Marvel : Blue Devil
37 C37 : Taking a lost item before it becomes lost.
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Marvel : Blue Devil
Author :DrakeGrimmhound
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37 C37 : Taking a lost item before it becomes lost.

Nick shakeily stood up from the metal ground, with the new extra weight he could barely move and had to use all of his strength to even do the simplest of movements, once he was standing he then looked himself over again, he was wearing the black soul reaper clothes made of smoke that Death had made for him.

He tried to retract the black smoke and once he thought about it disappearing it did, but he was once again naked.

"Urr! Boy! Put something on!" Eitri screamed at Nick as he looked away from him.

"Oh, sorry~." Nick apologized as he thought about the smoke covering him once again.

"Good, now I should tell you that Uru only becomes really powerful when you let it absorb magic." Eitri explained to Nick.

"Yeah I already know what to do, I'll be going now and be back later to let you study the Eternal Flame, you can get Thor if you want to find me for the favour." Nick said before he teleported away again.

Eitri was left by himself, sighing over the stress he had just gone through.


Nick had teleported back to the plastic building that was built up around Mjolnir.

After he teleported the red smoke that came with him would normally dissipate soon after but this time the red smoke stayed around, mingling with Nick's smoke clothes.

The smoke that didn't mix with his clothes dissipated like normal, but the one in his clothes stayed, Nick watched the red smoke spin and spiral in the black smoke, he concentrated on the red smoke and thought about it moving where he wanted it to.

It worked, he could control the red smoke just like he could the black smoke, Nick then made the red smoke form into a shirt and then used a bit of back smoke to form a tie, and then the rest of the back smoke was formed into the shape of a suit.

Nick now looked quite devilish with the black and red smoke suit and the Eternal Flame on top of his head, if anyone saw him without knowing him first or a warning before hand they would think that he was the actual devil, here to reap their souls.

"Turn around and put your hands on top of your head!" A man shouted at Nick from behind him, Nick turned around slowly to face where he heard the shout.

The man he saw was holding a metal bow with an arrow pulled back ready to fire at Nick, he was visibly stunned when he saw Nick face, black eyes and the ball of fire above his head along with the horns it sat between, they left quite an impression.

The man was Clint Barton, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D, also known as Hawkeye for his use of the bow and arrow.

When Nick saw his stunned look it brought a funny idea to him, "Mr. Barton, your times up, I've come to collect your soul." Nick smiled evilly at Clint as he walked toward him.

He was so shocked at what Nick said that he released the arrow without meaning too, as the arrow shot towards him Nick could feel his spider sense's go off but as the arrow got closer Nick didn't stand ideal, he released one of his stingers and slashed at the arrow when it was close enough.

The arrow was cleanly cut into two as Nick continued walking towards Clint, who was too shocked at what he saw, too shocked to even think about moving away from Nick.

As he walked Nick looked down at his stinger, it was now silver and looked like one of Logan's Adimantium claw's, he smiled at that and then retracted it, right before he got in front of Clint.

Clint looked ready for a fight after he had calmed down his mind again, Nick gave him another devilish grin as he stared down at him.

"Mr. Stark, please stop messing around with my agents." Coulson said from further down the plastic tunnel they were in, he walked up to them and said, "Barton, this is Nick Stark, don't confuse him with the devil, though I will admit he is the spitting image of one." Coulson said in a flat tone so you couldn't tell if he was joking or messing around.

"I'm right here you know." Nick said to Coulson angrily.

"Where have you been Mr. Stark? You've been gone for quite a while now." Coulson asked Nick.

"Oh, you know, another planet and then a different plant and then the underworld where I met Death, by the way she is beautiful, just wait till you meet her." Nick said as he stared out into space, thinking about Death and what she might be doing right now and that's when it hit him.

Death can only be seen by certain people, normally those who are about to die like Wade Wilson, otherwise know as Deadpool, who was able to see her before he died but when he healed back he was unable to see her again.

Nick quickly turned to the two shocked individuals next to him and said, "Just do as I said before and everything will sort it's self out but know go get to work." Nick said to them sternly as he glared at them, Nick's glare made their skin crawl because it made them feel like they had a knife to their throats.

Coulson simply nodded his head as he could feel his cold sweat running down his back, he then walked away.

Clint was in a similar state, he held his bow tight making his knuckles look bone white and he felt like he was under the eye of a large animal, he quickly followed after Coulson, thinking to himself that he shouldn't ever mess with Nick.

