The Supreme Dragon Emperor
Chapter 5: The Bible Of Gods and Devils 1
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The Supreme Dragon Emperor
Author :Strapped Dragon
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Chapter 5: The Bible Of Gods and Devils 1

Chapter 5: The Bible Of Gods and Devils(1)

Translator: Faye Editor: WenYi
"What's the matter with you, Senior, uncomfortable?" Seeing Chi Yan pacing back and forth in the cabin with his hands clasped behind his back for a long time, Lin Xiao finally could not help asking.

"You don't know what I mean?" When he heard the question, he halted and glared at Lin Xiao.

Uh... This problem was difficult for Lin Xiao. The top was wood board which was not good-looking. Perhaps only the ghost knew what he meant except for the old man himself.

Seeing Lin Xiao's expression, Chi Yan has already known the answer. His mouth jerked several times fiercely. I’ve shown so obviously, you still play the fool! At the moment, Chi Yan asked, "Have you ever seen a master?"

Master? Lin Xiao was touched, and the shocking picture appeared naturally in his mind, and he nodded.

Chi Yan narrowed his eyes with laughter and continued, "What do you want to do when you see a master?"

"Of course, I want to formally acknowledge him as my master!" There was no need to hesitate. This answer had appeared many times in Lin Xiao’s mind.

"You’re worthy of being taught." Chi Yan nodded with a smile.

Seeing that his purpose was about to be reached, Chi Yan was entangled again. If this boy wanted to worship me as a teacher, should I first give him a lecture or promise him?

Unexpectedly, when he heard Lin Xiao's answer, he almost vomited blood.

"Senior, do you know such master? That's great. Please help me... "

"Hum!" Lin Xiao has not finished speaking, but Chi Yan has turned on his heel.

Lin Xiao was stupefied and he touched his head, wondering that did this man suffer from senile dementia?

After a while, Chi Yan once again walked into the cabin and laughed, "Boy, you know your body is weak. Don't you ever want to worship a master to practice the martial arts? You know that although you have learned mudras in The Fire Devil Hand and God’s Formula, there are many mudras which require cultivation base.”

"I know, so I wait for you to finish alchemy, and then bother you to send me out."

There were many jade slips on Lin Xiao, although he did not know the contents of them, he was now very eager to find the inheritance.

As soon as he has finished talking, Lin Xiao found that Chi Yan flushed and breathed quickly, which frightened him, "Senior, do you feel good? Aren't you an alchemist? Give yourself... "

"Shut up!" Chi Yan’s lung was going to explode. This kid was deliberately. I clearly stood in front of you. Couldn't I enter your eyes? If I wandered anywhere on the continent, then many people wanted to worship me as a teacher. But you... you made me so angry! Do you really want me to speak out? This would degrade myself. Well, forget it, and let me make an exception.

"Boy, I am standing in front of you. Have you ever thought to acknowledge me as your teacher?" When saying this sentence, Chi Yan flushed again. If you became my disciple, I'll fix you later!

"Ah?" Lin Xiao finally realized that the old man wanted Lin Xiao to worship him as a teacher. You could tell me honestly.

Shaking his head, Lin Xiao arched his hand and said, "Dear master, please allow disciple to kneel down to you."

This old man was not modest, so Lin Xiao doesn’t need to be polite to him.

Chi Yan mouth was convulsive again. That was the way you worshiped the teacher? He wanted to ask the boy whether he knew how to honor the teacher. But he was a master, so he wouldn’t go down to the boy’s level.


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