5 Compulsory Daily Mission
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5 Compulsory Daily Mission

Bluemoon Palace, it was sunrise time, sky was already red. A certain young seven years old prince was currently lying on the bed sleeping peacefully. He had black hair, covered himself in a golden blanket.


"Uhhhh what the hell? Who the hell is playing these instrument don't they know this great lord is currently sleeping?" he mumbled.


But Alexander chose to ignore it.


An electric shock strike the Alexander. He woke up and jumped from the bed. He looked around and sighed as there no one noticed his disgrace. While he about to go for sleeping once again, he was hit by another shock. This time he heard a remainder, "HOST IS SUGGESTED TO COMPLETE THE TASK ASSIGNED BY THE SYSTEM AS SOON AS POSSIBLE OTHERWISE PUNISHMENT WOULD BE INTENSIFIED"

He followed the system's instruction and completed his first set of mission which was EXERCISE. Everyone was shocked looking at adorable disheveled look the cute little prince before them and hardly hold back their laughter. Later on he was forced to read book by the system and practice swords and cultivate the universal essence.

Universal essence is the absorbed by the practitioner and were used by them, in form of path they followed. For example Warriors absorbed them to cultivate their auras, wizards as mana stones and so on. Each practitioner are divided into various ranks which are NOVICE, FOUNDATION, POOL FORMATION, CORE FORMATION, APPERENTICE, HIGH, GREAT, ARCH, BODY TRANSFORMATION, NASCENT SOUL and TRIBULATION. Each tiers had strict requirements aside from just increase in strength. There are mythical beasts and various herbs who also absorbs these essence too. The beast absorbs them as Beast Essence and it increased their strength several fold within same rank as human practitioners. There are some other phenomenon too in which these essence are materialize into various other forms in different conditions which are considered as rare treasures.

Few days later, Alexander was already get used to his new schedules. His weird exercise attracted lot of attention and several maids just sneakily peaked on him exercising, as he looked too cute. One day when he was exercising, he suddenly, heard Alice asking question to him.

She asked, "Uhmmm..hi…his highness why are you doing this exercise?"

This question instantly attracted lot of attention as lot of people wanted to know about it. The page who was blindly following his master sneered, "What do you know? Does his majesty had to tell you about everything he does?"

"No…I mean, I was just curious about it. His highness please forgive me for my mistake", she suddenly started crying. Alexander looked at the little maid in front of him. She was same as him, who had blonde hairs. She was currently shaking and looked quite pitiful. He sighed and said, "James you shouldn't talk to her like that. Alice, the exercise which we are doing currently had many benefits. It would not only increase my stamina, but it also stimulates the blood flow, as well as burn unnecessary calorie in my body….." after that a long lecture was delivered on it which he had learnt from the system. After the lecture ended, Alice said, "His highness although I don't understand what you said, but it feels quite exciting I would join you next morning."

"Oh, but you had to be careful as first few days would be quite painful. Also, you would need a lot of determination to able to stick with it", Alexander warned her seriously.

"Don't worry his highness I would not disappoint you", Alice said with determination. Slowly the new and details about the exercise spread all over the palace and later on hospital did confirmed everything which was mentioned by it. This also was added as the merit for Alexander and he was awarded with several treasures later on by the Emperor.

At evening, he looked at James and said, "James can you tell us about our schedule."

"Yes your highness"

"Tomorrow we will visit the Alchemy tower and botanical garden so make sure to properly arrange everything. Also notified about this to the Uncle Jarvis too", Alexander ordered.

Next day, at Alchemy tower. They were welcomed by the Solon who was a second tier alchemist. Alchemist held special status in any kingdom as they are mainly responsible for doing research on various potions as well crafting various equipment which are necessary for the kingdom. And the position of head alchemist is almost as respectable as Emperor. Each major city and towns had alchemy tower in it or are either in collaboration with some magic towers.

Alexander looked at Solon who was currently greeting him and was little shocked. As he knows that in future a huge incident happened in his past life, and victim of that incident was currently standing before him. The incident was:

It was time when the election for council members were about to be organized. Solon had discovered a special engine which were responsible for creating aircraft, and it would almost confirm his seat in council but his opponent who had backing of noble family stole his research and published it under his name. he tried to fight back was completely surpassed by them which forced him joining the Rebellion army, and he created various potions and weapons which greatly increased the strength of the Rebellion army and become a major challenger for prince to inherit the thrones.

Soon he came back to senses, and looked around. Solon came in front of him and said, "Good Morning his highness second prince. I am Solon Machell, outer disciple of Alchemist Charles who is head of the Empire's Alchemy Association. Today I would be your guide. Also before we start our journey I wished to warn you that please don't touch anything without my permission as there might be something which would harm you."

Hearing this James once again entered the argument mode and said, "We don't need you to tell us what to do and what n…." he was interrupted by Alexander.


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