Run Lara!
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Run Lara!
Author :ouroboros7
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32 back home

March 15, 2011 Los Angeles


Wooo, I'm so eager to go home and find some calm before leaving again. More than two months that I could not see mom, it really starts to be long. One last check before you leave is never useless, clothes ready, laptop ready, smartphone ready, mister who stinks, huhu always ready. I guess I have the essentials, so I can leave this time with peace of mind.


A young woman, rushes into the beroom of this miss not in a hurry, which once again, if she takes its time, she will put everyone very in late. She is a beautiful young brunette, Métis, with a bust that is not more developed than her young miss precocious at this level. Sometimes, when she thinks about it, her depression lasts for hours, but this little detail was not enough to separate Maï de Lara (her annoying little sister), whom she loves deeply. Without knocking, she opens the door of Lara who is lying on her bed and has fallen asleep with her teddy bear in her arms. Her miss, is perhaps still too young to be interested in boys, but according to Maï, Lara is now too old to sleep with with teddy bears.

"Lara, wake up fast, standing up. Lara, even if your father sent you his private plane, that does not mean you can leave anytime. Airport staff must also adhere to strict schedules. Lara wake up."

Oh, but I was sleeping well. "Hug, otherwise I do not get up and now I'm too heavy for you to wear me long distances. In other words, you have no choice. No hugs, Lara, stay in bed, huhu."

Maï sighs and kisses on the forehead of this demanding little girl, who after catching her by the neck and make many kisses and finally get up. "Lara, you're not a little girl who needs cuddles all the time, I'll remind you that you're going to be 11 years old. Come, someone will take your suitcases, what? How many? Seven suitcases, are not you a little crazy?"

Lara stares intently Maï for a moment and then goes to the door. "No matter, at least I have everything I need. Let's go or as you say we'll be late."

March 16, 2011


After a flight that was not so long, but if we take into account the time difference, go home tonight and wake up mom would not be nice so we slept in a hotel in New York, and then have took the road this morning. Every time I come back here, nostalgia wins me. I always think back to my mother, Jeff and Sally, but as my father says, I can not have everything and living in Los Angeles was a good choice if you only take into account my activities. On a more personal level, my heart has never left this place and if Maï was not near me daily, I do not know if I will manage to endure this distance sometimes so painful. After the car begins to climb this familiar slope, the portal that has not changed since my last visit and seems to greet me becomes visible. When it opens, the car travel still nearly three hundred meters and then stops. My heart accelerates, my smile can not disappear, anyway, I have no reason to hide it and then a small tear flows from my right eye. Finally, after an absence that seemed endless, I'm back home.

When Mom, who must be as impatient as I, runs out of the house, I throw myself into her arms and hold her tightly in my arms. "I'm here my mom. I love you, I love you mom. It was so long, if you knew how much I missed you."

Between us, nothing has changed, time has no hold on our relationship. As when I was a little mother, she take me in her arms, cover me with kisses and we both cry. It is possible that the spectators find that ridiculous but I do not care, I am happy. "My angel, I was so worried about you. You grew up again. You become a beautiful young woman so quickly but your mom is not near you to advise you, sorry my little love."

No, do not say that my mom. "No it's me who decided mom. You have nothing to reproach yourself for and to tell you the truth, I need your advice. I ask myself questions that I am unable to answer alone. It's not exactly that, I'll want to know if I'm normal. Can you listen to what worries me?"

Mom smiles at me, then kisses my forehead. "Of course my angel, let's go to your father's office, we will not be disturbed."

In the house, I look at the furniture, the objects, the paintings, the maids that greet me and to which I answer and although nothing has changed, I always feel a difference when I come back. My father's private office is on the third floor of the north wing, and the house staff is not allowed in. This is certainly the place to talk about this issue that worries me a lot since the last month. When the door is locked, we sit on the couch. I look at mom and look for a way to approach this subject indirectly but it's useless, the result will be the same.

"Mom, I think I'm weird. It's very embarrassing to talk about that and I can only talk about it with you. How to say, like that maybe? I will give you an example. You know, in school, we are only girls. The other girls are older and more developed than me and for some time I am surprised to look at them some a little too much. Um, ahhh, I'm so embarrassed."

My mom laughs and strokes my head. "Continue, you do not have to be embarrassed in front of me. So you look at them a bit too much, but in what way, a little too much?"

I lower my head and look at my feet because even if it's mom, I'm really ashamed of myself. "Their faces, their thighs and their breasts among others. Do you think I have a problem?"

Mom shakes her head. She seems pensive before looking at me again. "No you are different but normal. I suspected that growing up you would like girls, that you would be attracted by them to tell you the truth All the signs went in this direction and if you flourish so, I will be happy for you. For me, there is no good way to love, the most important thing is to love. Nevertheless, for the moment, avoid talking to your father and your grandfather. Especially your grandfather, he is so conservative, that he will become completely crazy when he learns that. As I pity all those boys who will want to get close to my beautiful baby, haha."

"Mu, nasty mom."


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