Ne Plus Ultra
3 Chapter 3
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Ne Plus Ultra
Author :TheReadingGuy
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3 Chapter 3

I showered and dressed myself to my old high school's uniform.

Got down from my room and went straight to our kitchen and sat to our dining table's chair.

There I was served a hot chocolate milk and sandwich.

"Dad! You're late too! Get ready now."

My Dad.

He who was always busy at work and never asked me anything related to my life. Well. He was and will always be an asshole for me.

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He left us during my 2nd year in highschool and that's why I left my first highschool to transfer to my mother's hometown's highschool.

I won't be changing that cause I hate this asshole.

Its better for Mom to realize that.

"Son.. Prepare yourself and get better grades, this is a new world for you and study hard. It would pay off later."

My pretentious Dad said while busily looking at his newspaper.



"Mom. Can I bring my guitar to school? I'll take good care of it!"

I asked mom.

"Yes dear! You can. But isnt that too heavy for you? You're also carrying books and other school utensils?"

My Mom fought back but with less resistance.

"I can manage Mom."

"Dad.. I'm going then."

I looked at him in his eyes for about 2 seconds and turned my back on them both to get my guitar and bag.

"That child seemed different today? Don't you think Dad?!"

Mom asked worriedly but curiosity prevailed.

"hmmph. Thats a sign of maturity. You should believe in your son more... Then I'm going now to work too."

He kissed her before going out of the house's door.


"Hey Boy. You're Daniel?"

"Yes I am."

I answered back. This man is Tony. My service driver. He should be my service driver for 2 years but most of my memories for him are just subtle and utmost useless as we never interacted much outside of his work.

"Then get in."

I got in to his mini van settling down my bag and guitar.

"You play guitar?"

"... Uh yeah."

I answered uninterested.

"ohh nice. Guitar and highschool huh. You'll be a chick magnet if you keep up the good work by practicing alot."

He replied energetically while keeping his eyes on the road.

Then he played a song in his van's music player.

It was Smoke on the water.

"Smoke on the water."

I said flatly while my sight are at the van's window slouching myself on the seat.

"You know this too huh? Rock fan?"

"Not entirely."

"So.. What genre?"

"Anything.... but mostly grunge."


I'm not surprised. Based on his age.. Probably 50-60 bracket. Grunge are 90s.

"Is that those rock bands with depressing songs?"

Oh. That's interesting. He somewhat knew it.

"Yeah.. Not most of the time though."

"Not my cup of tea. Those bands are too hardcore for me."

"ah that's fine. Everyone got their own opinions."

I replied.

"You seem mature for your age though."

Huh? Well.. What can you say.. I'm really a middle aged man in a 13 year old body.

The song played throughout the ride and we got to my school before 7 am. My class will start at 7:30 am. So I am a bit early.

I checked my card to look where my designated room is.

But I knew them already once I checked the card.

The same room I did in the past.

Well.. Nothing really changed. It's me who changed.

That's all.


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