Rise of Martial lord
16 Chapter 16
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Rise of Martial lord
Author :Killer5644
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16 Chapter 16

Raven was walking in the forest while he found some he found some beast at Grandmaster level so he killed them and started absorbing them but still didnt got any abilities as the dragon devouring art was known to be one of the most powerful one it truly depended on luck whether one could get it or not as Raven's luck was bad he started to use the dragon devouring art second form where he could devour them to improve his cultivation the form of Dragon devouring art was like this

First Form: which absorbed to steal their abilities

Second form:Which absorbed to improve one's cultivation

Third form:Which absorbed to improve one's comprehension

The most difficult one was first form it had only a chance of 1 in 1000 to get their ability so Raven thought he would only use it when he had lots of beast's body.

After walking for some time he found a beast known as lightning wolf the lighting wolf was at Earthly 5th stage realm two realms higher then him Raven's blood had started to boil as he had not battled someone higher level then him. Raven took out his Sword which was at Mid Earth grade he did have a sword known as Godly Dragon's Claw as the weapon was said to be created from Godly Dragon's Claw which was at 7th Heaven grade weapon but he didn't wanted to win this battle easily so he charged at the lightening wolf the lighting wolf had noticed a sense of danger so it had guard up and when the wolf saw Raven he used his sharp claws to attack Raven so Raven used his instant teleportation to doge it and appeared back of him and hit in back which caused serious injuries and after that Lightning wolf shooted a lightning but it was not enough to cause seirous injuries to him so he took it and when the wolf thought he would be dead so he lowered his guards and suddenly Raven appeared and aimed his sword to the neck and killed the wolf. After healing Raven went to absorb wolf but it only slightly helped so Raven stored the wolf in his spatial ring and he continued his journey after that he found a place where there was a tree and there was a battle going on the tree had 15 to 20 Fruits known as body strengthening fruit which worked for Grandmaster realms so Raven had no longer interest but he suddenly heard a voice " You beast how dare you try to put your hand on young miss" after that Raven started observing them there were 7 people at twenties and there was a young man and young woman they were probably 12 or 11 years.The three men were protecting the woman while the other four had surrounded them the young man said "Haha isn't it common for winner to get everything from the loser" one of the four men said "You should feel proud our young master has taken a liking to you and you are talking bad things about him is this how you pay for someone who is doing good things to you" one of the gourds protecting the young woman said " If you are doing good things then in this world no person have done bad things" The other person responded "Are you trying to insult us by saying this Master can I kill him" The young men replied while there was lust in his fave "Except for the girl kill all of them" and at that time a young man appeared and said in coldest way "If you have the guts try touching a single hair of them"


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