The Supreme Dragon Emperor
Chapter 2: Talent and Green Hand 2
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The Supreme Dragon Emperor
Author :Strapped Dragon
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Chapter 2: Talent and Green Hand 2

Chapter 2: Talent and Green Hand (2)

Translator: Faye Editor: WenYi
Lin Xiao was awakened by heat.

Looking around, this was a simple cabin. Besides the bed where he slept, there was only one rattan chair. The door right in front of the bed was wide open, and the heat wave was blowing.

Lin Xiao just got out of bed. Suddenly there appeared an old man at the door.

The old man was in his late sixties with red hair, red beard and red eyebrows. He squinted his eyes and seemed to fall asleep.

Lin Xiao remembered that he fell from the Forsaken Cemetery. It must be this old man who saved his life.

"Thank...Thank you very much, senior. I...Could I ask where this place is?" Lin Xiao's asked in a hoarse voice.

He has lived in the Forsaken Cemetery for a long time, and it was hard for him to speak. But now finally he met a person, so he really had too many questions to ask.

"You don't know where it is?" This simple question made the red-haired old man open his eyes even wider.

"I don't know." Lin Xiao answered honestly.

‘Here is Ynmeng Mountain, the most perilous place in the north of the Fire Meteorite continent. Even I’m unable to go deeper into this area, you little boy has a narrow escape. When I find you, you seem to drift down from the upper reaches of the river.’’

Ending the conversation, the old man once again showed a drowsy expression. Obviously, he didn’t want to talk with Lin Xiao any more.

Lin Xiao also didn’t take the old man seriously, but he was attracted by the old man's words. The name of Yunmeng Mountain was a stranger to him. Many of the letters and jade slips in the cemetery didn’t mention this place.

Lin Xiao was eager to ask more, but the red-haired old man was already impatient, "Cut the crap! In the next few months you will be expropriated to be my assistant of alchemy. You must get familiar with alchemy in one month! ”

When the old man finished speaking, he turned around and left, but there was a pamphlet on his cane chair.

Lin Xiao immediately nodded, regardless of whether the old man could see.

Lin Xiao thought it was fair that the old man saved him, and in return, he worked for the old man as an assistant of alchemy.

Lin Xiao went over to pick up the booklet called The Fire Devil Hand and leafed it through.

Then he went to the door and looked out. Lin Xiao was shocked.

In front of the door were all marshes, and farther away, there were towering trees that needed several people to cling together, and every now and then he could hear demonic beasts roaring.

After turning his gaze, he finally knew why it was so hot. Not far ahead of him, a flame erupted from the surface. The strangest thing was that the flame was actually blue, profound and mysterious.

"The blue underground fire!" Lin Biao said with serious eyes. The blue underground fire was difficult to form, and its temperature was extremely high, known as the fire for alchemy.

In fact, there was a furnace over the blue unground fire, and the old man was standing next to it.

This old man must be an alchemist.

"It doesn't matter to me what this fire is. I just need to study The Fire Devil Hand first. It's not easy to have a thorough grasp of it within one month.’’ Lin Xiao sat back on the cane chair and fixed his eyes to The Fire Devil Hand.

Alchemy required a good control of the fire. The assistant needed to master a variety of mudras to control the flame, which were mentioned in The Fire Devil Hand.

Lin Xiao scanned it roughly, then looking weird.

He thought that they were advanced mudras. After scanning, he found that the name of The Fire Devil Hand was a little bluffing, but in fact it just contained some basic mudras that every assistant had to master.

"As I thought, how could there exist more profound mudras of fire control in the world than the Forsaken Cemetery? The Fire Devil Hand only introduces thirty-six simple mudras.’’ Lin Xiao crumpled his mouth, and flipped through the pages of the booklet.

After a while, he finished the booklet and threw it away, and then he closed his eyes.

The thirty-six mudras recorded in The Fire Devil Hand emerged in his mind. At the same time, his hands kept moving by hands in mudra……

A night passed by unconsciously. When Lin Xiao opened his eyes again, the sun has already risen from the East.

Going up from the rattan chair, Lin Xiao just walked to the door and realized the old man was standing in front of him.

The old man still squinted his eyes. Without a single word, he stretched out his hand, and a red flame appeared in his palm. Then he flung it, and the flame hovered in the air.

"This flame has been refined by me. You need to try to arrange all kinds of combinations with it." The old man glanced at Lin Xiao with an indifferent expression.

He didn’t ask Lin Xiao whether he has learned thirty-six kinds of fire control mudras. In fact, if Lin Xiao couldn’t learn thirty-six basic mudras overnight, he was not qualified to be an assistant of alchemy.

In fact, this old man, called Chi Yan, was known as the alchemy genius. When he once studied The Fire Devil Hand, he only spent three hours practicing thirty-six basic mudras.

Lin Xiao nodded and walked to the flame. He began to use it to practice those mudras.

The red-haired old man, Chi Yan, stared at Liao Xiao, and nodded, "Although you have learned thirty-six types of fire-control mudras overnight, your qualification can only be considered mediocre, but your movements of hands in mudras are very fluent. You're already much stronger than the average person."

Lin Xiao’s face expression became weird, but his hands kept moving.

"Well? It turns out that you have combined several mudras, very good. But don’t be arrogant. It is necessary to know that although there are only thirty-six basic fire control mudras, the combination of mudras is so complicated that some people cannot combine them to the extreme in their entire life.”

Lin Xiao nodded again, and his movements became faster and faster.

"Oh?" Chi Yan opened eyes wider, and a glimmer of light flashed over in his eyes. If he remembered correctly, Lin Xiao's mudra combinations seemed to have exceeded twenty kinds.

In that year, it took him only three hours to study the thirty-six basic mudras in The Fire Devil Hand, but he spent more than twenty days to combine mudras.

Even so, when he combined these mudras to the extreme within one month, his master praised him as a one-in-a-million talent, and almost smiled in her grave.

It seemed that at a same period of time, he only combined one hundred and eight kinds, and Lin Xiao could combine twenty kinds, which was extremely rare.

However, when he thought Lin Xiao would stop, Lin Xiao did not stop at all. He was quick and focused.

Thirty, fifty, one hundred, two hundred...

Chi Yan’s eyes became even wider, and it seemed that his eyeballs were going to come out of his eyes. Gradually, his eyes narrowed again, and he began to look Lin Xiao up and down with smile. He did not disturb Lin Xiao until he stopped. "Good, good. These mudras have one thousand two hundred and ninety-six combinations. It turns out that you have a good command of them. Boy, would you like to follow me? "Chi Yan asked with smile. He was very happy and proud. He planned to let Lin Xiao to do odds and ends for him. Surprisingly, Lin Xiao could perfect the combinations of mudras.

Well, although this fifteen-year old boy was not so young and his force value was zero, he could perfect the combination of mudras. He would have a bright future.

However, the ability of combining mudras was not enough to win Chi Yan’s heart. Who knew if this boy spent a dozen years practicing The Fire Devil Hand. Chi Yan was a bit proud of his word--follow.


"Don't rush to answer. You can try to practice this first." Chi Yan smiled and took out a pamphlet and hands it to Lin Xiao.

Lin Xiao took a look. There were three big words on the pamphlet: Mysterious God’s Formula.

The name was more resounding. Lin Xiao opened it up. It was more complicated than The Fire Devil Hand.

Looking up, Lin Xiao saw Chi Yan going out, and he asked, "How long do I need to learn this, Senior?"

Chi Yan stopped, without turning back, and his right hand stretched three fingers, saying, "I spent these days learning Mysterious God’s Formula.”


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