The Game in Eden
14 Came from the Sky
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The Game in Eden
Author :StaticCharacter
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14 Came from the Sky

The wind became silent, and the trees stood still. Suddenly a gust rips across the grassland. Trees are pulled from their roots, and a grass tornado starts to form. Someone with a wind sword is training with an elderly man.

(???) "Comn on sky, you can do better!"

(Sky) "Shut up old man!"

He starts spinning the sword faster, and the tornado grows.

(???) "Show me what you've got!"

(Sky) "Ok, Grandpa, but don't cry if it stings!"

(???) "Sure send it at me!"


Sky lunges forward, and the vortex moves forward, towards the old man. Just before the tornado hits him, the tornado evaporates.

(???) "You call that a Vortex Sky Blade? That was more of a relaxing tooth pick!"

Sky throws his sword at the old man, and as if he could see the future, he grabs the spear without even looking.

(Sky) "I'm tired of you treating me like a kid!"

(???) "Well maybe act a little more mature."

The two continue to complain and train. A loud noise of a gunshot can hardly be heard over the old man and sky's complaining.

(???) "Wait did you here that?"

(Sky) "No, why?"

(???) "Comn on, Follow me."

The old man leads a path through the thick tall bamboo like grass. They come across a clearing. It was beautiful, there was a boulder in the center of the clearing, with bright green moss camouflaging it. Delicious scented flowers covered the ground. There were yellow ones, green ones, and purple ones. They walked to the middle of the clearing, a glowing fiery object starts to fall from the sky.

(Sky) "What's that?"

The ball was getting bigger.

(???) "Run! I said run!"

The old man and Sky rush through the tall grass, and then they hear a loud boom. Sky notices that the old man isn't with him. Debris makes it hard for Sky to see anything. He begins to shout.

(Sky) "Where are you?"

The clearing is in ruins. There is one flower unscathed. Sky looks at it with amazement. Everywhere else is covered with dirt and debris, but this one white flower isn't. Where the boulder once was, has now been replaced with a giant rock. The rock begins to glow, and crack. Sky starts to run because he doesn't know what is going to happen. The rock gets brighter and brighter, and suddenly it blows up sending shards everywhere. Sky is glad that the old man had shown him how to use the Vortex Sky Blade move, sort of anyway, because just before the rock blew, he surrounded himself with the vortex which deflected the shards from hitting him. Sky looks back at where rock was, and he caught a glimpse of a man, or was it a dragon? The mysterious man dragon thing vanished, and Sky was all alone.

(Sky) "Old man, where are you?"

People start to arrive to the crash site, and no one could find the old man's body.

(Sky) "I'm not going to give up. I believe that the old man somehow made it out, and is waiting for me to find him."

(???) "You might be right."

Sky shocked that someone heard him, turned around face to face to a hooded figure.

(Sky) "Who are you? And why are you here?"

(???) "The old man you're referring to used to be my teacher, and I was his apprentice."

(Sky) "Wait, y-your him? The dragon slayer, the Demon king, slayer of all evil."

(???) "Ahh, I see your familiar with my title."

(Sky) "But your a myth, a legend, a children's story."

(???) "I'm afraid that I am more than just a children's story. Here, take my arm."

(Sky) "Why?"

(???) "Just do it, and don't throw up on me."

(Sky) "Why would I do tha-"

Sky feels a rush from his heart, his eyes see changes of color and the world around him shatters. Then the world reforms, and he is somewhere else entirely. There are loud animal like noises, and huge trees. Tall ferns over his head block out the sun. Sky falls to the ground, and feels a pain in his gut. He looks up at the Dragon slayer.

(Sky) "Where are we, Mr. Dragon Slayer?"

(???) "First of all call me anything but that, and my name is Dragneel, second we are in the ancient city of Terra Mozi."

(Sky) "I thought that was only a myth as well."

(Dragneel) "You think a lot of things are myths don't you?"

(Sky) "So why are we here?"

(Dragneel) "To find our teacher."

(Sky) "Who was that thing that came out of that rock?"

Dragneel shocked by the question, stared at Sky, his eyes full of fear.

(Dragneel) "What did it look like?"

(Sky) "It looked like a dragon, and man. So it looked like a Dragoman.

(Dragneel) "So it's worse than I thought. We have no time to wait around, we need to find our teacher. Fast!"

(Sky) "What was it?"

(Dragneel) "They come from the center of our galaxy, and they seek to destroy everything. They are called the Dracotaurs, and they must have taken the teacher to make a portal for them."

(Sky) "What's the portal for?"

(Dragneel) "To send the rest of there army through to take over Eden, and plunge the world into darkness."

(Sky) "How are we going to find him?"

(Dragneel) "I know a guy."


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