The Supreme Dragon Emperor
Chapter 6: The Bible Of Gods and Devils 2
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The Supreme Dragon Emperor
Author :Strapped Dragon
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Chapter 6: The Bible Of Gods and Devils 2

Chapter 6: The Bible Of Gods and Devils(2)

Translator: Faye Editor: WenYi
I also had a disciple who was very talented. Thinking in this way, Chi Yan also felt comfortable. He could not treat his disciple wrongfully, so he took out a pamphlet.

"Boy, I’m Chi Yan. Since you have become my disciple, I give you my regimen method. You should remember that this method can't be spread! Otherwise, I will kill you with my own hands! "After his words, there was a leaf falling, but it was turned into powder in front of Chi Yan.

Cultivation method was the foundation of martial arts. Lin Xiao knew this matter, and then nodded solemnly, "I won’t spread!"

Seeing the expression of Lin Xiao, Chi Yan almost didn't hold on. This kid was so talented. Therefore, he preferred to commit a suicide rather killing Lin Xiao. He was not stupid.

Lin Xiao did not know the old man's idea. After receiving the book respectfully, he saw four words, The Bible Of Gods and Devils

"The initial state of martial arts is the regimen environment. We should use the spiritual energy of heaven and earth to nourish the flesh and bones, and strengthen the Qi blood in five internal organs. Our school once had an emperor who created The Bible Of Gods and Devils. This is definitely one of the strongest cultivation methods in the whole continent. You have to practice hard and don't lose my face! "

Hearing these words, Lin Xiao’s eyes were lit up. The emperor might be a powerful man in the Forsaken Cemetery. If so, it might be possible for Lin Xiao to open a jade slip after practicing this cultivation method.

‘Well, I have said everything. You must practice it hard, and you can ask me anything you don't understand.” After saying this, he did not see Lin Xiao's reaction, and turned his back. No one knew what he was looking at.

The Bible Of Gods and Devils contained thousands of words. After scanning it quickly, Lin Xiao has already remembered all the contents.

“Old…master, here you are.”

When he saw Chi Yan’s affectation, Lin Xiao almost blurted out the words ‘old man”.

Chi Yan’s eyes glared and flashed across a hint of shock. When he turned around, he resumed the drowsy look, "Huh? Remember? "

Lin Xiao nodded his head.

"Very good, good talent, what can't be understood?"

Having said that, Chi Yan could not help but think in his heart: Shit! It was simply annoying. I recalled that I spent full five times remembering this book before. This little boy only used one time. It was too unreasonable! However, this little boy was my disciple. Later…Thinking about it, Chi Yan turned away and his face smirked.

"Anything I do not understand? No, it seemed that this method was not difficult to understand. Grandmaster was really a great man. He could write this top-level method in a such easy and clear way.

"What? " Chi Yan’s body suddenly trembled, and his face twitched heavily. Easy to understand? You little boy said The Bible Of Gods and Devils was easy to understand? But you stressed that you were a green hand? Are you scolding me! I spent a whole month studying it. Are you sure you're not showing off?

Forget it! I must bear it! Demeanor! I should pay attention to the elegant demeanor! Incorrect! I can't indulge him like this!

"You..." Chi Yan calmed his heart, and slowly said, "Well, not bad, but you must remember that “understand’’ this word cannot be said casually. Even I do not dare to say understand The Bible Of Gods and Devils thoroughly. My grandmaster was expert at martial arts. The cultivation method he left is certainly not so simple! You must guard against arrogance and rashness during your cultivation time! "

Having said this, he turned around and said a meaningful sentence to Lin Xiao, "Because it is simple, it is more difficult to understand!"

Chi Yan scratched his foot to write down a word "one" on the floor, and then walked out of the cabin slowly with his hands clasped behind his back.

"I will remember master's lesson carefully." Looking at Chi Yan’s image, Lin Xiao bowed respectfully.

Master, this geezer was indeed a master! Chi Yan’s words hit Lin Xiao’s mind like the evening drum and morning bell in a monastery. At this moment, Lin Xiao finally acknowledged Chi Yan.

The smile on the face of Chi Yan was like a blossom. It was not easy to get the recognition of this little boy. At this moment, this martial addict was even more satisfied than he escalated numerous levels of martial arts.


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