Memories Through The Snow
2 Time Together
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Memories Through The Snow
Author :animeartistkel
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2 Time Together


They threw snowballs at each other, neither wearing gloves, but still thoroughly enjoying the snowball fight, even with the cold turning their hands pink and numb. Snow stuck on their jackets and hair, glimmering in the moonlight. The only sound throughout the neighborhood was the faint, warm giggling of a small family, content with life. The air may have been cold, but the atmosphere was so warm and comforting that time almost stopped in this time with hardships absent.

Orin proposed to his daughter the idea of creating snow angels. Of course, she accepted happily and plopped herself recklessly in the snow, however, the pillow of snow made it a comforting fall. Immediately she started flailing her arms and legs back and forth, indenting my her head into the snow with pressure. Her father did the same. Both heads laced with snowflakes, chilling their heads.

Kelly then wanted to make a snowman, but that would mean they would have to go back inside, neither wanted that. They started making an igloo instead. Her father did most of the work as they talked and joked. She jumped around and giggled around her father as he worked diligently. He was a construction worker at AMS during this time, so he was pretty good with building things. His artistic abilities also helped for this. His hands, nose, and cheeks were a rosy pink color, a color caused by the cold wind and work.

As he worked and she motivated him with her happy giggles time flew by. Their resemblance became uncanny in the wind. Their skin reacted to the cold in the same way, almost making them happier. You could say it was the family feeling of happiness, but it was more like Kelly, even at this age, knew something important. She knew that her father would not always be there, just like her mother who had left her long ago. All the more reason to enjoy this beautiful moment.


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