harder

But after a continuous battle, Ryuu finally arrived in front of the ship but now comes the question of how to get on to the ship?

Simple he doesn't he rakes out his claws and stabs them in the ship so he is not on the ship but under it while all the passengers on the ship are none the wiser if his existence

At some point, Ryuu felt tremors followed by a giant tremor that he is sure means that the armored titan just broke thru the inside wall of the Shiganshina district

Determining that it was about time to reveal himself Ryuu released the air in his lungs and he decided to pull himself up

As the ship was traveling suddenly bubbles started coming out of its end and soon it looks like a massive thing is beneath the ship

"Oh god, a-a-a titan is here!" One of the people on the boat notices this and because of the recent events immediately assumed the worst

"Help!" Another one saw this and he as he heard the comment of the first person he also assumed the worst

"Save us!" Soon everybody noticed it and they all backed away while to police came with blades ready and drawn

They knew they couldn't kill a titan but they had to try, at that moment everybody Eren, Mikasa, Armin and the police included were thinking that this is how they are going to end

Eren was angry about how he couldn't even start his revenge, Armin was sad that he dragged his grandfather into this while Mikasa was lamenting how she couldn't see Ryuu at her last moments

Suddenly out of the bubbles came a hand from what seemed a 12-year-old kid making everybody think it was a corpse until the hand flexed and pulled a body up

"I! AM! ALIVE!" A scream followed the emergence of the body no the emergence of the person and it is a white hair blue eyed boy whose eyes are more crimson than blue right now

The scream frightened everyone but once Mikasa, Armin, and Eren saw his appearance they teared up a little

"Ryuu!" They all screamed together and went over to Ryuu pulling him up to the boat and making everyone relax once they saw that it was a human and not a titan

The Ryuu right now has both his arms and minimal injuries as he waited in the water to regenerate

So with Ryuu safe, they were put into a city for refugees or rather the old supply center as refugees

Days passed and sometimes Eren's father would come but one day even he disappeared

One day like usual Eren woke up from a nightmare and went outside to collect rations with Mikasa but once he got them a police officer glared at him

They later heard the same officer talking about the Titans and how they should have eaten more humans which got Eren angry and it almost turned into a fight that is until 'He' came


A boy suddenly appeared between Eren and the officer punching the officer in the face audibly breaking his bones and shutting everybody up

"Y-y-you know what you just did? You assaulted an officer! You are going to jail for that!" His colleague protested and pointed at 'Him' or rather Ryuu to which Ryuu replied

"Let's see if they dare." Ryuu actually got into a scuffle with the police multiple times in peacetime and after he was transported to wall Rose he again had problems with the police but this time they were even bigger problems Ryuu was even getting locked up at one point but he busted out of his cell the day that he came in and beating every guard along the way to his exit silencing them in the process so his strength, actions, and previous reputation combine to create a man no police officer dares to mess with

After that Eren complains about the world, people and Titans to Mikasa and Armin insults Armin and gets punched and avoided by Mikasa

A couple of days later a huge campaign was launched taking 1/5 of all the refugees to attack the Titans while only a couple hundred survived, and among those deceased refugees was also Armin's grandfather

Later everybody was sent to farm and cultivate the lands well everyone besides Ryuu a who exhibited great combat prowess so he was picked as a police officer to which he showed astounding results beating every criminal he came upon and locking them up

So 5 years went by and currently, a bald man with a goatee is ranting off towards new recruits on a training field while in the first row there is a handsome, blue-eyed white-haired teenager, on his right, are a blond and dark brown haired teenagers while on his left is a black haired female teenager

Those are Ryuu, Eren, Armin and Mikasa as military recruits


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