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Lightning Strikes rewritten
Author :Daimon
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16 Vacation

After the battle Stannis had decided to push into the Riverlands and push back the Lannister forces near the border

Ryker was charged with commanding the invasion of the Riverlands but was given a week to rest

Anyway the Red Keep wasn't too bad, it had plenty if luxuries that weren't present in The Stormlands like exotic birds,Vibrant Flowers,and consistent sunshine

So Ryker wanted to savor his "vacation" while he could

First he brushed his teeth then looked for something to wear but everything looked silly to him

Ryker-"(maybe i should have some earth clothes made)"

As he thought of what things he could wear a knock came to his door and after he looked through the peep hole he saw that it was Tom and let him in,Tom seemed a little hurt but nothing serious

he had a note in hand that was sealed with a orchid purple lightning bolt which was similar to Ryker's but not forked

Ryker-"who's it from"

Tom-"I'm not sure it came from a raven which came south"


He ripped the seal clean off the letter and began to read it aloud to Tom

Ryker-"My Lord, we haven't spoken in months and you may not remember my name but I'm honored to inform you that under my leadership, your funding ,and with the help of the steward jon snow your mission in the north has been a success and we have erected a fortress in the new gift now we await further orders in good faith

-The First Order of Storms"

Ryker face palmed himself mentally

he never meant to form a private military with a base in the north, he just wanted the men he sent up their to join the night's watch but now he has to continue to fund another army

Ryker-"(my wife is gonna kill me but what did I expect nobody just wants to throw their life away)"

well the time for self pity was over and his men needed a response

he wrote back that there needed to be a path way from the North to the Crownlands so he instructed them to push south and meet Stannis' forces in the middle of the Riverlands in a few weeks

Ryker rolled up his message and sealed it with his forked seal and gave it to Tom for him to send to the order

afterwards he finally just settled with putting on a orange Dornish outfit that was similar to Oberyn's clothing and left to see the city,he made sure to bring his sword and money

when he was on his way out of the red keep he saw Davos speaking with Shereen and Edric who was holding his hammer

Ryker-"hey edric do you know how to fight with that thing?"

Edric-"do you know how to fight with that thing"

Edric pointed to Ryker's sword then readied his hammer

Ryker was surprised by his response and looked at Davos ,who didn't seem to care

So Ryker prepared his sheathed sword and stared down Edric

Edric charged raising his hammer above his head so Ryker responded by raising his guard diagonally but was immediately met with a leg sweep from the hammer which knocked him down on his back which aggravated his injury causing him to cough up blood

Edric mounted his hammer on his shoulder and reached down to help Ryker up

Edric-"are you alright kraken killer"

Ryker-"(he has potential)"

Ryker-"I'm fine ,just my pride might never recover"

Ryker-"My son is too young to squire,would you like to be mine?"

Edric-"I will unless Uncle Stannis says otherwise"


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