Ne Plus Ultra
2 Chapter 2
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Ne Plus Ultra
Author :TheReadingGuy
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2 Chapter 2

Come back...

Come back..

The words I am hearing right now.. Where do they come from?

I opened my eyes and saw a white light assaulting my sight like a flashbomb thrown right at me.

I jumped.

Yes I did.

That's what I remember.

But what is this? This place that is becoming clear to me.

This room. The windows, door and the book shelf which should have been long lost and buried down in my memories are coming back to me.

My bed and the fragrance it emits going inside my nostrils to my brain's register. The memories it brings. The tears.

The regrets I made.



I came back? But that's impossible.

Coming back to my past life should only be possible in novel fantasies.

*Someone opened the doors*

"Son! You're late! Get down to kitchen and eat fast! Go and get ready for your first day in high school!"

My mom.

"Huh? W-why are you crying?!"

Then she ran towards me and hugged me tightly.

I froze.

I don't know what to say.

I.... I just missed her.

"Son! What happened?!"

Asked by Mom who looked at me so worriedly.

I got myself composed then and wiped the tears flowed down from my eyes.

"It's nothing Mom. I just missed you."

My Mom stood up and looked at me with curiosity and pleasure. She's smiling at me like I did something nice to her.

"what are you saying! We're always together in this house how can you miss me?"

But her expression betrayed her words. Her smile and face are turning up to the heavens.

"I love you Mom."

I said wholeheartedly.

I did.
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She's one of my regrets in life.

I never told her that I loved her so much until she died.

"Son! What is happening to you! So cheesy in the morning! Sheesh! Get up and get ready take a shower and wash away your weirdness right now!"

She said that while walking out of my room. Her steps and body language though. I knew she liked what I said.

I guess I should thank God for this opportunity.


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