The Supreme Dragon Emperor
Chapter 4 : Amazing Talent 2
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The Supreme Dragon Emperor
Author :Strapped Dragon
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Chapter 4 : Amazing Talent 2

Chapter 4 : Amazing Talent (2)

Translator: Faye Editor: WenYi
Chi Yan’s head was blank, and even his thinking ability has been lost. These words haunted his brain.

No one understood how excited he was now, and words couldn’t describe his mood.

The mudra Lin Xiao created had a name called “Everything gathers to one’’. As long as one could create this mudra, it meant that he had combined the Mysterious God’s Formula to the extreme!

“Everything gathers to one’’, the 11664th combination of mudras, the ultimate mudra.

Chi Yan suddenly reminded that when Lin Biao learnt The Fire Devil Hand, he didn’t believe Lin Xiao and told Lin Xiao not to be proud, and he also wanted to guide Lin Xiao... Thinking of these, despite of Chi Yan was an old man, he flushed with embarrassment.

"Bang!" A muffled sound made Chi Yan’s soul come back to normal. Then he saw Lin Xiao lying on the ground and breathing heavily.

"Ah!" Chi Yan was terrified, almost swooping in.

"S...Senior, three days, I’ve succeeded..." Lin Xiao was also frightened. This senior's face was grim, and he red eyes stared at me viciously. Did he think I’m lazy?

Chi Yan’s mouth twitched. He wanted to tell Lin Xiao that he said three months, not three days. But when he thought of his action three days ago, he really wanted to dig a hole and buried himself, so that he would not lose face.

At the same time, he was glad that he was clever in speaking at that time.

"Emn, little... boy, your talent is not bad, and you’re almost catching up... emn, with me."

Lin Xiao was more than good, and he was a genius. Though Chi Yan constantly hypnotized himself in his mind that these words could make Lin Xiao not be proud, Chi Yan used great courage to speak out.

"But boy, you are too weak, practicing Mysterious God’s Formula makes you so tired. When I practiced it once, I didn’t close my eyes for three days and three nights, vigorous as usual.’’ As soon as his voice changed, Chi Yan finally found self-confidence from his physique.

Nevertheless, Chi Yan picked Lin Xiao and put him on the bed.

Lin Xiao felt that there was a warm flow from the palm of Chi Yan’s hand, allowing him to recover some energy instantly.

Hearing Chi Yan mentioning his shortcomings, Lin Xiao thought that Chi Yan was not satisfied with his progress, so he quickly grieved at his face, and weakly defended for himself, “I have never practiced cultivation method before, and my body is weak. Otherwise, I'm sure I will practice it well in advance."

"What?" Hearing this, Chi Yan’s eyes turned black, like being hit by the furnace. He almost fainted on the spot. He could be faster? Don't shock me again!

"I'm sorry." Lin Xiao saw Chi Yan’s face becoming weird and quickly reiterated, "If I..."

“Stop!” Chi Yan shouted. There was a convulsion in the corner of his mouth. Chi Yan used a lot of energy to say, "That's it. I'll go out first."

Regardless of Lin Xiao's response, he ran away.

When Chi Yan went out of the cabin, he still kept stepping out. One step made him a few hundred meters away. He didn’t stop until he has stepped out several steps. His lip trembled and a laugh came from his mouth.

"Treasure! I’ve picked up a treasure! Lin Xiao spent one day learning The Fire Devil Hand, three days learning Mysterious God’s Formula, which is clearly only the legendary spirit of gods and devils that is able to do it! The spirit of gods and devils! It is rarely found in one hundred thousand years! I thought it was only a legend, but now it is in front of me!"

A burst of loud screaming came out of Chi Yan’s mouth, and the leaves fell down.

After releasing, Chi Yan suddenly calmed down, shook his head and frowned, murmuring, "It doesn’t make sense, the historical records show that the forming conditions of the spirit of gods and devils are extremely harsh, and the dead gods and devils were interred above the Nine Heavens, and were closed by formation of sealing the heaven and earth. So the breath of gods and devils does not disperse, and the human body is nurtured by this spirit, lasting for one hundred thousand years."

Gods and devils had a common title in the historical records of Fire Meteorite continent, called ‘The Emperor’’. These two words represented the acme of cultivation of martial arts. They claimed to be immortal, let alone be blockaded by the formation.

Recalling this, Chi Yan lost his soul, and he didn’t feel good at all.

This was a very complicated mood. It was just like that you suddenly picked up a lottery ticket in the street, the number was exactly the same as the lottery number, so you ran for the reward, but others told you that the lottery was the last issue.

"No matter what happens, the kid's talent is beyond question. It seems that..." Chi Yan has lived a great deal of age, and he was not an ordinary person after all. In a moment, he has adjusted his mindset. He squinted his eyes again. No one knew what he was thinking.


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