Memories Through The Snow
1 A Father And Daughter
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Memories Through The Snow
Author :animeartistkel
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1 A Father And Daughter

This small moment is one I cherish deeply, something that no one can take from me unless they kill me. Many could say I had a bad father, but I'd say he had a bad addiction. His addiction was not him and I know this for a fact. He was more than that. At the heart a kind, humorous, intelligent young man that did not deserve the treatment that life brought him. As I have said before, life doesn't give a damn, so his issues piled on until life was too horrid for him. This may not be an entertaining story, but I rarely get to talk about this wondrous event, so if you will, please accept this heartwarming story.

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It was the time of Christmas spirit, December 2008, night time. In the cold calm time of nine O'clock, a father and child ran into the cold air. Orin L. Mabry, age thirty-two, father of one, divorced and working. His hazel eyes were usually one ocean blue, and the other forest green, which would attract many females along with his gregarious attitude. This party lifestyle came from his passion for his band, Hardcore Ritual. Along with this came his long dreadlocks, pierced ears, and a long beard. A well-built man, 5'11, 160 lbs, mostly muscle.

His daughter; Kelly, was right behind him. Her tiny figure jumping excitedly for the snowfall. She had blonde, almost white, hair and dark brown eyes. Her hair contrasted her dark tan skin and strong dark eyes. She was almost the spitting image of her father, a mini-Orin, so to speak. Same button nose, same little plump lips, same humongous tongue, and same fun, loving smile. A small child, around 3 foot and only about 30 lbs.

Orin had a Cleveland Browns coat on, work jeans, and work boots, while Kelly wore a fluffy, pink coat that went to her knees, her white snow boots, and blue jeans. She giggled happily about the rare two-inch snowfall and ran behind her child-like father. He was having more fun than her. He smiled warmly at her the entire time, laughing without faking it for the first time it seemed. He joked caringly and hugged her affectionately as they played.


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