The Daily Life of the Immortal King
1176 Warrior! Zaomen Rokuro!
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The Daily Life of the Immortal King
Author :Kuxuan
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1176 Warrior! Zaomen Rokuro!

A frightening concept started to take shape in Wang Zhen's mind… A super cosmic-scale magic array was something he had never thought of; it was a little inconceivable, and more than that, filled one with absolute horror.

Loopy Toad's hair stood on end. "Are you sure the other party has already set up all the points of the array, and Earth is the last one?"

Wang Zhen's face was grim. "We can't rule out this possibility… it isn't just Earth that has heavenly veins. When the eight planets in the solar system and the sun itself move along a specific trajectory, this will coincidentally fulfill the conditions for setting up an array! As long as the heavenly vein main valve on Earth is opened before the planets and sun align along this trajectory, the array will be complete!"

Of course, all this was just Wang Zhen's speculation; he didn't have any proof.

Loopy Toad was tracking the aura, and the three of them finally reached the very center of the domed mountain peak. The patrols here were very rigorous: more than sixty three-member teams of the resident special forces were patrolling around the peak.

Given such a tight defense, it was logical to assume that signs of any outsiders setting foot on the domed peak absolutely wouldn't escape the eyes of the special forces stationed there. They lived here all year round and were especially familiar with this terrain. Each of them had eyes like a hawk – even on a flying sword, they could quickly lock onto a target at long range.

Furthermore, they carried high-precision detection magic treasures on them; the slightest movement nearby wouldn't escape their attention.

But in Wang Zhen's view, there was actually a fatal hole in this seemingly watertight defense.

"What if those people already snuck inside much earlier on?" Wang Zhen asked.

"You suspect that they're already inside?"

"That's right." Wang Zhen nodded his head. "Since this mastermind is planning to set up such an evil super cosmic-scale array, he must be very patient. I once heard about someone who wanted to ambush another person, and hid under the bed in the latter's house for a whole week, just to find the right opportunity and come up with an alibi. What this type of top-level Almighty has is plenty of time to wait, in order to fulfill his goal."

"Makes sense!" Loopy Toad and Little Silver were convinced.

The patience of a top-level Almighty was something they had already seen for themselves…

For example, when buying limited edition crispy noodle snacks, Little Master Ling would very patiently wait in line. Even if it was a long queue out the door, and there was a possibility that he might not be able to buy it in the end, he was still willing to wait patiently in line to buy limited edition crispy noodle snacks.

This sort of patience was something Little Silver and Loopy Toad had simply never seen before…

Sometimes, patience was needed to achieve something!

At this thought, the trio couldn't help sighing.

At that moment, close to the center of the mountain done, a patrol team hurried over to intercept Loopy Toad and the others. "You there! Who are you?!"

Although Loopy Toad and the others were also wearing the uniform of the special forces, the patrol members were still suspicious since the faces were unfamiliar to them.

"We're the special operations team." Little Silver stepped forward to answer the patrol team as he handed his Office of Strategic Deception badge to the captain.

This was the ID badge custom-made by the Office of Strategic Deception. Before the start of the competition, Huaxiu Alliance had personally spread the word among ally troops and explained the method for verifying the authenticity of this badge. The moment the team captain touched the badge, he already knew it was the real thing. He then saw the "Silver" engraved in the center of the badge, and immediately widened his eyes.

"My deepest apologies, it's actually Perfected Being Silver!" The captain had an awed expression on his face. When he saw Little Silver's bare feet, he was even more convinced of his identity.

That was because he had already learned that this Perfected Being Silver from the Office of Strategic Deception liked to be barefooted.

"It's fine." Little Silver waved his hand. "We're here on Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal's orders to patrol the interior of the mountain dome and check for hidden dangers. You can remain at your post; you don't have to follow us."

"Understood! Please be careful!"

After Little Silver was done speaking, the captain returned the badge with both hands and immediately let them pass.

When they were some distance away, Loopy Toad revealed some disbelief on his face. "When did you become Perfected Being Silver?"

"It's all thanks to our colleagues! It's also easier to get things done with this identity. Grenade-Throwing already anticipated that something like this might happen," answered Little Silver.

The interior of the domed mountain peak was the hinterland of Nine Dragon Mountain, and where the switch for the heavenly vein main valve was located. Usually, a test station to monitor the vein would be set up in such an important and strategic location, but as they went deep into the mountain, Wang Zhen realized that there weren't any modern buildings on the domed mountain peak.

"I heard that to protect the ecosystem, there aren't any modern structures on Nine Dragon Mountain. The resident special forces just set up tents and stay there, including Old Huang, who has always been stationed here," said Little Silver, who had done the research based on the information which the Office of Strategic Deception had obtained.

"Old Huang also lives in a tent, despite his status?" asked Wang Zhen.

"Old Huang's place is slightly better. There's a natural stalactite cave on the mountain dome, where Old Huang has been living all this time in order to safeguard the heavenly vein main valve. He never once left, even if Huaxiu Alliance summoned him; he just created a clone to attend the meetings. The word is that Old Huang's real body hadn't left the cave for a very long time, perhaps over a thousand years. If Huaxiu Alliance hadn't appointed him as the chief commander this time, he might have chosen to remain in the cave," said Little Silver.

Stationed inside a stalactite cave to guard the heavenly vein for over a thousand years…

Wang Zhen was instantly on the alert. "Where is this cave?"

He was now thinking of a scary possibility.

Just as Little Silver was about to lead them to the stalactite cave where Old Man Huang lived, powerful pressure suddenly descended upon them.

"Enemy incoming, watch out!" Wang Zhen was instantly on guard. In front of the stalactite cave, a warrior with a blindfold around his eyes appeared. He wore thick warrior armor and gave off an aura that reeked with the blood of slaughter.

"This person is…"

Little Silver felt that this person was a little familiar, and that he had seen his name on the list from Huaxiu Alliance of dangerous individuals who had been resurrected.

"That's Zaomen Rokuro! A swordmaster from Sun Island who uses the Supernatural Seven Kills Technique to kill people in seven moves," answered Loopy Toad.

He had been a notorious criminal of the Dark Network back then, who had been killed by peacekeeping troops sent by Mixiu nation during the "Hunter Operation."

The most important point was that this Zaomen Rokuro seemed to have some connection with the Old Devil…


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