1 The Chosen One
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1 The Chosen One

Somewhere in space, two huge forces were facing each other. One is made up of insects and insect-based creature lead by a humanoid form of a betel. He looked at the army in front of him which were much smaller in number led by a man wearing full body armor in crimson color with a sword in his hand. Followed by several races like dragon-Bourne, elves, demons etc. to contend against him.

The one who was leading the insect army is Geru, their sovereign and god. He looked at the army before him saying, "You all better surrender to us otherwise only death is awaiting for you, especially you Alexander your death will be far more devastating then you could imagine."

Alexander who was wearing full-body armored looked at Geru and just waved his sword, before commanding, "Soldiers get ready for the war", before the war started.

As the war started, everything happened as Alexander planned. The insects were slaughtered as chicken despite being greater in number. Seeing this Geru felt that something is wrong, as he inspected later on he found the problem. He shouted, "How the hell did they get this information. How did they managed to found about this poison? We clearly remembered that it is found in our planet and we had never ever made contact with anyone from this realm. So how is this possible? Answer me you bastard, answer me."

Next day, on the battlefield, Geru himself graced his presence which was within the expectation. His exoskeleton body was further reinforced by several equipment's which almost made him a walking tank. None of the warrior were able to contend against him except Draco-race. Alexander who was equipped with special armor created by the Dragon God, attacked Geru with his sword, which stopped Geru's momentum. He looked at Geru and said, "So Geru how was the surprise?"

"So it was you bastard. How did you manage to know about our race secret?" he roared.

Alexander chuckled and said, "You know long time ago I had made a visit to your realm, don't you remember it, Genenvier?"

Hearing this name which were known to few who were closer to him. He looked at him and said, "Just tell me who the one who leaked the news you bastard is?"

"You still don't recognize me my friend. We had met once the Kirkit Range, don't you remember that ruin?"

"You….you bastard so finally I manage to found you. There is an unsettled business its best you appeared before me now all the truce would be settled between us."

On the last day of war, there are still unending army on Geru's side faced against hundred along Alexander side. Alexander looked at the army before him and said, "Warriors thank you for coming along with me on this campaign. I don't want to say too much expect that crush as much insect as you can", before he disappeared before and them and appeared before Geru and attacked him with full force.

Clang! BOOM!

Huge body of Geru stumbled back a little, and crack appeared on his armor. Both of them disappear together and appeared almost within the range of fifty kilometer more than hundred times which results in death of various Geru's soldiers. But war continued, without any affect. Several spells collide together like Fire, poison, lightning, ice blizzard etc. Which holds magnificent side on the battlefield. War continues on both Geru and Alexander fought this battle as if it was their last battle and several insect were agitated by watching their leader being defeated. Soon they also participated in the battle and the one-one duo soon change into one versus hundred.

Finally in a huge crater, Alexander was there, his whole armor was already broken. Sword which was considered unbreakable was also broken into halves and was alongside him. His whole body was covered in blood. Geru, landed before him, out of six limbs two were already severed, he looked at Alexander and said "Alexander you truly gained my respect. If only if you swear your allegiance to me I promise you, you would not be mistreated. Also you will be appointed as governor of hundred plane around it. What do you say?"

"Allegiance? Long time ago I had given it to someone but they only toyed with it. Since then I had promised to myself, I would never ever lower myself to everyone", Alexander said while smiling.

"Master careful he is trying to self-destruct himself!" someone shouted from behind before Alexander was beheaded from one of the general following Geru.

Several weeks later several corpses were littering everywhere. On the surface of a destroyed planet, there was a hidden cabin. In the hall there were several elderly figures who were from different races, who were discussing something among themselves. The whole hall was little chaotic. The leader of that committee and stomped his staff on the ground which shook the whole hall, and everything quieted down to pin-dropped silence. He looked at the people below him and said, "We know that everyone holds someone who according to you are perfect hero and could change destiny of your races, but I think you should look at bigger picture and that is, we have to choose someone who not only had extraordinary achievements but also could be respected by everyone. And if we take look at that, then although there were several legendary heroes, they still couldn't hold a candle before Alexander, not because of the fact that he was human but because he could he raise from a place which none of us expected him to be from. Also not only that, he had strongest influence among all the races which you could think about and lastly he was the only opponent who rivaled against Geru on equal ground and no other had as much knowledge as him, neither that much experience because our main focus on Chosen One is to contend against Geru."

After that long discussion once again broke out before the result was decided.


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