The Supreme Dragon Emperor
Chapter 3: Amazing Talent 1
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The Supreme Dragon Emperor
Author :Strapped Dragon
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Chapter 3: Amazing Talent 1

Chapter 3: Amazing Talent (1)

Translator: Faye Editor: WenYi
Mysterious God’s Formula recorded one hundred and eight kinds of fire control mudras, which were more complicated compared with those in The Fire Devil Hand. Thinking of he must learn it in three days, Lin Xiao didn’t dare to idle. Although mudras were not too many, their combinations were very horrifying.

Outside the cabin, Chi Yan had a good eyesight. Through the crevice of the cabin, he saw Lin Xiao lowering his head and reading Mysterious God’s Formula. A smile lighted up Chi Yan’s face.

Although you could combine The Fire Devil Hand, which was the most basic fire control mudra, this Mysterious God’s Formula was an unique skill. If you could create five thousand, no, three thousand kinds of combinations in three months, I would teach you well.

Thinking about this, there appeared a trace of loneliness on Chi Yan’s face. It was hard to find someone to inherit my skills now. I really hoped that I could meet a person who could combine mudras in Mysterious God’s Formula to extreme within three months. It was lonely at the top.

Well, didn't set a too high standard, this kid was also good. It was necessary to refine the earth fire first. Chi Yan took back his gaze and turned to be busy.

At the same time, in the wooden house, Lin Xiao again threw out the Mysterious God’s Formula, and every detail of the one hundred and eight types of fire control mudras were engraved in his mind.

He was gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory!

It had been a natural gift since his soul was reborn as a child.

Lin Xiao again closed the eyes, and the one hundred and eight types of fire control mudras flashed in his mind one by one like a film. His brain was running at a high speed, instantaneously thinking of hundreds of combinations.

Lin Xiao suddenly opened eyes with a faint smile. When he was about to go back to his bed and continued to combine, he found that there was a flame still hovering in front of him.

Lin Xiao's eyes lighted up. This already flame, no doubt, made him quicker to combine mudras.

Lin Xiao stepped forward, and used the flame to combine with hands in mudra.

Immersed in various combinations, Lin Xiao completely forgot about other things, sometimes frowning, sometimes smiling. Apart from the occasional pause in his hand, his hands were moving very fast. Various complex mudras continued coming from his hands......

"Come back!" Chi Yan called, and he stretched out his hand. The blue earth fire flied from the ground, and became to gradually shrink, and finally jumped into the calloused hand of Chi Yan.

The earth fire vanished. Chi Yan grasped his hand, excited. It took him only three days to refine the blue earth fire. With this fire, he had clearer chances for alchemy. Of course, if that boy could combine more mudras in three months, it was undoubtedly the icing on the cake.

Chi Yan turned his gaze to the cabin.

It has been three days. That boy should have learnt one hundred and eight kinds of fire control mudras. Anyway, Chi Yan had nothing to do, and he wanted to give Lin Xiao some hints so as to avoid him making detours.

Thinking of this, Chi Yan strode forward to the cabin.

When he came into the cabin, he saw that the Lin Xiao was concentrating on using the flame to practice mudras.

"Emn, good." Not to mention that what outcome Lin Xiao practiced, at least his attitude was very gratifying.


After Looking at Lin Xiao for a while, Chi Yan suddenly widened his eyes. It seemed that this boy's mudras were complex and changeable, obviously it was a combination of mudras.

Chi Yan was stunned with a wider mouth. Oh, no! This combination of this boy was based on at least ten thousand combinations.

Chi Yan shook his head and wondered if his vision became blurred due to refining the earth fire. Rubbing his eyes broadly, he gazed at Lin Xiao again. The boy's hands changed again, and another mudra appeared in his hands again.

Chi Yan felt that his heartbeat abruptly speeded up many times. With bulging eyes, he stared at Lin Xiao's hands. His trembling hands clung to his body. He even didn’t dare to breathe.

He just stared blankly at Lin Xiao’s hands. Lin Xiao completed one mudra, and then another mudra appeared again.

Lin Xiao’s hand moved slower and slower till he finally stopped, but Chi Yan saw Lin Xiao’s flushed face dripping with sweat.

Seeing this, Chi Yan’s heart was almost going to jump out of his wide mouth. But he couldn’t move slightly, because he knew that Lin Xiao has reached the most critical moment.

Finally, Lin Xiao moved again. This time, his hands motioned very slowly. Along with his movements, the flame separated little by little and eventually became countless spots.

"Come back!" Lin Xiao yelled. He folded his hands together, and the countless separated flames gathered together instantly.

"Everything gathers to one!" Seeing Lin Xiao’s action, these four words crashed in Chi Yan’s mind, shocking his soul, like being struck by lightning!

Three days! This wild boy spent three days combining the Mysterious God’s Formula to this level.

It took Chi Yan three months to perfect the combinations of Mysterious God’s Formula. Even so, his master said he was a one-in-a-million genius. So what was this boy now? He was the peerless genius in the world! Super evil, super abnormal genius!


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