The Journey Of A Savior
18 The Might of the Fire Dragon
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The Journey Of A Savior
Author :Smokyy007
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18 The Might of the Fire Dragon

The old man didn't mind his words. He put all of his focus towards that rapidly approaching fire dragon.

The matter in front was much more pressing than his bickering. He knew that he would have to stop that fire dragon somehow; otherwise, even his awakened chakra point won't be able to save him from turning into ash.

So, that's why he started sending more and more of his raw spiritual energy towards his Svadhisthana Chakra to refine it and infuse it with the element of water.

The fire-dragon technique was well-known in the north-east region for its violent nature. It was the crown jewel of the newly appointed Region Head, but the version which the leader brought forth seemed to be of very low quality.

It was of low quality, and yet, the kind of destructive power it displayed, went beyond his imagination. If the knock-off was this magnificent then the original technique must be a thousand times more destructive and scarier. He couldn't even think of a way to counter that, but the good thing was that he was not up against the original technique, and that man was not the Region Head.

The spiritual energy which created that technique was too thin and impure, and because of that, it was not invulnerable. By attacking its weak-link, he could obliterate this fire dragon into nothingness in only one shot.

The weak-link of any elemental technique was the center of the power source, known as Kendrak, from where it connects with the caster and gets the needed spiritual energy to function. He just had to locate the Kendrak of this technique and strike it by his most powerful attack.

But the biggest problem for him was to find the location of the Kendrak of this technique.

One of the advantages of using a high-level elemental technique was that it always hid its Kendrak in its manifested body, so that no one would be able to discover it during the battle, and the power displayed by the technique made it certain that this fire dragon technique was a high-level technique.

These kinds of techniques were the creations of some very high-level element-users, whom every element practitioner hoped to become one day, and the creation of such supreme beings would surely have no weak-links exposed.

But just as they say 'Even the mighty Vel of Lord Kartikeya becomes nothing more than a poking needle in the hands of an idiot.'

The old man had hope that if he nudged it enough, then he would be able to determine the location of the Kendrak of this technique.

He looked towards that fire dragon and started chanting a mantra. He put his hands into the air towards that dragon, and a stream of colorless refined spiritual energy started to swirl out of his palms.

A few moments later, it took the shape of a giant, densely packed, crystal block.

The refined spiritual energy gathered in the form of a semi-transparent block and floated in the air, above his hands. Because of the infusion of the water element in the refined spiritual energy, that block started exuding extreme chillness around itself, which was relieving the pressure exerted by that fire dragon on him.

After completion of its form, the old man pushed his both palms towards that incoming fire dragon, and that block started flying towards it. Even if that ice block looked tiny in front of that fire dragon, but actually, it was fairly long and wide as it produced a 'whoosh' sound while moving rapidly through the air.

The leader looked at the ice block and snorted. He knew that it won't even reach the range of the fire dragon; it would evaporate miles before even it could approach the fire dragon. The temperature around the fire dragon was too much for an ice block to bear.

Even if it was as big as a mountain, it still won't affect the fire dragon too much; it had the elemental advantage over the ice block.

"This is all futile. You can never stop the fire dragon with a pathetic ice block like this."

"It's just like an insignificant fly, which could be swatted away without even lifting the fingers."

"You should stop struggling. My offer still stands. If you can destroy you Chakra point and kill yourself, then I will let that girl suffer less." "Don't worry, after you're gone, I will make sure to take good care of her flawless curvy body." An obscene smile formed onto his villainous visage.

"I am saying this for you and your granddaughter's benefit. Surely you wouldn't want your grand-daughter to suffer even after you're gone." The leader added. He was trying to distract the old man by humiliating the girl in front of him.

The old man was wise enough to see through his trick and didn't let his spiteful words distract him from doing what he ought to do. He looked at the ice block flying towards that fire dragon. He knew that it won't do much damage to the fire dragon, but he knew for sure that it would not evaporate before reaching the fire dragon.
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The fire dragon flew rapidly towards the ground. It increased its speed by two folds, and all of a sudden, the ice block appeared in front of its face. As per the assumptions of the old man, the ice block didn't evaporate. It crashed straight into the face of that fire dragon, which made the fire dragon stumble for a bit.

After watching the ice block created by that old man, crashing straight into the face of the fire dragon, the leader felt panic in his heart. A sense of shock ran through his body as he covered his opened mouth with his hand. He never expected the ice block to even reach the dragon, and yet it crashed into him. This ice block was powerful enough to endure the extreme heat around the fire dragon. This could be troublesome.

