Night ranger-Reborn!!
2 Quest! Awakening second hidden bloodline!
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Night ranger-Reborn!!
Author :Reanax
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2 Quest! Awakening second hidden bloodline!

Marvin was dumbfounded by his logs.first thing is that he had a ? On his race part of his log.what is this ?he checked his event logs,he found a notice on his logs

,[you can awaken your hidden bloodline by contributing Exp40000]

marvin checked his Exp and noticed he had not less than Exp 120067,he quickly contributed it to that notice his logs changed and said

[you have awakened your hidden bloodline]

[Your hidden bloodline is dragon master]

[you can now turn into a bronze dragon,red dragon and a copper dragon;daily use 5]

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Marvin clearly remembered about this class.he said"this is the most absurd class ever,its strength is amazing and it had a special effect on his Exp.It said that his exp will be tripled .

He said " what a nice bonus from my class'' though it wasn't a thing to fuss about

He couldn't say anything to anyone else but Constantine,Hathaway,Wayne,Anna,shadow thief owl,Endless Ocean,O'Brien and legend Monk Inheim.

To tell this to other people....who knew what would happen

"I really have to go and tell everyone that I'm leaving for another adventure ",Marvin thought as plans started to go in and out of his head

Outside of river shore city

Two people were standing gazing at the walls of White river valley

These were two Gods .these were the plague God and the wealth god and they kept on chatting on ways to go through the nimble and lightning fast guards


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