The Supreme Dragon Emperor
Chapter 1 : Talent and Green Hand 1
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The Supreme Dragon Emperor
Author :Strapped Dragon
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Chapter 1 : Talent and Green Hand 1

Chapter 1 : Talent and Green Hand (1)

Translator: Faye Editor: WenYi
At the north of the Fire Meteorite continent, there was a chain of mountains, called Cloud Dream Mountain or Death Mountain.

All residents in Fire Meteorite continent ranging from the elderly to toddlers knew the danger of Cloud Dream Mountain which was deemed as the forbidden area since it was perilous. Except for the strong of martial arts, the ordinary people couldn’t set foot on this area at all. Therefore, the river cutting through Cloud Dream Mountain was rarely known by people.

No one knew the origin of this river because it was clothed in the thick fog, as the poem read, ‘Deep clouds set people wondering where’’. Whoever with martial arts wanted to explore it all died.

At this moment, at the end of the river, the thick fog has gradually lifted, dimly appearing the towering peak.

Fog shrouded the outline of the mountains. At the junction of mountains and clouds, there stood a closed stone door, abnormally weird, making people want to push the door open and explore the inside.

Standing in front of the stone door, Lin Xiao also felt that way. While what different was that he was at another side of the stone door.

“It has been six years. I am going to break the spell formation of sealing the heaven and earth soon.” Lin Xiao stood in front of the stone door, extremely excited.

Lin Xiao could still remember the scene six years ago. He was an ordinary high school student on the earth. After a succor game, he dozed off for a while. But when he woke up, he found his soul transcending time and space, and he was reborn as nine-year old child.

What happened later incredibly subverted his imagination.

Because he found the space blockaded, and there were corpses everywhere. When he touched a piece of bone unintentionally, the scene emerged in his mind shocked him badly.

A tall man in white, seemly sky-high, snapped his finger. All of a sudden, the stars fell down, and the space collapsed. Then a black dagger, enlarging to numerous miles, stabbed into his back, which was followed by a devastating collision.

Seeing this, Lin Xiao fainted with blood spurting from his mouth.

Later, as time went by, Lin Xiao has known where he was in.

It was the place where gods and devils died, known as their cemetery.

What the most horrible thing was that the Forsaken Cemetery was blockaded by a spell formation, so Lin Xiao could not walk out of here.

Although Lin Xiao was a high school student in his previous life, he had read considerable fantasy novels. So he did not feel discouraged, instead, he conducted a blanket search in this area, hoping to find some cultivation methods of gods and devils so as to become a unparalleled stronger.

In the end, Lin Xiao gained some letters and jade slips. But unfortunately, the jade slips recorded the top-level cultivation methods practiced by gods and devils, and he even could not open the jade slips, let alone learn it.

Hence, he had to settle for second best to study letters.

Day after day, year after year, although Lin Xiao had a good command of these letters, such as alchemy, refining, formations and so on, his force value was still zero. The more he learned, the more horrible he felt. He has learned that this Forsaken Cemetery was blockaded by the spell formation of sealing the heaven and earth, thus the spiritual energy of heaven and earth could not enter this area, and this cemetery enjoyed one hundred thousand years of history.

In other words, this body he took up might be one hundred thousand year-old.

Lin Xiao didn’t need to bother why this body could exist for one hundred thousand years, since he could not figure out what had happened here.

Collecting his wits, Lin Xiao looked around. Then he took out a letter from interspatial ring and began to read.

He looked over the letter very fast. After he finished a letter, he would meditate with his eyes closed, and then used his finger to delineate complex lines in the air.

When he opened his eyes again, he took out another letter and repeated the same thing.

After reading several letters, without any words, he lay down on the ground and fell asleep.

In fact, since six years ago when he has learned how to break a formation, he has been trying to break the spell formation of sealing the heaven and earth, but failed every time. Meanwhile, as he tried more times, he found that to break this formation required all-embracing knowledge which was a blending of refining, and mudra used in alchemy. Even some seemingly simple eye places contained tens of millions of changes. So Lin Xiao had to keep learning.

Now, after tens of thousands of attempts, Lin Xiao was confident enough to break this formation.


After a time, he didn’t know how long, Lin Xiao opened eyes, yawned, and stretched himself.

After loosening up, Lin Xiao brought himself to best condition. His face was grave and his hands began to move by hands in mudra and finger delineating lines. Sometimes he kicked cobblestones into the air.

All his arms and legs moved. If others did this, it must be clumsy and unsightly. But Lin Xiao’s action was very natural.

Day alternated with night. Lin Xiao kept moving.

After three days and three nights, Lin Xiao opened his mouth and shoot out a blood sword which straightly thrust the middle of the stone door. Then, there came the sound of "KaKa…"

The stone door opened, and the formation was broken.

"Ha ha ha..."

Even though Lin Xiao was staggering and seemed to fall down at any moment. But seeing this scene, he couldn’t help guffawing. Then he walked towards the stone door like a toddler.

So excited, Lin Xiao didn’t notice that there were precipices outside the stone door. When he stepped on his feet, he fell from heights in an ungainly gesture.

Extreme joy begot sorrow!


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