Once they were both gone Nick said, "Death darling, hold onto me if you're here." He said quietly out loud to the empty corridor.

A second later he felt the pressure of someone hugging him from the front, that brought a smile to his face, "Okay, here we go." Nick said again before he teleported away.


Nick reappeared on a grassy cliff, the same cliff in Scotland where Odin spent his last days and unfortunately pasted away, he thought it would be appropriate for a meeting with Death.

Nick sat down on the one single rock protruding from the cliff and then opened his third eye and closed his other two, he was now able to see all the different types of energy's around him and that included the beautiful tattooed woman next to him, "Hello Death, it's good to see you again, I didn't think I would be able to see you so soon." Nick said to her lovingly as he held her closer to his chest.

"How can you see me dear? I can't sense that your about to die." Death asked him as she leaned her head against his chest, listening to his heart beat.

"I have a third eye that lets me see you." Nick explained to her as he brushed away the grey and red hair he was using to cover his third eye when his bandana burned off.

Death's eyes widened slightly when she saw the red and black eye in the middle of Nick's forehead, "Incredible... I have never seen a human with a third eye, or a demon for that matter, are you sure your a human?" Death asked Nick as she used her fingers to lightly trace around his third eye.

"I'm part human and part Neyaphem but I wasn't born with this eye, I was bitten by a genetically engineered spider, it gave me some other abilities as well but the most noticeable is my third eye." Nick explained to her.

"Did it hurt?" She asked him concerned.

"The Uru bones were worse, so we're the wings for that fact." Nick sighed as he thought back to the most painful moments in his life, "But having your skull and brain reformed to accommodate a new eye isn't a walk in the park."

"Yes, about your wings, I've been sensing the Phoenix's energy around you for quite awhile now, did you run into its host recently or something?" Death asked Nick.

"Oh yeah I guess now that I'm back in my body you would be able to sense the Phoenix, it didn't die and come along with me to the underworld after all. You can sense the Phoenix because I am it's host." Nick said after he smacked his head lightly, like how could he forget to tell her something so important.

"What?!!" Death screamed as she shot up from the stone and stared at Nick worryingly.

"Yeah, I forgot to tell you before but I'm the Phoenix's new host, I met the old one and basically the Phoenix saw me as a better host so it swapped over, the wings are a result of it bonding with me." Nick told her.

"Alright, I can understand that, but you have to tell me everything now, don't leave anything out this time!" She shouted at Nick.

"Okay, where should I start... "


"That's what he said? Traveling to space, dieing and meeting Death? And then coming back to live?" Fury said over the phone.

"That's right Sir, it didn't seem like he was lying, after he picked up the hammer and swapped it out with one he made from sand that he controlled, he then shouted out to the sky and a giant beam of light took him away, that's when I think he went to space. But it was only after he came back and swapped the hammers out again and then went back did he have the clothes made of smoke and the ball of fire above his head." Coulson told Fury.

"Alright send all the footage of Nick when he was there and just watch the hammer for now" Fury said to Coulson before he hung up the phone.

He was in his office looking at the laptop on his desk, it was playing videos of Nick, the one playing now was of Nick and Ghost running through the streets and capturing Flint and giveing the money bags back to Spiderman to give back to the police.

On his desk he had a fat file on Nick and then a thin file on Peter, he had already tracked him down and found out who Spiderman really was.

Fury was frustrated as he looked at Nick's file, he felt that he was missing something about Nick, how did he know so much about S.H.I.E.L.D? How is he so powerful even though his mutant ability was just teleporting? How dies he suddenly have Flint's powers and suddenly doesn't anymore?

Fury had so many unanswered questions about Nick but he put that to the side for now as someone had just knocked on his door, he called them in and a man walked in, he took a seat in front of Fury's desk and he said, "Director Fury what did you call me for?" He asked.

"To see if you're Hydra." Fury answered before the man was shot in the back with a dart, the man fell down face forward on the desk.

A beautiful woman with long curly red hair walked out from the shadows, she had an hourglass figure with big perky breasts, she was the Black Widow, also know as Natasha Romanoff.

If Nick was there he would recognise her straight away, as Scarlett Johansson the actress who plays the Black Widow in the MCU.

"You're up now Professor." She said to a man in a wheelchair, the man seemed to just appear in the middle of the room as if no one noticed him before.

This was of course Charles Xavier, he had used his mental abilities to make himself unnoticed in the room so even when people looked at him their brains wouldn't register that he was there, he turned to Natasha and said, "Thank you Miss Romanoff but I wish you would just let me knock them out with my powers."

