Memories Through The Snow
3 The End Of The Laughter
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Memories Through The Snow
Author :animeartistkel
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3 The End Of The Laughter

They sat inside the igloo when finished and talked. How would a thirty-one year old speak to a four year old? Like the awesome dad you could think of. Music, friends, art, games, etc, they talked about many topics. Eventually the cold became too much to deal with comfortably, so they walked in. The house is a small one story red brick building with an old brick path winding towards the door from the crumbling driveway. It sparkled beautifully with the snow covering it like a blanket reminding you of the Winter season.

The warmth of the house filled them along with the yellow glow of the living room making it seem all the more warm. Their muscles relaxed, no longer being overworked by the icy air. They throw off their coats onto the living room arm chair. By that is a table with a lamp on it and mints, the mints you see this daughter have every day. Kelly threw her boots into the corner by the table, couch, and armchair. Her father dutifully put his work boots on the mat by the door. Joe, Orin's fourteen year old ginger tabby cat, came up to them staring. Kelly's grandmother, also Orin's mother, exclaimed to the sound of the door creaking and entered the room.

Betty Mabry, born Patterson, 60 years old, nurse, mother of four, and caretaker of the Mabry home. She has short curly brown hair to the side which contrasts to her cartoonish skin tone and gray eyes. Her large eyes drooped with her bags, but showed kindness like no other. They sparkled at the sight of her son and granddaughter being happy. A rather thin woman, slightly taller than average, but strong, even with her harsh asthma. She asked them if they would like some hot chocolate. Kelly gladly accepted and Orin kindly said yes please.

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You can understand how this memory is very nice to me. A time my father was happy, sober, and truly alive inside. With your reading skills I don't think I need to delve deep into why I pushed the idea of my father and family being happy at this time, but I'll just say that time was a lot different from now. Now life is different. Very different.


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