83 Family Time
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Author :Mo_Shanxieu
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83 Family Time

"Tadah!" Shuang put the last dish she cooked in the round table. Ren Tao, Mo Fang, Mo Shan and Grandma Ren all have a wide eyes on them as their mouth hanged open as they started to drool. Rich fragrance of different foods penetrated in the air around the residence. The working and the training Black Bandits men suddenly stop the things they do as they sniffed the fragrance in the air.

Heiye and Baixue constantly wiggling their cat tails at the side while their eyes were fixed in the feast arrange beautifully on the table adding to the appetizing appearance of the food.

Inside the secret underground training hall, Xuyin brought their foods to his training brothers.

"Fourth Senior Leader!" The training shadows exclaimed when they saw the young man came down the ramp stone stairs while pushing a wooden wheeled rectangular food cart filled with fragrant foods.

"Younger Brother, good timing. My belly is already grumbling. Hehehe!" Manzi approached while caressing his belly.

Xuyin immediately stood in front of the cart blocking the bulk man with his usual wooden face.

"Alright, alright. Just kidding, just kidding! " Manzi raised his two arms then turned to the training men.

"What are you still waiting for? Hurry up and line up! Or the food will not be serve."

The training men immediately lined up, shadows in the front. When he turned back around, Xuyin handed him the food which he happily received. Xuyin took his portion and followed Manzi in their designated table. The two of them immediately engaged their food while the training men hurriedly took their portion one after another uniformly.

"Shuang'er, why do we have a feast today?" Mo Shan asked her daughter curiously as it's the first time that the girl cooked this many.

" Oh, Im just in the mood to cook a lot today...Let's just say, I missed the moment when we eat all together." Shuang said as she looked at the people around her.

"You are truly a sweet and thoughtful child." Grandma Ren commented as she held Shuang's two hands while patting it gently.

Sighed. "Shuang'er, forgive this old man of yours. It should be me who should handle the matters in our family but instead I let you do it by yourself." Ren Tao stated apologetically as he looked at the girl sincerely.

"Father, don't feel bad with that thoughts. It was me who volunteered to do it beside, as a daughter, it's my responsibility to help my parents." Shuang smiled gently to the man beside her.

"Gosh! Let's stop with this drama! Come on now. Let us all eat while the food still warm. Grandma, you hate eating your food cold right?" Shuang cheerfully invited her family and they merrily eat while having a cheerful conversation. Heiye and Baixue had long gone start eating before the happy family.


Imperial Capital; Inside the dark room...

The man was trembling as he kneeled in front of the figure that was enveloped by the darkness of the room.

"You said they have captured the pawn?" The figure said in a low voice.

The kneeling man silently nodded and the next seconds, the man lie down the floor as his head rolled away from his body.

The figure flicked the red liquid in his hand as he reached the clean towel that immediately handed to him by the waiting figure at the corner.

The surrounding shadows held their breath as the tension and pressure of the heavy aura were lurking around them.


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