"I personally prefer my way." Natasha smirked.

Charles sighed before he then went over to the knocked out man, he put his hand on his forehead and used his powers to enter his mind, minutes passed as this happened, Fury and Natasha just waited patiently as they watched Charles work.

He finally opened his eyes again and he then turned to Fury, "You were right, he is a part of Hydra." Charles told Fury seriously.

Fury and Natasha's face's instantly hardened, Fury then muttered to himself silently, "Nick was telling the truth... "

Even though he said it silently to himself Charles; who was not faraway heard him clearly, "Did you say Nick? As in Nick Stark?" Charles asked as he recoiled back into his chair in fear as he remembered what Nick did to him the last time he saw him, scaring his mind and psyche permanently, he still couldn't think back on that day without cold sweat dripping down his forehead.

Fury and Natasha of course noticed his sudden fear regardless of their surprise over learning that they had actually been infiltrated by Hydra, Fury sent Natasha a look which she then nodded too, "That's right, are you familiar with him?" Fury asked Charles.

"You could say that... Director Fury I suggest that you are carefully around that boy, he is the most powerful mutant I have ever seen and that includes Apocalypse and he is just getting stronger... I don't doubt the report you got is true... Not even death would be able to stop that boy... When I tried to enter his mind there was a demon living in his mind-scape, the bloodlust from the beast alone was enough to kick me out of his mind, but I know now that I was only aloud in his mind because he let me in." Charles told Fury as he gestured towards the file on Nick on Fury's desk.

"I'll keep that in mind when I next talk to him, but for now can you erase his memories from the last couple minutes so Hydra doesn't get tipped off that we're onto them, after that we'll move onto the next one." Fury told Charles who nodded to him before he once again got to work.

Fury then turned to Natasha, "I need you to get closer to Nick Stark, use Miss Potts, but whatever you do I need more information on him, understood?" He ordered her.

"Yes Sir." Natasha responded before walking off to start her work.


"Alright I've told you absolutely everything about me now. Was there something else you watched to know?" Nick asked Death, who was sitting on his lap, in his arms with her head against his chest, it had become her favourite place to be, it let her be close to Nick and let her immerse herself in Nick's smell and warmth.

"No, you've answered everything I could possibly ask you... but I want to know what you plan to do now, if this universe is truly just a work of someone's imagination... I'm not sure what's the point of me continuing to watch over the dead." Death told Nick, her voice filled with emotion.

Nick rubbed her back before he said, "I plan to prepare this world for all the horrors that will come and then travel to the difference universe's, see the beauty that was only achieved through CGI in the film's... and maybe you could come with me, we are both immortal and there's an endless supply of world's to see out there." Nick smiled as he thought about all the different worlds he could go see.

"That sounds nice, but how do you even plan to travel that far?" Death asked him.

"That's what I nearly died for." Nick smiled as he released one of his Uru stingers, show just what he meant.

Death looked at him confused, just before she could ask Nick what he meant by that Nick spoke up, "I'm sorry baby, I need to cut this short, I'll see you later, or if you want to see me just grab me so I know your there." Nick then kissed Death goodbye before he watched her leave, dissolving into black smoke.

Nick then too disappeared from the cliff, teleporting away.


"Brother! Don't let go!" Thor screamed to Loki as they hanged over the edge of the broken rainbow bridge.

"Father! I could have done it! I could have made you proud!" Loki screamed to Odin who was holding onto both of them.

Soon Loki let go and let himself fall into the abyss, closing his eyes and letting the blackness take him.

"Noooo!!!" Thor screamed as he watched his brother disappear right before his eyes.

Odin's eyes also hardened as he watched his adopted son go.

As Loki spins in space his mind becomes disoriented and also from the lack of oxygen he pass's out, making him lose control of his magic and forcing the hidden objects he was keeping suspended in a separate space out of it, and so with a flash of green light a couple items appeared around Loki's unconscious form, a couple daggers, food and a blue cube with black around the edges, it was the Casket of Ancient Winter's.

Beside the Casket, red smoke suddenly appeared and once it cleared Nick's form was revealed, he was in the tailed beast cloak mode, Kurama's orange and gold chakra flickered off Nick's body like fire, just like the Eternal Flame that was still burning in space on top of Nick's head.

Nick quickly grabbed the Casket and waved to Loki's still form before he teleported away, "See you later Loki."


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