7 Allies
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7 Allies

Bluemoon palace, in the study room. Currently, in the room there are three people, Alexander and the Redhone Couple. He looked at them seriously. Alexander looked at the couple before him. They looked to be in late 40s. Although they looked normal couple but Alexander know the history about the 'harmless' couple before him.

From what he had heard, Uncle Redhone or Jarvis C. Redhone, when he was at peak he was a swordsman who reach was a peak high rank swordsman when he just 30 year. Everyone had hoped for him to become sword saint but an unexpected accident changed his life. His son offended a noble family and was injured by them to that extent that he entered comatose state, in anger he asked permission of emperor and went for revenge. Although he managed to eliminate the Noble family but price was much greater than he expected. He was poisoned and whenever he use universal essence the intensity of poison intensify. As for his wife, she is also a tier 5 water high mage. She was in shock when her son was injured, and failed had protect the family.

In his past life, when he placed the first prince on throne. He was awarded with the title of duke and this couple took good care of him. They treated him like his own son, and had when the imperial army charged into his territory for the so-called 'justice' they helped him in escaping the castle. This was the debt which he owed to them.

He looked at his Uncle Jarvis Redhone and asked, "Uncle Jarvis do you trust me?" his serious face was cute for the couple in front of him. He smiled and said, "Of course my sire."

"Uncle Jarvis do you know about my mother?" Alexander asked. Hearing prince mentioning his mother couple were also alerted and felt something wrong. He looked at them for answer, when Lady Mary Redhone responded, "Of course sire. We know about her. She was most brilliant alchemist Empire ever had, and if that accident hadn't happened she might had already reached the Grand master rank by now."

"You know my mother had left and inheritance for me. Which I received few months ago, and I am able to walk because of that. I think you both know about my poisoning case", Alexander said seriously. "His highness wasn't that just a mistake made by the doctor?" asked Lady Mary with little expectation.

He ignored the question and placed a piece of paper and two batches before them, and said, "If you agree with the conditions mentioned there I am willing to cure both uncle Jarvis and your son, because what I need most are allies. As you all know that there are no such thing as familial tie in royal family and the war of throne which would happen this time wouldn't be as simple as it look because there are many hidden enemies who are already making move. And this flame of war sooner or later would reach me too. So please chose your decision wisely."

Both Mr. and Mrs. Redhone looked at contract before deciding to sign the contract. He gave a potion which was bought from the store and by using once a lifetime 100% discount coupon to buy the antidote for uncle Jarvis. It was red potion which was drunk by uncle Jarvis in one gulp. About one hour later when the medicinal effect disappeared, he found out that poison is completely eliminated from his body. Both of them kneeled before him in gratitude.

Alexander made them stand, gave them a bottle and said, "Thank you for accepting my offer and trusting me. This is the Essence of world tree which could help your son from recovering from old injuries. You should hurry up as we had to move into next phase of our plan. Also this is manual which have details on the batches which I gave you. If your son decided to follow me than do tell me I would gave him another batch too."

"His highness you had already done enough, please take this potion back it is very rare", Jarvis said pleadingly. Alexander shook his head and said, "Uncle your son is a talented magical knight. If he could be recovered then he could become a valuable asset for us in future. So why should we waste this chance. As for this potion I still had few bottle so don't worry."

The Redhone nodded and immediately dashed toward their home. That night, Redhone couple once again recovered their long last happiness. They had never thought there would be a day when their son would recover on top of that recovery of Mr. Redhone. Mary looked at her son and husband and said, "We owe a lot to the Second Prince. We should help him as much as we can after all we had seen the cruelty of the war of throne ourselves."

Jarvis agreed to her statement and said, "Yes you are right. But didn't you see that second prince seemed to lot more mature than he looked to be. And beside that I think he had someone to rely on otherwise he wouldn't have taken such a risk and negotiated with us despite knowing our history. Also I found it rather strange, when he said, the War of Throne wouldn't be as simple as it looks."

"Let's put that aside and celebrate ourselves. Oh by the way we shouldn't forget his warning and kept the recovery of our son a secret. He had already said that if that want then Second Prince is willing him to train him by himself. And from what I had seen I think under his guidance there is a chance that our son might reach an unimaginable height too." [Jarvis]

"We could only hope that." [Lady Marie]


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