The broken shards of the ice block penetrated its fire skin and entered its body. Because of the extreme heat that the dragon possessed, the shards couldn't last much longer as it turned into vapor instantly, but it had done more than enough.

It had planted a seed of doubt into the mind of that leader. It took him by surprise. Now he knew that the skin of the fire dragon could be penetrated if approached by those ice shards.

After watching his first attack be successful, the old man sported a smile as he created a few more ice blocks around his palm in the mean-time. He flicked his hand and threw them towards that fire dragon again. He knew that taking him only by surprise was he able to get a clear strike last time, which is why this time, to confuse the fire dragon, he threw multiple ice blocks in a different direction.

That last hit on the face made the fire dragon scarily angry. It roared loudly in anger. It felt disgusted that a puny water user was capable to endure its tremendous heat and was able to injure its body. Even if it was a slight scratch, it was still humiliating for him. Anger clouded his judgment as it dived straight towards those incoming ice blocks.

The fire dragon wanted to show everyone that those ice blocks were nothing against him, so it tried to take them head-on.

The leader panicked after watching all those ice blocks flying towards the fire dragon. And to make the matter worse, the dragon seemed to be neglecting their existence as it flew rapidly towards them. He hurriedly ordered it to stop.

He knew in his heart that if he let those ice blocks come even near the fire dragon again, it would only create trouble for him. So this time he wasn't going to underestimate that attack again. He ordered the fire dragon to take them on from afar.

The fire dragon had to obey its master. It looked angry, but that man was still its master, so it had to absolutely submit to his wishes. So it opened its gigantic mouth, and a huge ball of green fire came dancing down from it. The fireball went straight towards the ice blocks.

After arriving near the ice blocks, the fireball started growing in size. It grew bigger and bigger till it finally engulfed the ice blocks completely into its belly.

The green fire burned brightly in the blazing sun. The atmospheric temperature, which was already intolerable to those commoners, rose rapidly and became unbearable even for the old man. A few beads of sweat started dripping from his forehead.

After a few moments, when the ball of fire finally disappeared, the ice blocks were nowhere to be seen. It was as if they were never there. They became the prey of that fiery ball of fire and evaporated into the atmosphere.

After watching the fire ball show its might by engulfing the ice blocks and turning them into a gush of steam, the leader started laughing. His face was full of sweat, and he was short of breath, but he felt nothing but excitement in his heart after seeing the dominance of the fire dragon.

Who would dare to fight the fire dragon after seeing its glorious performance? It was too majestic, too powerful. With the help of the fire dragon, it was possible for him to become the next head of this region.

"Did you see that? Did you see the might of the fire dragon?"

"Are you afraid now that you have seen it with your eyes? I can decimate this puny market into nothingness just like that, in a mere moment."

"You all are nothing but an ant to me, so just die." The leader ordered the fire dragon to launch that previous attack once again towards that old man.

During the previous attack, the old man got a glimpse of the Kendrak of the fire dragon for a moment. It flashed only for a mere moment, but it was enough for him to determine the location of its Kendrak. His stingy provocations had finally bored the fruits of his labor.

The eyes of the old man were brightening up as he seemed to have realized something. The corners of his lips curved upwards as the old man said with an eloquent calmness spread on his countenance.

"And next, this ant will annihilate that fire dragon in front of your eyes. Just wait."

Prior to that last attack, it would've been natural, if the leader had let the fire dragon crash into those ice blocks. Nothing serious would've happened even if the broken ice shards could manage to penetrate its fiery skin. The old man didn't know the exact location of its Kendrak point, and the broken shards wouldn't have held their shapes for much longer anyway.

But as per his assumption, the leader's arrogant nature got the better of him as he tried to dominate the situation by force. He had to display his dominance to everyone present to get his face back, but in doing so, he made the fire dragon vulnerable by using most of its spiritual energy in the form of that fireball.

That was a formidable attack, but it consumed too much of his refined spiritual energy.

The leader's spiritual energy was already thin and impure, and now he had used more than half of his spiritual energy in that previous attack. He was sweating profusely. It seemed to have taken a heavy toll on his body.

Never did he have to resort to this level while fighting any other element-user. Those arrogant words of the old man struck a hole right into his pride.

Now he only wanted one thing 'to destroy this whole place and leave no bystander alive, who could ever recall the humiliation he had to face today. He was going to burn this whole place into ashes.

The leader started gathering the raw spiritual energy of nature into his body and sent it to his chakra point without even stabilizing it. It was a dangerous feat to do, but the situation was dire enough for him to take on the risk.

He started to pour all the spiritual energy which he gathered in his body to his Nabhi Chakra at a rapid rate and started infusing it with the element of fire.


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